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July Tarotscopes

Tarot expert and The Fold contributor, Rory McMahan, is back with a tarot reading to help you make empowered mid-summer decisions.
3 of Swords

Aries: 3 of Swords

Sometimes in order to heal your heart, you first have to be willing it to open it up and get to what’s inside. This month may not be the easiest you’ve ever had, but it is going to bring you the kind of support and community you most need in order to move forward in the ways you most want - by leaving what no longer serves you behind, and welcoming in a whole new perspective on what actually does. As much as you often like to go it alone, avoid isolating yourself right now. Instead, when you’re feeling hurt, let down, or left behind, go against your own grain and reach out to the circles you have around you. They are going to understand what you are going through more than you know, and their simple presence will remind you that you are just as treasured when you are lost as you are when your fire is found.


Taurus: 2 of Pentacles

It is time to find balance between your body and your soul. Living well in the real world through brilliantly applied efficiency is a powerful gift, but imagine how that could be magnified with the power of brilliantly applied emotion - love exactly where it belongs, compassion held out to those who truly need it, anger turned to action, grief turned to gratitude for the piercing beauty of life. This month, your ability to make things function can be shifted from linear single-mindedness to lemniscated flow, and with that change comes the new comprehension of calm that you’ve been hungry for. Step into the motion that is calling you. Logic and work do not negate heart and relaxation, and creating space for both unlocks your ultimate combination for a life you look forward to walking every day.


Gemini: Knight of Cups

If you want to move from mentally processing your dreams into physically living them, you must be willing to cross the river of soul. This month is about trusting the unknown, stepping into spaces that feel more like hope than logic, and pursuing life from your heart rather than from your mind. Be sure to take some time for internal stillness now - it can be key to allowing your intuition to guide you when you are feeling most unsure about the path you have chosen and how to walk it. But externally, this is the kind of quiet that will give you the strength to finally actively pursue your deepest longings and move you forward through any mists of unsurety. This current journey may feel like a wing and a prayer, but these wings will fly if you simply unfurl them, and these prayers are alignment with destiny.

King of Cups

Cancer: King of Cups

You are ready to lead your life as yourself. The struggle and work and revelation of the past has left you feeling stripped and bare - and it has also left you standing before everyone without any more falsity and with every facade torn down. Yes, this means they have seen your weaknesses, but it also means they now see your indescribable strength. The world is craving those who are unafraid of authenticity and connection, of meaning and truth, of dirt and hunger. And this month, you are realizing that is you. You now understand that truly being yourself, raw and imperfect and awkward and whole, is far more valuable than any other way of being could ever be. Your exposed heart is no less the mark of a king than a wielded sword. Embrace your power for the beauty it is, and then take your place upon the throne. Your right to sit there has nothing to do with perfection. It has to do with sacred, fearlessly open soul.


Leo: XVI The Tower

You aren’t falling. You are finally breaking free. Your willingness this month to truly embrace the full intensity of your emotions may feel like it is causing the world to shatter, but it is actually clearing the road to your best life, the one built on authenticity instead of compromise and on passion rather than resignation. You are going to find that standing in the power of purposeful destruction brings both refreshing release from what’s been holding you back as well as beautiful new connection to the world around you. Tearing down walls is the very thing that allows you to at last see the universe of possibilities before you. Don’t fear pulling these stones to their foundation. You are earning wide open ground to build exactly what you desire.


Virgo: X Wheel of Fortune

This month, let go of your need for control and learn to go with the flow. Jumping into some sort of faith that everything is going to work out for the best is not the easiest task for you, but that’s exactly where you need to be in order to fully enjoy the month ahead. A small dose of adventuring into the unknown is actually your best medicine to release some of the weight that’s been on your shoulders lately, and it is going to lead to a surprise result - a refreshed ability to be more organized, more driven, and more clear than ever on how to create the life you really want. It isn’t serving you to be trapped in your old to-dos right now. Things have changed, and as hard as it is, it is time for you to change with them. Your new list is going to emerge soon enough. Put down the planner and take a moment to live from your heart instead of your head.

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XIV Temperance

Libra: XIV Temperance

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3 of Wands

Sagittarius: 3 of Wands

You’ve always craved the big picture. So often the details just get in your way and block your view of the wide world you’re so hungry for. But over the unfolding of this month, you are going to discover that harnessing enough willpower to push through the work you don’t like is the very thing that will open up the vista you have been striving to gain. As frustrating as it can be for you, long-term goals are most efficiently accessed through short-term focus, and right now that truth is going to both exasperate you more than usual and inspire you more than it ever has. This is absolutely not the time to quit. You are in the process of achieving everything - and not for a moment but for a lifetime to come.

XX Judgement

Capricorn: XX Judgment

Your past is a rich map of information about the meaning of your life. With intentional contemplation, the patterns that have repeated themselves can now provide you with everything you need to know in order to fully awaken to your soul. So find them. Learn vividly from the entire depth of your experiences, and in that learning, free yourself from their grip. Dive in, know yourself, and then burst forth, leaving all that is unneeded truly behind you. This is not about judging yourself. This is about finally releasing self-judgment. The moment has come to recognize how much you carry with you that is weighing you down. You are being called upon to let go of who you were - and then, brilliant and clear, to rise up into all you are now able to become.


Aquarius: 7 of Wands

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Pisces: 6 of Cups

You very much want what you see ahead of you, but just like with any moment of transformation, you nostalgically pine for the familiarity of what was. Take off those rose-colored glasses. It only looks good back there because, unlike the uncharted future, that map was already created and has already been walked, so it seems quite simple in comparison. Stop it. Get real about what used to be - it wasn't as perfect as you now allow yourself to imagine - and get determined about moving forward. Locking yourself up in memories of once-upon-a-time serves your stagnation, not your life. Yes, you will have to step up into the new you instead of falling back on the comfortable old, but the potential you've glimpsed is real, and your authentic future is way, way better than your sentimentalized past. Honor the love, and honor the immense beauty of all that has been. Then honor yourself by loving and living what's next.



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