It's Been A Year: Photos From Our Anniversary Event!

We had a one year, co-anniversary party with Healers Podcast in Brooklyn! Check out the photos from the relaxing, woo woo filled evening.
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Photography: Katie Jasper

Photography: Katie Jasper

A few weeks ago we packed our bags and headed to New York to celebrate our one year anniversary with friend and Healers Podcast founder, Elizabeth Kendig. 


A simple spread, a gorgeous location and lots of woo were the center of the evening. We invited friends of both The Fold and Healers to join us at the Jill Lindsey store in Brooklyn for snacks, drinks and a variety of treatments. 


 There were crystal facial massages from Diana, reflexology treatments by Felicia, tarot readings from Moriah and Mr. Luis, and a rose healing ceremony with Spirit Radical . Never ones to shy away from an opportunity for self care, especially during a time when it is acutely necessary, the offerings were vast and the quality was incredible.

Here are a few more photos from the night: 

Crystal facials + a glimpse of the exquisite Jill Lindsey space

Crystal facials + a glimpse of the exquisite Jill Lindsey space

Patio tarot readings for all attendees

Patio tarot readings for all attendees

Healers Founder, Elizabeth Kendig and The Fold Founder/Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes

Healers Founder, Elizabeth Kendig and The Fold Founder/Executive Editor, Amanda Carter Gomes

Thank you to Jill for the generous hospitality and to all the healers for sharing their gifts with our NYC community. And thank you for supporting our continued growth and inspiring new, exciting content for year two (and beyond)! 



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