March 2020 Tarotscopes

"Just lift up your eyes and walk towards it. Knock on that door, and when it opens, say what you need." This one's for you, dear Pisces. Take a look at what's in store for us all in the month ahead.
II of Wands

Aries: 2 of Wands

Will you choose to be lost or will you decide at last to be found? Not found by anyone else, but by your own self. It’s time to begin differentiating between what you really want and what you’ve talked yourself into wanting, between what pulls at your soul instead of just at your patterned emotions. You have the opportunity to create your world now, but you can only do so if you are willing to step forward into the potential of who you are instead of remaining chained to who you used to be - and trapped by how you want others to see you instead of how you are ready to see yourself. You are at the brink of manifesting the vast visions of your life if you are willing to believe you have built a foundation of experience that can hold you up rather than a history of mistakes that hold you down.


Taurus: XVII The Star

Alignment has entered your life, and it feels like magic. The thing about magic, though, is that it always works, but it doesn’t always work the way you thought it would. You have broken through to knowing yourself in a whole new way, which means you may feel like you don’t know yourself at all - but you somehow know your soul like never before. This is where everything shifts from vision to manifestation, from thought into form. Give the Universe room to navigate this month. Let go of controlling the details and trust that your own way forward has been opened and your own divine self is leading the way. Look to patterns for clues and to synchronicities for guidance now, and you will soon discover that your human life may be taking unexpected turns, but your spirit is taking you exactly to where you are meant to be.

4 of Pentacles

Gemini: 4 of Pentacles

The devil is in the details this month, Gemini - and even though there are a lot to handle, every one of them is going to work out just fine. The trick is to stay calm in the face of apparent uncertainty, because in truth there is nothing uncertain at all. Yes, you may at times feel like you are walking a tightrope as you keep things balanced, but your foundation truly is strong, and you can trust that small ripples in the air can’t shake it. Sometimes being centered means having only exactly what you need rather than a luxurious cushion of excess, and though in human form that can feel a bit stressful, your spirit knows better. Don’t fret the close calls, and don’t mistake closing yourself off as a form of protection. Instead, keep your heart as open as your hands.


Cancer: Queen of Cups

You have been caught in a sometimes brutal and sometimes extraordinary journey of becoming yourself for quite a while now, and it is finally time to be exactly who you are. This month, you are learning that you do not need to mirror those around you in order to be seen. You no longer blur the line between reflecting someone else and becoming them.. You have the extraordinary gift of revealing people to themselves, and that is no easy gift to hold - but you are done fearing that is your flaw. It is your beauty. And though few may find their way behind the silvered glass of themselves to discover you standing there, those who do will access an ocean of divine compassion, sacred wisdom, and endless, endless love.


Leo: 9 of Pentacles

Your willingness to finally embrace living fully from your heart is opening up your ability to live fully in your world. Your time of lack is ending not because of cosmic luck or chaotic interplay but because you are beginning to understand what abundance actually is, what bounty truly brings, and what it means to know real love. This month, remember that you don't have to have reached the stars in order to appreciate their beauty. You are always going to be climbing up the stairs of your soul. It is okay to sit down every once in a while and enjoy the view you've earned so far. Take a moment to take a break. Lounge about in the luxuries, big or small, you have created for yourself. Step back and see, touch, feel the richness of your accomplishments. There will be plenty left to do tomorrow. Right now, bliss out on what you have today.


Virgo: XXI The World

As much as you crave crystal clear expression, words will only interfere with the transformation at hand right now. You feel so much this month, but elucidation of that depth will fall shallow and lead only to frustration. Your voice is not capable of speaking this unexpected vastness into form - not quite yet - and that realization may seem both unbearable and wondrously understandable all at once. Instead, for now, put words aside and walk your talk. Show everyone who you have become, and doubtlessly display everything you stand for. In both spirit and form, you have made it to a whole new level, and you have connected your life to the world in a whole new way. Let go of the desire to explain it. Step through and live it.

Knight of Swords

Libra: Knight of Swords

This month, you may feel fed up with deep emotions and self-reflection, and you may feel done with the struggle to grow. Striving to be a better person can be downright exhausting, and it seems lately there has been little relief from your soul's demand that you do so. Take a deep breath and trust that you won't be swimming in this ocean forever - not because someone will save you but because you will save yourself. The advantage of having your outside self peeled away is that you can finally grasp the strength of your bones. Try to quell the urge to rush ahead - or run away completely - and instead make plans for what you will do once you have earned your gorgeous new skin. Because you will. It isn't the easiest time, but it can be an extremely useful one if you seek the wisdom to get through it with integrity rather than destruction.


Scorpio: 8 of Cups

You finally understand a deep truth: Things are no longer what they once were. And the weight of that understanding is an ocean of nostalgia, sadness, sentimentality, beauty, and hope. This month, fill your heart at the water's edge. It is the potion that will give you passage to your soul. Reverie may have a powerful hold on you, but open your heart to what lies ahead and trust that the sweetnesses of the life you have known will not vanish. That which you love most has been revealed by your past, and if you allow that knowledge to transform you, that love can be the soft call that pulls you forward to your greatest future. Feel the cool, quiet universe break the spell of what was, then turn away and step out upon the path of all you are called to be.

9 of Swords

Sagittarius: 9 of Swords

Imperfections feel so personal now. You want so badly to get things right, to make things right - but the details keep slipping by in a sea of accumulating tasks, and the worry you feel over doing what needs to be done is rather overwhelming. This month, remember that you are not the only one swimming in deep water. If you want your fears to get back down to human proportions, don't hide them away - share them. If you want to make things settle down and make things happen, prioritize not by importance but by simplicity. Do the easy stuff first to remind yourself that you really are capable of a great deal. Don't fret about getting everything done. Just get some of it done. It is time to take the pressure off and whip your anxiety back into submission. Don't worry, your brilliant, confident self is still there, and you are definitely going to find it.


Capricorn: IX The Hermit

The wisdom you attain through contemplation - and, yes, separation - will be a beacon to those who are also finding their own way. Your personal evolution serves a purpose, and as tempting as it may be at times, it is not so that you can forever hide away on a mountaintop. There are instead two sides to this journey. To create real change within your own world, embrace the silences you find for yourself. A true understanding of this life lies within those rare, quiet spaces. And then, to create real change in the whole world, share what you learn, but quietly and without fanfare. Point the way to the path, and then leave room for others to find their own way. Your desire to discover the deeper truths is not for you alone. It is instead your task to be of service to anyone who recognizes your worth - and then knows enough to ask.

3 of Cups

Aquarius: 3 of Cups

Want to have a month filled with bliss and happiness? Lucky you, Aquarius, you actually can. The key lies in genuinely enjoying time with your circles, genuinely acknowledging your accomplishments, and genuinely allowing yourself to be loved. Yes, you are utterly and absolutely capable of handling it all on your own and, in fact, are quite driven to do just that. Your need for self-reliance is palpable. But what is actually more important is to truly understand - and then embrace - that you don't have to. There is no longer anything to prove. There is only friendship, and support, and love. It surrounds you. It can fill your life with joy. And all you have to do to get it is let down your guard and reach out your hands - which oddly enough can be the most independent and willful act of all.

5 of Pentacles

Pisces: 5 of Pentacles

We all hit patches where life just doesn't play fair, but that doesn't equate to suffering all alone. Whether you are facing a physical loss or an emotional blow, the support you long for is right before you. Just lift up your eyes and walk towards it. Knock on that door, and when it opens, say what you need. Because it is safe to spill your heart when you are standing in the light. And that is exactly what is being offered to you now - light, love, comfort, and sanctuary from your personal storm. Accept it. One day you will be the one offering help, and then you will understand that this exchange creates no human debt between you. It creates divine grace for everyone.

All cards by Biddy Tarot


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