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February 2020 Tarotscopes

Our resident expert, Rory McMahan, is here to answer all of life's greater questions with her monthly Tarotscope. Find out which card your sign pulled for February.

Aries: XIII Death

You have been ready to leave your old self behind and unapologetically embrace the new. This month, you have the opportunity to do exactly that. As rebirth finds you and your past bindings fall away, it is important for you to remember that you have craved this transformation. Do not fight it - claim it. Either way things cannot remain the same as they have been, and no matter how nervous you are, your conscious willingness to walk forward into this moment has the power to turn fear into excitement, to turn doubt into surety, and to turn you into the next brilliant being you truly are. Uncover your eyes and look directly at your future self. Walk straight through the gates that are opening. This end is the beginning of everything. 

XX Judgement

Taurus: XX Judgement

It’s time to lay your burdens down, Taurus. You’ve been carrying them for far too long, and they are holding you back from your very own evolution. You are standing at the entrance your next life, you have the keys in your hands, and you are tired of where you are right now. Yet you still hesitate to just walk through. Why? Because to move ahead, you have to let go of what is behind you - and even though you know you’re done with it, what is behind is at least familiar. You know what excuses work, what problems will repeat, and what emotions will emerge at each turn. That may seem safer than facing the unknown, but it isn’t. It’s just more predictable. What is truly safe is trusting the call of your soul and what the Universe is trying to hand you. Empty your arms, and open the door.

Page of Swords

Gemini: Page of Swords

Possessing information is not the same as knowing how to use it. This month you are being given the chance to stop collecting and start learning, and the skills you gain now could truly change everything - if you can get past your frustration at being a beginner instead of immediately the expert you want to be. Don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you are further along than those around you, because even if in some respects you are, the Universe has placed you in this spot for a reason. Someone is sharing wisdom with you, and if you take it to heart, you will move forward by leaps and bounds and enough to achieve any ambition you have. But if you close yourself off - whether due to ego or anger or stubbornness - you will find yourself left behind. Allow flexibility into your thinking and watch your world open up.


Cancer: Page of Wands

It’s time to stop doubting the opportunities falling into your lap and start pursuing them. It does not matter if you know what you’re doing - you probably don’t - or if you know where it’s going to end up. All that matters is that you take the torch being handed to you and start lighting up your own way. Your actions now have exponential potential to bring you everything you’ve been working to manifest for so long, and the pure willpower you can access to make it all happen is kicking in at levels you haven’t seen for ages. Chances like this only come about because of alignment with your path, so there is no longer reason to wonder if this is all meant for you. It is. Set out to get it.

3 of Wands

Leo: Three of Wands

You’ve created your vision, tied up loose ends, and put your plans into actual motion. Now all you need to do is be patient enough to let them manifest. Of course, that can be the hardest part of all, especially when you still see so many other opportunities arising left and right that are pulling at your heart as well. Don’t worry. Those additional adventures are not going to disappear. In fact, they will be even easier to access once you have your foundations in place - the foundations you are in process of building at this very moment. Trust that a little restraint in the current cycle will equal vibrant freedom very soon, and stay the course. This isn’t boredom. This is about putting aside the small instant rushes of excitement for the eventual very, very big win.

II of Cups

Virgo: Two of Cups

Something remarkable is happening for you this month, Virgo. You are no longer going to be so divided against yourself. You at long last are going to be able to make peace between your heart and your mind, between your spirit and your form, and between the walk you want and the one you have. And this is not an act of resignation - it is an act of evolution. The journey you have been on these past months has left you surprisingly knowledgeable about your entire being: what heals you, what hurts you, what supports you, and what pushes you down. You are now able to give your soul permission to release fully what does not serve and to honor fully what does, and with that compassionate act, you are able to build a bridge not simply to others but finally to yourself. And that not only shifts your access to happiness but also to creation itself. 

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Six of Cups

Libra: Six of Cups

Don’t rush. Don’t worry. Don’t set yourself a hundred things to do. This month is about finding a place or a space or a mindset that makes you softly happy, and then settling into it to gaze at all that surrounds you there. Yes, you need to keep track of reality and be clear on what is working in the present versus living in nostalgia for what was, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also spend some time daydreaming, plucking petals, finding shapes in the clouds, or blissing out on the light filtering through branches spread wide above your head. This is not wasting time - this is spending time. In the midst of your day-to-day, be sure to stop and recognize the beauty of your life and to fill up on the beauty of the world. Your mind and body matter, but so does feeding your soul.

XII The Hanged Man

Scorpio: XII The Hanged Man

This month, your attempts to take any real action may feel blocked. You aren’t being punished - this is actually a gift. The road just isn’t open yet, and even if you find the road, you will be standing at an intersection utterly tangled with choices on which way to go because every idea you have feels loaded with potential and success. Stop. Sit down and think. Not for five minutes - for hours, or days. What is it you really want? Get past the trappings of appearance and dig down through the illusions of glamor and profit until you hold in your hand the truth. One of those paths leads toward a future you will love and toward a future that is the purpose of not just body but of soul. Allow yourself the sacred stillness to find it.


Sagittarius: XVI The Tower

Sometimes we get to meander and browse through the choices and changes in our lives, but not today. It is time to break down everything - from floor to wall to ceiling - that is holding you back once and for all. This is not about some random destruction come to teach you a lesson. This is about real, true, honest freedom for your heart, your mind, and your soul. You have things you are meant to be doing in this life, and there is no more time to worry how or when or can you really. The Universe wants you now, not later, and so all that stands in your own way is being brought down to its foundations. Don’t waste any time with fear. Step over those demolished walls and enjoy that new clear view. This is your world, opened up at last and finally yours to create exactly as it is meant to be instead of how others say it should be.

III the Empress

Capricorn: III The Empress

Sometimes the hum beneath your feet is one of uncertainty, or worry, or fear. But today, the vibration you feel running through your world is so different - because despite the fact you can’t see where you’re going, you somehow know to your core that it is good. There isn’t always reason, and the actions you take feel more stumbling than smooth, but you suddenly understand with such clarity that endings are not a death - they are a harvest. And that harvest teaches you everything you have been begging to know, provides all the knowledge you have been seeking, gives you every sustenance you need. Astonishingly, you see the things that you were fighting most are the things that made you grow best. Your boundaries have defined your strength. Your responsibilities have earned you success. Your demolitions have cleared your way. But above all, your love has birthed your bounty - and has now gained you what you love most. 

7 of Pentacles

Aquarius: Seven of Pentacles

Don’t be too hard on that soul of yours - or your tired body either. This last month has put you through the wringer, and it’s no wonder you aren’t a font of energy and bliss. In fact, it’s a wonder you are still functioning at all. What’s important is not the lack of ready harvest in your hands but that you notice how fertile your soil has become. You are not imagining the stir of ambition and fire that is beginning to flare, yet as impatient as you may be feeling right now, don’t rush. You don’t want unripe fruit. You want pure bounty. And you deserve it, and you’ll have it - as long as you are willing to do the last bit of nurturing that is being asked of you. This month, do what you can, and be gentle with yourself for all you simply cannot. You may not be able to completely feed your longing today, but care gently now for the places upon which the food grows, and oh just watch what happens tomorrow.


Pisces: Six of Swords

This month, you are gifted the mental and physical assistance you need to move towards the spiritual healing you want. There have been some rough waters lately - maybe even for quite a while now - and you have done an admirable job of navigating them all on your own. But at last, you are able to accept that you don’t have to. Your willingness to seek the beauty of your next life, the one made manifest at last because of what you have seen, what you have done, and what you have freed yourself from, is met with absolutely anything you require. You will not lose yourself here in these waters because you are not alone, and you never were. You have never been abandoned. It is time to breathe out your fear and breathe in the sacred truth that you have always been guarded and guided as you cross to the safe harbor of the other shore.



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