June 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Gemini: This month, stop putting off that choice you've been faced with and get to work figuring out what to actually do.
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Card art by Biddy Tarot

Card art by Biddy Tarot

Aries: Queen of Cups

Some days, what you want never materializes beyond a hazy dream in your head. But this month, you have the potential to actually put your longings to use and make things happen. Pay attention to what you really crave, what you love, what you want for yourself to the core. Then use your spot-on intuition combined with your surprisingly fluid mind to mark out the path that gets you there. You will truly enjoy the challenge of achievement, and you will greatly enjoy the fruits of your success - not because you simply want possession, but because you desire this from the depths of your divinely authentic heart, and because you know that that is where you discover what is divinely right for you. So listen to your soul. It is speaking clearly now. Then put that internal eternity out there into the world and claim that reality as your very own.

XVIII the Moon

Taurus: XVIII The Moon

You want to head off for your future this month. The only problem is you can't figure out whether you want to do it through emotional persuasion or through more logical means - and that indecision may create some frustrating delays in your plans. As hard as it is, worry less about the end goal now and instead take time to explore the landscape around you. In this moment, moving ahead is going to happen by connecting up - and discovering the surprisingly renewed visions that emerge from doing so. This is about body and soul, not body or soul. Although your head will tell you to choose one or the other for efficiency's sake, give in to the luxury of holding space for both.


Gemini: 2 of Swords

This month, stop putting off that choice you've been faced with and get to work figuring out what to actually do. This is not about choosing through resignation, desperation, or exasperation. Instead, step fully into the importance of this moment. Think carefully. Gather all of the information - all of it - and then sit down and sift through what you know not only with an engaged mind but also a very engaged heart and soul. As you face facts, pay attention to your gut reactions. Your intuition will provide you with the final piece of the puzzle that makes your choice clear. Then take off the blindfold, re-enter your world, and walk the path you've chosen. The weight of indecision will be off of your shoulders at last, and only then will you realize how heavy it really was - and how amazing it feels to be free of it.


Cancer: Knight of Swords

You start with such good intentions: There will be a goal, a plan, and a result. But be careful. As the day-to-day details pile up, your frustration is going to grow. You may find yourself short on time, or ideas, or simply discover that you bit off way more than you can chew for the schedule you actually have - and that is when you will be oh-so-tempted to cut corners to make it all work. Your impatience can flat-out take over your common sense this month, and the hunger to change everything right now has the potential to sabotage your ability to change anything at all. Yes, you know you are done with your old ways. Yes, you are actually ready to set your new course. But don't accidentally shift your focus from growing to winning. There is nothing to conquer. There is only your walk to walk well.


Leo: 9 of Pentacles

You have everything you need. In addition to feeling your energy ticking up and your willpower pushing behind you, you discover that your landscape is much more bountiful than you realized. As you begin to grasp your true wealth, you find that you are able to become much more connected to the creation that your work brings. You understand that the richness of your fields is directly connected to the work you did plowing them. For all the struggle you have seen, for all the physical boundaries of the world in which you live, you reconnect this month with the beauty of your own abundance. The earth is warm beneath your feet, the birds are singing to the sky, and your heart is reawaking to its potential. Allow every single blessing of it in, and then get back to truly stepping out.


Virgo: Page of Cups

This month, you realize that despite all that has been hard, has been hurtful, has brought struggle or even sorrow, your life is full of beauty. Your life is full of hope. Your life is somehow - somehow - full of pure, unending love. You have been stripped down and laid bare, and you expected to find that nothing remained there at the center of your being. You expected to discover emptiness, and lack and loss, and fear and struggle. But instead, there is a soul that pours forth and a deep-seated wisdom that will not abandon you. The shell you possess is beautiful, but what the shell holds is divine. Do not be afraid to break open, and do not be afraid to embrace what is revealed within.


Libra: 5 of Cups

Your ethereal visions of what could have been are spectacular. That is what makes them so hard to let go. But let go you must. Even though you are convinced you can repair your dreams rather than release them, the circumstances around you are shifting too much to support them in the ways you long for. What you do have, though, is a remarkable real life. Your potentials are right here in front of you, made of flesh and bone and paper and cement and purpose. You have plenty of pieces to work with and still truly enough of what you need. Sometimes flights of fancy can indeed serve you well, but this month, if you look forward instead of back, you can walk away from what if to hold the many gifts of what is.


Scorpio: XIX The Sun

Your life shines bright this month, and it is so, so good. The real question is, what are you going to do with it? Privilege comes with a price, and so does success, but it might be different than you think it is. There are so many who can't even remember what sunlight looks like, much less feels like when it shines on them. And now here you stand, with personal power and ability and confidence, full of drive and life and opportunity. Your shoulders are finally strong enough for others to stand upon. Let them. Lift them. Carry them. Care for them. Help them and heal them. And discover the greatest truth of all: This is not a price. It is your beautiful, rich, priceless, ecstatic reward. Don't just live under the brilliant sun. Be it.

King of Cups

Sagittarius: King of Cups

This month, you are faced with the reality of practicality versus desire. When emotions are so intensely at play, so fully engaged, you are prone to override what actually makes sense. It is time to step into your own authority and realize that you are not controlled by your urges but that instead you have the ability to know them, understand them, and ultimately overrule them when necessary. You hold enough experience within your walk to comprehend that wisdom does not mean perfection - it simply means there is deep, real compassion around the mistakes you and those around you will inevitably make. Allow yourself to see that your deepest emotions are not enemies but the divine tools that guide your way to everything you are meant to be.


Capricorn: Knight of Cups

This month, dreams come true, wishes are fulfilled, and hope becomes manifest. Your personal Grail is not just found but carried back into real life with you, and it is filled with all that your heart has been seeking and your soul has always known. And it's not because you are manipulating everything to your personal liking. It is because you have done the real work needed to get here, mind and body, heart and soul, and therefore the blessings of living your purpose are right here for the asking. It is time to open your arms and let the light pour over you. Your way is clear, and your greatest gift is being offered by the hand of the Universe. So lift your eyes, step out into the firmament, and reach for all of the beauty that is written there for just you.


Aquarius: X Wheel of Fortune

The wheels are turning this month, and although you may not be able to express what is happening, you are ready for it. But it's difficult to work on your future when you aren't quite sure what that future is. So don't get caught up in knowing. Get caught up in the change. Know that this time, it will bring the kind of luck and transformation you have been craving and that the desires you are processing in your head are on the brink of real manifestation out in the world. Embrace this moment. Trust in the expansion that is opening before you. Your fortunes are on the rise, and all you need to do is hold on.


Pisces: XV The Devil

Sometimes your dreams seem so clear and the words you find to describe them flow so easily, but no matter how well or how enthusiastically you express yourself, the solid form of the material world just won't budge to let those words take form. Get serious with the idea that this isn't about someone else placing roadblocks. This is all about you. The worlds you want only manifest when they are in alignment with your purpose - and when they aren’t, reality will not hesitate to show you what it's made of and force you to fight for every step of the way. This month, voice your visions in ways that give real power to your soul, not false power to your fears - or to someone else altogether.


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