An Introduction To Mindful Meditation + A Guided Audio Series For Your Personal Practice

Vanessa Feils, Life Stylist, recognizes the shift in consciousness that has happened on our planet and sees the deep need many have to reconnect with themselves. We're thrilled to welcome her to The Fold, where she'll offer tools created to guide us to build a spiritual practice of self-conversation.
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Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

Original artwork by Rosie Bowker

We begin with you, honoring that you are a divine soul who embodied this body and intentionally came to be on earth at a very important time, which is NOW! As the planet wakes up, more and more people are being called to attune to their higher selves, aligning to their true purpose. This desire may show up as you just simply wanting more out of life, no longer seeing your work and play as separate, or maybe something has manifested physically to shake your life up a bit. 

Whichever way your wake-up finds you, maybe even through this article, let's take in a deep inhale of gratitude and powerfully exhale it out. You have called in whatever experience you need perfectly, and that is how powerful you are, as you will begin to realize.

The design of my work is to help people connect to themselves deeper. I teach from the philosophy that you already have everything you need inside of you. You have just been conditioned by society, your parents, education and the media to look outside of yourself to get your needs met. We will start simple, by guiding you inward to feel that connection to your True Self, and then I’ll outline some tools that you can use along the way, to discover that you are your own healer. 

As you get reacquainted with your True Self, it will become second nature to listen and be guided. Think back to a time when you had a really strong knowing or intuition about something, and you could just freely trust. That is where you are headed, but for your entire life. 

A warning, though: throughout the process of connecting to yourself, the mind will want to come in and try to understand and figure it out. I strongly advise you to thank it and then buckle it up in the back seat and kindly ask it to enjoy the ride. Your mind does not want you to wake up. It is designed to keep you comfortable and safe, only advising you from its past experiences and knowledge, hence why you may hear other people's voices and opinions come in when you are trying to make a decision. 

You are not your thoughts or your past experiences. You are a divine soul, but this is the first layer that a mindfulness practice has to break through to get you back to your instinctual knowing, your True Self.

When starting any sort of spiritual practice, I advise you to start simple. Think of your practice as dedicating time toward growing and strengthening a muscle — your spiritual muscle. The strength of that muscle over time is going to help you better attune to your True Self, that voice of love, the opposite of ego and fear. Meditation is simply the practice of connecting to yourself and taking time for you.

Let's begin, and as we move forward together, please note, you cannot do this wrong.

Part 1: Two Principles To Adopt As We Begin This Journey Together

1. I am always exactly where I am supposed to be.

2. I trust that everything in my life is happening on purpose and in divine order.

Part 2: Today's Intention: Create the Space

1. Build mindful moments into your day. 

A great way to start bringing awareness to your practice is to build it into your calendar, just like you would your lunch or a workout. The actual act of you including your practice in your daily ritual sets an intention out to the Universe to begin opening up this time for you.

2. Set up a sacred space.

Create a nook or alter in your living space that you can enjoy coming to daily. Some ideas of things to include in the space: a mat or meditation cushion and a surface to set things on; candles, incense, essential oils, stones and/or crystals; a journal that you enjoy writing in and a favorite pen, pencil or marker; spiritual texts or books that you enjoy; printed mantras and affirmations.

Part 3: Meditation

At your dedicated time, set the timer for two to five minutes. Find yourself in a comfortable seated, standing or reclined position. Close your eyes and let your palms rest up to receive. 

Connect to your breath with a four-count inhale through your nose, focusing on bringing your breath into your belly, and a four-count exhale out your nose. 

After a few breaths, as you begin to settle into you body consciously, invite your higher self into your body to join you by saying out-loud: "I invite my higher self in to help guide me throughout my day." If you are having trouble quieting the mind add in a simple mantra; on your inhale, say, "I receive love," and on your exhale, say, "I give love."

You can also try a guided meditation to assist you in connecting you to your True Self. I've created an mp3 for you here.

By waking up everyday and consciously choosing to connect to True Self, you'll quickly begin to discover that you are your most powerful guide. Pay attention to what begins showing up in your life, keep track of it in your journal. Prayers, questions and requests get answered through people. Mindfulness slows down time and creates more opportunity in your life.

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p.s. To further connect with Vanessa, you can enjoy a free week trial to her Monday night LIVE Meditation Membership Program here or book a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call here.



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