A Cannabis Gift Guide from Humble Bloom Co-Founder, Solonje Burnett

Consider this your expertly curated gift guide for all the cannabis lovers in your life.
Photo of Humble Bloom Co-Founders, Solonje and Danniel. Image credit: Helena Kubicka de Braganca

Photo of Humble Bloom Co-Founders, Solonje and Danniel. Image credit: Helena Kubicka de Braganca

Solonje Burnett is an activist, community leader, cannabis marketing guru and co-founder of Humble Bloom. She and her business partner, Danniel Swatosh, have been "collaboratively curating the culture of cannabis" through events, education and consultation. They also have an amazing online shop which was relaunched this week! 

Continuing our commitment to support women-owned small businesses this holiday season, we asked Solonje to create a gift guide of some of her favorite products sold on the new Humble Bloom website (and she did not disappoint). All the products highlighted below are perfect for gifting and made exclusively by women. Added bonus:enter the code “HUMBLELOVE” for between 10%-20% off participating brands. 


Barbari Airplane Mode Herbal BlendBarbari’s herbal blends are the perfect way to both save green and cut dependency. The blends are also perfect for tea and ritual.


Buy Weed From Women Tote
Pretty much wearing your values. This BWFW tote says part of what we’ve been advocating for and educating about, as well as the community we’ve felt support from the moment we jumped into cannabis. Buying this not only supports a Black womxn brand but also the movement.


Calendula Rose Face + Body Cream 
This is my go-to face cream. Our sisters at Dogwood Botanicals thoughtfully crafted it for sensitive skin and it works


Frigg Attuning Hair Potion 
Stress affects your whole body and this Frigg solution targets the root for hair and scalp care. The Attuning Hair potion calms irritated scalp, nourishes dry ends, stimulates follicles, and promotes healthy hair growth! Super calming nighttime vibes.


Moon Mother Hemp Glow Skin Serum
After I moisturize, I reach for Moon Mother Hemp’s glow serum. It has healed up blemishes and keeps my face hydrated throughout the day.


Munisa Ceramica Papaya Tray

Handmade one-of-a-kind Mexican artisan pieces that add beauty to your smoking situation. From this bold and bright smoking tray to fruity pipes, Munisa is the perfect gift.


Potli Hemp Infused Apple Cider Vinegar
The source truly matters for Potli and their Apple Cider Vinegar is no different - it's made from raw, fresh pressed apples and sun grown, hemp-derived CBD. There are so many ways to incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar into your daily culinary routine and it’s perfect for getting your immunity up.


Unoia CBD Muscle Relief Roll On
As an ex-athlete, random body pains are the norm. And if you’ve digitally living on all the screens or biking all over the city, soreness can takeover. Unoia’s CBD Muscle Relief Gel uses specific essential oils that help soothe muscles and joints, as well as provide relief from inflammation and aches.


Quim Smooth Operator Lube
Changed. My. Life. Quim’s Smooth Operator CBD lube is latex safe and just makes your orgasm oh so good. Your quim and your partner will thank you.


Taylor + Tess ‘In the Buff' Cleansing Bar
Taylor + Tess has Texas crafted a beautiful exfoliating African black soap cleansing bar featuring activated charcoal and so much more goodness. A dope addition to your facial balancing tools.


Veda Warrior Focus & Balance Capsules
Are you Pitta, Vata, or Kapha? Veda’s capsules come in three different formulations to relieve the overwhelming effects of stress through the lens of Ayurveda’s ancient principles. 


Winged Sleepy CBD Gummies
I fell in love with these on our Humble Bloom Field Trip last year. Winged CBD gummies taste great and help you catch the Zs you need on those anxious nights. Goddess knows, we’re all dealing with those lately. 


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