July 2020 Tarotscopes

"This month, it is vital that you don't forget a very important fact: You wanted to be where you are."
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XVIII the Moon

Aries: XVIII The Moon

It is okay not to know everything. The world puts out a lot of pressure to do it all, be it all, and know it all. This month, you have divine permission to take a break from your fast and fiery solar drive and to slip into the silvery land of the soul. Thinking has great value, but so does wandering, and right now you will learn more from the mysterious spaces of in-between than you will on solid ground. It is the window to your revelation and the foundation of your personal creation. So step out of your head and into your spirit. Tune in, drop out, and aimlessly explore. Experiment with moving away from what makes sense and what seems real. This is a moment for listening to sacred whispers instead of to spoken words.


Taurus: XVII The Star

When you make that wish upon a star, you often expect that it will manifest right then, and right before your eyes. But real wishes are brought forth by being in brilliant alignment with your highest self and truest purpose, and that light sometimes takes a bit longer to travel the breadth of the universe and break through into your physical realm at last. This month, you must look long and hard at the gifts you are asking for. Some of them are most definitely meant for you - but some are being fueled by your human mind rather than your divine connection. Transformation and truth go hand in hand. Ignoring the power of either one will quickly rob you of both. Throw pennies, gaze at stars, and blow dandelions across the breeze - but don't turn away from the intentional work that will actually manifest your dreams.


Gemini: 5 of Cups

You are feeling wary about change right now, and you are extra sensitive to what changing has already forced you to leave behind. In fact, you could spend all day crying by your river of spilled milk, lost in memory and regret and completely forgetting what really matters: how much better your life is now than it ever was before. This month provides the chance for you to form a new kind of relationship to yourself, to your experiences, to your way of being - not because everything is already in place but because nothing is settled, not because doors have been closed but because so many doors are now open. The things behind you no longer serve you and you cannot get them back. Turn around, clear your blurred vision, and really look at the path ahead - because that is where you will finally find what does.


Cancer: King of Wands

This month, it is vital that you don't forget a very important fact: You wanted to be where you are. And now that things are real and you are the one that others are looking to for leadership, you need to live up to the position you hold. It is easy to show the way in daylight and along a well-marked path but much harder when the road is dark and you hold the only torch. You have the gift - and the curse - of being able to stare into the abyss as well as to see the light of all that is possible. You have both those who love you and those who doubt you hoping you will show the way and make everything better for everyone. And whatever doubts you personally hold, you actually can. It is time to feed the sacred fire that shines bright out from you.


Leo: Queen of Wands

You are ready to get real about where your power lies. Yes, you see your imperfections - but you also see your abilities. You understand your limitations - but you also now fully accept the authority you hold within your own life. This is not crushing realism nor any sort of resignation. This is the birth of the potential of all you have learned by having been so brutally honest with yourself. When you are in rulership, there is no longer fear around culling what does not work or banishing what does not serve. When authenticity finally arises from ash, there is nothing left to diminish your brilliant burning, nothing left to suffocate your way. You have dug into your weaknesses to at last discover your unbreakable strengths. You now know it is not about the power you beg to be granted by the world. It is about the power you claim within your very own soul.


Virgo: 8 of Wands

You have a lot to do right now, as well as the focus and skills to get it accomplished in rapid fire. But an added bonus is that underneath all the practicality, you possess a healthy dose of spirit. Every time you finish a task, you will feel like you have also bolstered your sense of self and have lightened your load in ways you can't quite explain through common sense. Chores turn into inexplicable sacred magic before your eyes. So prepare yourself for a busy month with set obligations, move steadfastly through every one, and send out your grateful intentions to the universe as you start and finish each. This is not nearly as laborious as it seems - and if you don't believe that, when it's over, just ask your nourished soul.


Libra: King of Pentacles

Part of knowing what you want is by knowing what you don't. This month, you have clear access to both sides of that valuable coin. This knowledge isn't as much about immediate manifestation as it is making sure you manifest the right things for the long term. Take actual achievement off your list for the moment and instead focus on how your world makes you feel, what holds your attention despite setbacks - and what you easily throw aside at the first sign of delay. Real prosperity doesn't come from feeding your ego with praise or your heart with platitudes. Yes, vision and desire are indeed the machines of creation, but your body and hands and feet and pure, persevering physical presence are what make it real here, in these spaces you walk and you live. You can absolutely have your kingdom. Just do what it takes to get there.

X of Pentacles

Scorpio: 10 of Pentacles

Sometimes radical change brings complete upheaval, and sometimes radical change brings security at last. But don't discount the reality that it can actually bring both. Although you feel like you are in a limbo between action and solitude, it is within this fluctuating space that you will find the solutions and build the foundations that bring your worlds together forevermore. Seek to embrace on every level of your being that revelation and disintegration are not about punishing destruction but about boundless creation. Know that within this swirling flow of complete and utter change are the foundation stones of complete and utter manifestation. There is no doubt that soul is infinite and form is not. But finding eternity is not about being the strongest wall. It is about being the open gate.


Sagittarius: VI The Lovers

Love is not a passive thing. Everywhere around you, you see the results not of inertia, but of action. And some of those results are painful, and hard, and sad. And some of them are beautiful, and inspiring, and perhaps even divine. But none of them are here because of happenstance. Everything that surrounds you is the manifestation of a conscious moment, a convergence of space and time and a pause at a crossroad - and then a selection of which way to go. You are the active creator of so very much in the world, and so the most important thing you can do - now and always - is to choose from a place of love. It is time to not just see what will grow but to pick and plow and plan what you will make grow. Because care and work and choice and sweat and effort, those are the marks of love that matters, of love that is worth saving, of love not for self but for one another, and for things even bigger than that.

5 of Pentacles

Capricorn: 5 of Pentacles

Everything feels so real this month. You want to be optimistic, to have faith, to live your dreams, but you just feel real. Things all around you are changing - your own life as well - and although you want to evolve, you aren't as confident as you were that it's for the better. But the thing is, all around you, others feel the same way, and they sure would like some company - just like you. They want someone to tell them it's going to be worth it in the end - just like you. And when you all sit together and share your woes, you are going to discover something very, very useful. You are going to discover each other's strengths, and you are going to find out that their abilities are exactly what you need. And then, because it is such a real day, you are going to be able to get real with yourself and finally ask for the help you need. The world being hard is not the only truth you can find. Give yourself an honest chance to see that so many of the souls who inhabit it are absolutely not. It's also time to get real about that.


Aquarius: 3 of Wands

You want to get it right. But when you seek perfection, you can get trapped inside other people’s ideas of what right is. You begin to see your life from the outside rather than walking it wholly from within. This month, it is important to remember that the accomplishments you are striving for should not be about achieving for the sake of approval, or for the even more dangerously deceptive beast of acceptance. It needs to be about breaking ground for yourself. What if you chose to live your life based on what it would take to gain your own love? What if you stopped fighting for admission into someone else's existence and instead created your own? Trust that you are the leader you have been searching for. You are the bright and brilliant spirit you have been seeking to know. You are the place you actually want to belong.

Nine of Wands

Pisces: 9 of Wands

Today feels like holding your breath underwater - right to the edge of no more. This is the last heave of a dying paradigm that serves you no more, and real life is waiting on the other side. Every step you take today is an act of defiance. Every glimmer of hope you grasp onto strikes a shattering blow. Your strength and perseverance is no longer a myth or an imagining. It is something you can look at as pure fact: You haven't given up, you haven't collapsed in, and you sure as hell are not going to be defeated now. Everything - everything - is about to change. You are moments from hitting the surface and gulping air that will not just refill your lungs but will validate every last bit of what you've been through. You. Are. Almost. There.



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