August 2020 Tarotscopes

"This month, look oh so deeply within. Look unafraid upon the truths that are revealed in this world of night and shadow. Pull off the mask of human perception and dive into the truth and beauty of your multifaceted, sacred soul - and do not turn away from what is before you."
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All designs by Biddy Tarot

All designs by Biddy Tarot

Aries: 2 of Cups

As you stand here in the middle of it all - a past that feels full of loss and confusion, and a future that seems so unclear - this month's message is simple: Share the love. This month’s message is also profound: Share the love. Love your neighbor. Love your family. Love your world. Love yourself. When you love without boundaries, you have the power to create without boundaries, and that is the truth you hold within you. That is what you are meant to understand. Walk here with open eyes, open spirit, and open heart. See the universe opening back. Held here at the doorway between yesterday and tomorrow, there is only one path that matters and only one path that speaks: Love, love, love.


Taurus: XXI The World

It is time to recognize what grows from what has ended. It is time to recognize your purpose, your beauty, your strength - the divine throne you hold within this world. Your losses have not been dark dealings and sorrowful lessons skulking maliciously beside you. They have been the chaff that was not needed, the ropes that held you back, the cloth that kept you hidden from the world. But this month, you step forth with your full being shining through, your soul unveiled, and your sacred self unbound from all deception. You are being called to walk your path with naked potency, with rough scars and open wounds, with dirt on your hands and earth beneath your feet. Because there is only one task now: Be you. Be you, be you, be you.


Gemini: Knight of Swords

There is work to be done - lots of it - and you are just the right person for the job. But when you have so very much on your plate and a to-do list with no foreseeable end, small mistakes tend to crop up in the most inconvenient places - and before you know it, you have a big broken mess on your hands. This month, take the pauses you need to proceed well. By standing back to get a moment of clarity, you will create the chance to do what really needs to be done. And that's what it's about right now - not frills, not extras, but simply finishing the tasks at hand. So push down your frustration and keep your impatience under control. It is best to remember that, for now, efficiency - and even accomplishment - will come from a cool head, not from a hot heart. Stop and focus, and prioritize, and then, only after that, do.


Cancer: Page of Cups

This month brings up very mixed feelings. While your one hand is quite abundantly full, your other feels sharply, undeniably empty, and your intense awareness of both realities is difficult to meld. In some ways, the things you love and desire most are blatantly - painfully - missing from your life. But when you pause to look through another lens, you see so much bounty and spirit and beautiful potential scattered out before you. Give yourself room to hold both. Don't feel guilty about acknowledging the negative, and don't feel naive for acknowledging the good. There has been fruition in your life, but there has also been loss, and these are the complex waters the human heart must tread. It is understandable to feel disoriented, and even discontent. Just don't forget to look upon the other side of all you have in hand. Truly enjoy the abundant harvest of this day even as you are poignantly aware of what is missing. Though your human self may struggle with it, your soul is big enough to understand the deep beauty of both - and to be more lovingly connected to this life for feeling it in full.


Leo: IX The Hermit

This month, look oh so deeply within. Look unafraid upon the truths that are revealed in this world of night and shadow. Pull off the mask of human perception and dive into the truth and beauty of your multifaceted, sacred soul - and do not turn away from what is before you. Begin to understand that your locked and hidden places do not hold terrible secrets but offer the greatest mysteries of the Universe. You possess the vast power of the Sacred Earth, and you possess the vast eternity of the Divine Sky. You carry the day within you. You carry the night within you. You banish shadow. You bring to life the Stars. You are the light, and you are the dark, and each reveals the great beauty of the other. This is your truth, and this is your walk, and this is you, broken and whole, shadow and substance, forever seeking and forever finding eternity, infinity, the core of your very soul. Know thyself - and then you will know everything.


Virgo: Queen of Cups

Power is showing itself in interesting ways these days. The demarcation between personal power from within and worldly power thrown all about has rarely been more clearly drawn. The beauty of the first is so sacred, and the mess created by the latter is so hard to bear. It can be tempting to bury your emotions away someplace where nothing can touch them, to build cold stone walls around the very tired pieces of your heart. But don't. Because it is your empathy and intuition, that deep desire to connect and sense and feel this place, that links you up to everything you truly are. It is not a weakness. It is your unbreakable strength. Do not hide yourself away. Do not tell yourself you are less for feeling all the world. You are more.


Libra: 5 of Pentacles

There is a strange benefit to being left out in the cold and not being sure where to turn. The pieces of your life that just don't live up to their promise freeze and break away. The air is crystal clear and so is your ability to see the truth. There are no flowers disguising empty spaces, and no leaves hiding dead wood. It is perhaps a bit unpleasant, yes - but you've worked hard to be real and to encircle yourself with what really matters. Why be afraid now of looking at the things which are neither? In your disappointment, don't lose track of what lies beneath the ice and snow. There is insulation, and peace, and incubation for what can truly be. There is quiet protection, and much-needed rest. Illusion does not serve you, but even so it is not easy to have illusion taken away. Just know that if you look away at last from what has left you, you will finally see what is waiting to bring you back to life.


Scorpio: 8 of Pentacles

This month, hold yourself to high standards. You have always been able to decipher bits of meaning beneath expansive words and to share revelations from the swirling fractions of your mind, but other people are going to be able to hear your own truth now too - and you want to use that for all its strength, not get tripped up on hurried missteps. When mistakes do happen, show your intentions and your integrity by owning up to them right away and then fixing them thoroughly. Actions matter now more than ever, and inaction matters more than ever too. It is time to shed from your life the plans that just aren't in alignment with the higher good, no matter how dear they are to you, and no matter how hard you tried to perfect them. Then you will have room to perfect what’s truly you.

8 of Swords

Sagittarius: 8 of Swords

Sometimes seeing the big picture frees you from the world's petty rules and makes divine things happen, but right now your ability to think in broad strokes actually traps you in a mire of frustration. You are almost certainly speaking truth and beauty, but you are struggling against a very loud agenda with the current upper hand, where truth is a nuisance and beauty is a commodity. Let it be. Your path to freedom does not lie out there. Spend your time focused on finding transformation, vision, and the high road inside yourself. Use this moment of limbo not to lash out but to work within, to unwind your perceptions, and to seek the wisdom of your very own soul. You are not as trapped as you think. Find out why.


Capricorn: Ace of Cups

It has not been an easy time for most, and you have felt the pull of your own shifting life as well as seen it happening to everyone around you. But this month, strive to remain optimistic in the face of transformation. Being realistic does not eliminate the reality of hope - or the value of it. Things change. Truths must be faced. Actions have to be addressed. And despite the way it feels, all of those open the way to beauty, not to decimation. No, the world hasn't miraculously stopped demanding too much from you, and no, you haven't reached the end of the rainbow. You are tired, and you see how far there is to go. But right now you are being gifted hope, love, friendship, support, spirit, and life. Sit beneath the overflowing - and surprisingly beautiful - peace of it all, drink deep of these cool waters, and know that this is real too.


Aquarius: XV The Devil

This month, you are being pulled in two very different directions about which master you should serve: the deep stirrings whispered by your soul; or the persuasive convictions recited by your mind. If it only concerned you, the choice would be easy - pick the road that gives you what you want. But that is the problem with becoming connected to the Sacred. You begin to know very, very deeply that you are a beautiful, powerful thread which weaves into the complex elevation of every single being around you. And with that knowledge comes the understanding that pursuing your own desire is not necessarily the pursuit that matters most. It is time to take a deep breath and remember who you truly are - and who you truly want to be. Those hands were divinely created, and these choices are before you because they are beholden in service to you, not you to them.


Pisces: 4 of Wands

This month, do not seek to erase the hard things all around you, for that would be disingenuous - and more to the point, it will not help. Instead, make ample room for honoring what has been lost, remembering what was good, and enjoying the happiness that is still in hand. Do not hide your tears from your circle. Allow them to be a sacred offering poured out upon the altar of the utterly confusing beauty of this life. And most importantly, do not hide away. Be sure to connect with those who gather all around you, who fill every space in your heart and who lift up your spirit just by being there. Know that you are surrounded by what really matters, and that is what makes all the difference in the world.



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