January 2021 Tarotscopes

Doesn't it feel good just to read that title?
Card art by Biddy Tarot

Card art by Biddy Tarot

Aries: XII Hanged Man

You have seen the destruction that massive change can bring. You have also seen the incredible, undeniable evolution it can create. And this month, you stand on a precipice between both worlds, suspended in a place that is not light yet not shadow, hanging somehow between life and death - not of body, but of self. It feels as if the whole universe is holding its breath, and the stillness is deafening. Do not do battle simply to fill your spaces with noise. Instead, close your eyes and sink in. This is not annihilation. It is preparation. It is the gateway. And on this side is the way it has always been, and on the other is the infinite possibility of what it could be. There is no need to choose now. But here, within the strange emptiness, you have a gift: the profound silence within which you can finally understand how to choose well.


Taurus: Page of Cups

This month is about looking closely at who you really are. You've allowed that question to be answered by other people and your desires to be created by other perspectives long enough. But alas, your wide-open edges haven't created worth - they have created diffusion. They have created an undefined reality where your deeper truth has lost itself in a blur of watery dissolution. If you don't acknowledge your boundaries, how will you ever push past them? If you don't know where your edges are, how will you be you instead of someone else? Right now, containing your spirit is the very thing that will free it. Saying no when it is not your path is what will get you flowing forward upon the one that is. It is time to distinguish yourself from what is around you so that you can finally offer out the full divinity of your very own soul.

King of Cups

Gemini: King of Cups

You are ready to lead your life as yourself. All the struggle and work and revelation of the past year has left you feeling stripped and bare - but it has also left you standing before everyone without any more falsity and with the facades torn down. And this means that along with your weaknesses, they can now see your strengths. The world is craving those who are unafraid of authenticity and connection, of meaning and truth, of dirt and hunger. And this month, you are realizing that is you. Not because you want power with which to change everything but because you now understand that simply by being yourself, raw and imperfect and awkward and whole, you are more valuable than anything. Your open heart is not flaw. It is mastery.


Cancer: XIX The Sun

That sense of being so strangely and pragmatically awake is undeniable this month. Your eyes feel unveiled almost to the point of being unprotected. How is it possible to have such affirmation seem almost oppressive upon your heart? The clarity being shone down upon you is not meant to discourage but instead intended to disintegrate anything that stands in your way - including your own subconscious sabotage. You know what you love and also that it is different from what you used to love. You see yourself more fully than you ever have before. This month, stop struggling so hard to shine out and allow the light to shine upon you. This is not about who you have been worn down to become but who you will allow yourself to be.

2 of Swords

Leo: 2 of Swords

This month is fraught with the anxiety of being out of time as well as the relief of being out of time. You have analyzed, rationalized, explored, considered, and studied. You have battled your fears, bolstered your hopes, and searched your emotions. You have been flooded by the ocean of other, and you have retreated into the abyss of self. There is no more to do - other than to finally choose your path. All the seeking you've been doing to find the whole truth has brought you a vision of what truly lies within and, therefore, of what most blinds you to reality without. You have learned that apathy is poison and that action matters. Embrace the wisdom that your choices are not symbolic gestures; they are the very fuel that makes the engine turn - and if you don't choose, you will always stay exactly where you are.

IX of Cups

Virgo: 9 of Cups

You now understand that your prosperity has so often come from the radical changes you make. But this month, take a moment to be still beneath the bounty of your life without changing at all. This space you find yourself within holds great beauty, and you will only be able to appreciate it if you stop, and sit, and allow it to fill you up heart and soul. You need time to absorb the sacrifices you've made, the losses you've endured, and the rejections that almost held you back. Because now, as you open your eyes at last and take it all in, you will see that where you thought there was isolation, there is instead community. You will discover that where you thought there was scarcity, there is abundance. You will find that where you thought there was only hurt, there is great healing. Gaze upon the mirror before you, and just this once, let go of what's next and say thank you for the unexpected bliss of everything that is right now.


Libra: Page of Wands

This month, it is time to live your truth. There can be no more hesitance, no more uncertainty, and no more fear. The doubts that kept you silent must be pushed aside. Your voice matters. Your words matter. Your actions matter even more. The match has been struck within your soul, and yes, you do have a choice whether to quash the flame or to reach forward and light the torch in your hands. But now is your chance to answer your spirit, not your fear. Not your complacency. Not your insulation. Call out with all the strength you possess. Push your hands up through the hatred and let the love and will and purpose of your whole, divine being break the darkness and utterly shatter its hold. Your hands will not be reaching up alone, and your voice will join the cries of thousands, and you will be able to do nothing less than change the world.

XIV Temperance

Scorpio: XIV Temperance

Taking on the quest to heal oneself is so important. But this month it is even bigger than that - it is about sharing what you have learned with those who also need to heal. Your wounds were not created in a vacuum, and others need to see that neither were theirs. Your friends, your family, your loves carry the same hurts of human existence as you do, and if you are finding your way through them and becoming more divine because of them, they want to know it - and know how. Step up to the call to turn your spirit from lead into gold, to truly heal yourself body and soul. And then honor the call to reach out your hands and show someone else the way.


Sagittarius: 6 of Pentacles

When you are drowning in your own struggles, when you are flooded with emotion and overwhelm, it is not time to hide away from the world - it is time to step out into it. Yes, your hurts and fears and fallibilities are right there on the surface of everything you do, but it also means your soulful truth is too. And when you really take a moment to look at that piece of who you are, you know that disconnecting will get you nowhere but offering yourself in full most certainly will. This is about consciously turning away from despair, pulling on your boots, and getting out there to do whatever you can to help someone else. And that is going to shift your perception of your own difficult spaces and tangled webs. You are going to see how much you have, how strong you are, and how vital your path is. No act big or small will go unnoticed now - and one tiny moment of your beauty noticed is all you really need.

Knight of Pentacles

Capricorn: Knight of Pentacles

This month, you gain glimpses of the big picture even as you find yourself digging into the details you'll need to hold it all. The tiredness you've held in your bones has begun to dissipate, and strength slowly returns. There is still a lot to work through, and your heart is still sore, but somehow your will has reawakened, and you are able to face the walk ahead with perseverance rather than angst. Just keep in mind that this is about the purposeful long-term journey, not about getting everything done in a day. Be sure to be methodical rather than spontaneous, take real mental breaks, and feed your body well. You are not just rebuilding and re-emerging and re-creating your life. You are also quietly healing your soul.


Aquarius: Queen of Wands

Everyone has days where they wonder, Am I enough? Am I ready? Am I even any good at this? Push all doubt aside. Your fire shines bright now, and your spirit is lit up with tangible confidence and undeniable capability - and you aren't the only one who is noticing. Don't be shy about expressing your strengths or hesitant about stepping up and taking an opening. This is not about ego or forcing your will upon others. This is about lighting a fire that can light up the world. It's about providing warmth, and encouragement, and the kind of leadership that means getting your own hands messy too. Everyone needs a beacon sometime. This month, that beacon is you. Follow your own light, and don't be surprised when you look back and see that others are following it too.


Pisces: 8 of Swords

There is plenty of good showing up in your life, and logically you know things aren't really so bad. But every time you get your head above water and see the sun, you find yourself sinking back down to the bottom again. You have tricked yourself into believing that your power lies out there and into the fear that out there can be lost. In truth, your power is held by no one else at all and is woven into every thread of your universe. But hearing that is so very different than knowing it, or believing it. The time has come to give yourself a break, mind, body and soul. Self-empowerment may feel out of your grasp, but self-care is not. Curl up. Breathe deep. Walk slow. And remember, despite the weight of your doubt, you really do know how to swim.



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