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January 2020 Tarotscopes

A new decade, a new year, a new Tarotscope full of insights for the month ahead from our in-house guru, Rory McMahan.
Knight of Swords

Aries: Knight of Swords

Your work isn’t over, Aries, and this decade begins with you ready to finally get it out of the way. You understand that these demands on your time, on your patience, and on your abilities are only temporary, and one day the current insistence on your obedience to duty will be rewarded with status, wisdom, and power - so it is well worth the annoyance of the daily grind for now. You just need to calm the flares of frustration caused by the much slower pace of the world around you. The fact that you are ready to go doesn’t mean everyone else is, and real leadership is as much about waiting as it is about action. Don’t lose your temper or your logic, and you will truly become the master of your domain.

II of Wands

Taurus: Two of Wands

There are choices to be made. Choices about how you allow your past to affect your future. Choices about whether to weight yourself down with habit and pattern or to foundation yourself with accumulated awareness. Choices about short-term sight or long-term vision. The potential laid out before you is unimaginable, so do not bind yourself to your human imagination. Allow the vastness of what you have finally created for yourself to wash over you, fill you with hope, and dissolve your doubts. You may have no idea what is going to come next, but it doesn’t matter. You have made - you - stone beneath your feet, air to breathe, and sun to grow by. You have everything you never knew you needed to build everything you never knew you wanted - and always knew you were meant for. Reach out and allow it into your very own hands.

Page of Cups

Gemini: Page of Cups

Are you finally ready to be happy? You can be. Are you finally ready to be hopeful? You can have that too. This month - this decade - is opening up possibilities for you that you have been craving for too long to count. The tide has taken out all of the old ways that once burdened you, the old selves that no longer serve, and the old beliefs that were never yours to hold. You are reborn on the shores of this strange new and beautiful life, one which feels aligned with the deep places you’ve always known were within you but never knew quite how to pull to the surface. Don’t waste time wondering if this is real. It is, and you deserve to truly bask in the wonder of what you have created - yourself, born at last from your very own heart and connected to the soul of the Universe. Truly and honestly, the only thing you need to do is just be all of you.


Cancer: Ace of Pentacles

It can be hard for a natural worrier to allow themselves to transition into truly accepting that the best of all things is actually becoming real, but that is exactly what is being asked of you right now. This new decade opens up with a promise - a promise of fertility, of success, of bounty, of wealth, and of harvest. It is laying out orchards of blossoming prosperity and gardens of genuine happiness. Will you deny yourself the manifestations being thrust into your hands, or will you grasp them with all your might, hold them to your heart, and believe it? This did not simply fall into your lap. You have worked hard for every inch of what is happening, and you deserve every bit of what now comes. It’s time to stop feeling bad about having access to so much good. Let it all in, and soon you will have enough to do what you most love - sharing it with everyone.

XII the Hanged Man

Leo: XII The Hanged Man

Being forced into a moment of stillness to gather your thoughts may not be your favorite thing, but that does not mean it’s a bad thing. This month, instead of cursing your down time, use it. You are being given an opportunity to evaluate everything that has brought you to this point, to explore its true meaning in your life, and then to discover its most profound purpose. This is not a senseless trap of immobility. It is your chance to stop doing so you can figure out how you want to actually be. Your life will roar back into full action soon enough. You can either wait for it and hope you’re ready when it does, or you can dive in deep and prepare for it - and reap the rewards of contemplation.


Virgo: X Wheel of Fortune

It is time to go against your own natural grain and experiment with going with the flow instead. You can keep trying to have control over everything, but it simply isn’t going to work that way for you right now, and the more you can do to let go of expectations, the more you are going to find incredible gifts simply falling in your lap. Your anxiousness over how things need to be is the very thing holding you back from getting what you actually desire, and the Universe itself is encouraging you to try out a completely different approach. So even if it feels like an impossible struggle, take a deep breath and step back from the driver’s seat. If you do, from coincidence, sign, and symbol and all the way through to outright physical happenings, you are going to be utterly amazed at what this month unfolds.

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December 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Sagittarius: It is time to recognize your purpose, your beauty, and your strength.

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Libra: IX The Hermit

Sometimes the beauty you need most is the beauty found in your quiet, private spaces. Take a step back from the world this month and spend some time stepping into yourself. Whether it’s long, hot solitary baths or long, delicious dinners with close family and friends, your down time really matters right now, and the more you focus it on what you really need for your own spirit, the more you are going to be rejuvenated because of it. Don’t fret. You aren’t losing friends, business, or social opportunity with this momentary pulling back. Instead, you are gaining more of all of those things, simply because you will know yourself so much better when you come out the other side and therefore will know so much more about what all of those actually mean to you - and therefore where you actually want to put your energy to ultimately beautify them all.


Scorpio: Six of Pentacles

Life is always a give and take, but that is especially true for you now as you step into this new month and this new decade. You are beginning to understand the immense fortunes you have in your spirit, talents, and abilities, you are beginning to understand the immense value you can offer to those around you, and you are also beginning to understand how your calling to gift some of it freely is not a loss to yourself in any way but instead a gain for you - and all humanity. It’s no exaggeration to say that the abundances you share right now, whether large or small, are changing lives in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. So as long as you are careful not to drain your own core resources, keep on giving - and know that every bit you are doing through your kindness and generosity will be returned to you over and over again.

King of Cups

Sagittarius: King of Cups

You reach a new level of maturity this month - but not the kind that robs you of your sense of laughter, fun, or optimism. Instead, this evolution into your next best self is going to bring even more of what you love into your life, because you now understand in a whole new way what it is you actually treasure more than anything. And when you know in your heart what you value, you also gain the wisdom you need to nurture it, care for it, and protect it in ways that are so different than before your determination is tested and your desires challenged - and almost lost. You are finally ready to integrate your craving for exploration and freedom with your craving for the deeper meaning found in deeper waters. Trust that he roots you form there will not hold you down but will grow you up into more than you ever thought you could be.


Capricorn: Queen of Pentacles

You have always known you are a manifester in physical space, but this decade begins with undeniable evidence of it. Allow yourself to stop simply working and luxuriate in the bounty that your work produces. Give yourself permission to not just pluck fruit from the orchard but to sit beneath the shade of the trees and taste every sweet bite. Your constant drive is admirable, and your ambition serves a powerful purpose in transforming the world, but none of it matters if you don’t take the time to see it, feel it, and experience the benefits of it for yourself. If you are going to put so much energy into building a life you want to live in, then don’t forget to live in it. Because this month, you have access to the power of creating a wealth that can fill your pockets but also, if you let it, can fill your soul too.

2 of Swords

Aquarius: Two of Swords

You may not have too much trouble getting in touch with your spiritual side from day to day, but this month you are going to be asked to get real about how to put it to use. You’ve got choices to make and things on your mind that need tending to in very real space, and your best road forward is going to be one that integrates your physical experience right alongside that natural access you have to soul wisdom - otherwise you run the risk of missing some major input that you need to find your best path forward, and also as you choose the direction you now want to send your life. The time has come to stop contemplating and actually make those decisions that have been hanging over your head. Don’t worry. You are more than ready, and once you do, you will be astounded by the beautiful changes that picking your road at last is going to bring.


Pisces: Ace of Swords

This month, lifetimes of experience and wisdom come together for you - and hand you the brand-new beginning you have been waiting for. Sometimes fresh starts come from cutting away your past, but in this moment, it is your past that is gifting you everything you need and more. Remember as you receive this wealth into your hands that it comes from the labor of every ancestor that came before you and the hope of every spirit that has walked by your side. You are being asked to carry forward a legacy that has been prepared for generations and to walk with surety upon a foundation built of not just soil but of bone. You are not simply receiving the full scope of your own potential. You are inheriting the potential held within the sacrifice of all. Walk with integrity, and the world itself is yours.



Support Small Seattle: Culture Directory

We're supporting the small businesses of our hometown Seattle—the local establishments we adore and that need our help now more than ever.


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