May 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Taurus: Sometimes disagreement brings out the worst in people, but this month it is the impetus for real change - not because you engage in the head-butting but because it motivates you to actually do something about what's causing it.
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Card art by Biddy Tarot

Card art by Biddy Tarot

Aries: 7 of Cups

You have the right to choose anything you want. But you may want to take a moment to choose very, very carefully. There is transformation afoot, and there is the potential to peel away all the things that hold you back from your destiny. There also the potential to get lost in the lust of the moment and luxuriate among the trappings of desire - or the appearance of success. This is not the time to grab for the surface of what you want. Instead, dig down deep. Explore the boundless possibilities of vision as well as the tightly bound truths of the world. This is as real as it gets - body connected to soul, mind manifesting matter - and your ability to patiently sift through your options is going to bring you not just the life you want but the existence you truly seek. Get still, get aligned with your integrity, and look closely at what is being offered and by whom. Then, and only then, leave all hesitation behind and make your choice. Anyone can grab someone else's power. Only you can birth your own.

5 of Wands

Taurus: 5 of Wands

Sometimes disagreement brings out the worst in people, but this month it is the impetus for real change - not because you engage in the head-butting but because it motivates you to actually do something about what's causing it. Rather than escalating situations through ill-considered barbs, choose your words very carefully right now. You may feel like you are trapped in a ridiculous debate, and it can be so tempting to give up and jump into the fray, but you have much more power than you realize. If you lead with your head rather than giving in to anger, you will not just smooth the situation - you will find you can use it to great advantage. This is a time to be smart and talk smarter. Organize the discontent around you. Almost everyone is shouting, and so no one can hear over the noise of frustrated confusion. Imagine the transformation that could happen if all instead begin to chant in unison. And this month, it is your own clear words and cool spirit that can calm the din and turn passion into the true tool that it is. Don't get dragged down with the chaos. Rise above it, speak well, and lead the way to unity.

3 of Cups

Gemini: 3 of Cups

This month, you realize that to truly join the community around you, you must also honor your own soul. There is so much joy to be had, and so much abundance to be shared - but if you cannot acknowledge what you yourself possess, if you cannot see the depth of knowledge that you hold, the beauty you bring, the wisdom that is planted within you, then you will not be able to harvest all the bounty of your own life nor share it with those you love the most. Do not be afraid to see yourself through the eyes of your circle. Do not turn away from the mirror they offer, from the powerful words they speak about your being. Now is the time to not just reflect on your value but to claim it fully. Here is where you see clearly the threads you have woven into the tapestry of the whole. Your present has been built from the hard outlines of your daylit vision and from the unbound flow of your spirit, and it is your unwavering acceptance of both that unites you with all the possibilities of your world. You are not empty and alone. You are overflowing and connected and loved beyond measure. Drink from the cup of your life, and vow that you will finally, finally believe it.


Cancer: Ace of Pentacles

You have real potential stirring in your life, deep down in rich soil. This isn't the kind of development that flashes up in sudden flame or blows through with the wind. This is a seed that, tended well, will grow a garden of earthly delights and physical rewards to last a lifetime and beyond. So don't just throw it down anywhere. Use this month for careful planning and thoughtful consideration. Pace your beginnings in a way that will match the pace of your longevity. Remember, when planting a new tree, you must prepare for both its fruit and its shade - as well as its giant, old, wise days. Have no doubt: Although you may feel small now, your path is undeniably big, and your spirit is soon enough going to need a great deal of room to spread its branches across the waiting world. It is time to get to work tending that ready land beneath your feet.

5 of Pentacles

Leo: 5 of Pentacles

Things all around you are changing, and your own life is changing so much as well - and even though you want to evolve, you aren't as confident as you were that it's for the better. You're not sure that you want to keep taking the high road. What's the point when everyone around you is flinging mud from the ditches? Well, guess what: You may feel utterly alone, but you don't have to do it alone. The people around you feel the same way, and they sure would like some company - just like you. They want someone to tell them it's going to be worth it in the end - just like you. And when you all sit together and share your struggles, you are going to discover something very, very useful. You are going to discover each other's strengths, and you are going to find out that their abilities are exactly what you need, and then you are going to be able to finally ask each other for help. Yes, the world can be a cold place right now, but that is not the only truth you can find. Give yourself an honest chance to see that so many of the souls who inhabit it are absolutely not.


Virgo: Page of Wands

It is not a month for seeing what the future holds, but it is for calling out to the future you want to hold. When the desire for action pulses through your blood yet the universe seems to be holding you back, it is the right time to acknowledge how new you are to this landscape, how much you are still learning, and how potential is about one day - not about right now. This month, embrace the enthusiasm you feel in your heart as if you are a child of the universe, but walk towards your future more slowly, as an adult who knows the longer-term work it is going to take. You are being given two gifts in this moment: a small match to light a bigger, brighter fire; and a seat to stay warm beside it while you look over the life you've had in order to understand how it differs from the life you want. It will take time to create the blazing heat you seek, and it will take time to create the legacy you hope to leave. Do not let childlike impatience interfere with either - instead, let childlike energy keep you going through the hard parts and get you through to the good parts. This is not struggle. This is adventure. And seeing that difference is everything.

II of Wands

Libra: 2 of Wands

You know you are ready to move forward - but that doesn't mean there isn't anything holding you back. You have an important choice to make this month: Will your past be the anchor weighing you down, or the foundation from which you rise? What is behind you cannot be changed, but it holds your wealth within it. The future cannot be seen, but it breathes with possibility. And right now is the moment you possess the immense power of both. What makes this time different? Your head is not in the clouds, and neither are your feet nailed to the ground. You own the beauty of optimism, and you have the experience which makes you a realist. You understand that sometimes to expand to your fullest, you must also pull far back. Suddenly all the lessons you have learned are not chains but ladders. And if that is the perspective you claim within your heart, then you are standing at the brink of the world with a power you cannot imagine. You become the creator. You hold past and present and future in your hands, and you understand them as the clay that has been made of you so that you can now make yourself.


Scorpio: 8 of Wands

Early in the month, you will find that expressing yourself is a priority, although you won't quite have the energy to do it. But as the days move on, you will be more and more apt at putting your feelings into form and more and more confident that you should - and the power this reveals is going to astound you. It turns out that action is not just about what's on your list or honoring your obligations. It can transform your emotions into movement, your will into magic, your desires into manifestation. You will discover that your ideas, when funneled through compassion and empathy and heart, gain not just aim but speed. This month, the way you prepare and what you choose to let loose can literally change everything. Be honest and be excited about what is deep within you and what you are finally willing to share with the world. Those tentative efforts early on to shed fear are going to soon turn to raw excitement about what happens when you let others see within.

Page of Swords

Sagittarius: Page of Swords

You are fully aware that you still don’t know exactly what you are doing, but that no longer scares you. Why should it? Being new at something is not a negative. In fact, it holds a great deal of power, because your errors are seen as enthusiasm and your mistakes as the pure moxie they are. Yes, you crave perfection at every turn this month, but you also crave results, and you are no longer willing to hold yourself back just to feel safe. Your mind is finally your assistant instead of your bane, a defense against untruths, and a symbol of your potential in the world. Your heart is unfettered and your spirit is fire within. This is not simply courage. It is conviction, and drive, and the dawn of the skills that will bring it all to fruition at last. Do not wonder if this moment is yours. There is no more hesitation needed. You hold the blade of your being, and it reflects every bit of your light.

Knight of Pentacles

Capricorn: Knight of Pentacles

There is earth beneath your feet this month, the kind that grows the riches of the world. And it is yours. The fire you have in your heart will flow through your hands into all the work you do, and the deep integrity of your actions will be the food of prosperity. You have enough for everyone now, and you have everything you could want for yourself. So be noble with your abundances and stabilities. Be grateful for their enrichment of your own life, and share them with all those around you. Wield your oh so practical sensibilities with care and kindness, and by doing so, watch your garden grow without bounds. Your life is beautiful, and your foundations are strong. This is no accident of fate - it is of your own determined creation. Do not hesitate to take your seat here among the bounties of the earth where you belong.

X of Pentacles

Aquarius: 10 of Pentacles

What you leave behind matters - but so does what you inherit. This month, take some time to open your heart in gratitude for all those things, known and unknown, which have been handed down. Whether it is money or health, property or intelligence, ownership or attitude, understand that your life is overflowing with the gifts of your ancestors, of every single person who came before. These millions of trinkets of lives past are the stepping stones of your life here and now. When you miss those you love, know with every fiber of your being that they live on in every cell of your self. When you feel alone and abandoned, know that the voices of thousands are singing your name with great love. But most of all, know that your life here matters. Your words and actions are now the carriers of everything that can manifest next in this long, beautiful line of soulful evolution. Pause to truly honor everything that has created you. Then choose to create honorably what you will one day leave behind.


Pisces: King of Wands

The time to plant has come. You have gathered seed and plowed the land and made the soil rich with contemplation, honesty, release, and acknowledgment of what serves your spirit and what does not. Now it is finally time to stand upon that fertile ground and live the authentic life you have been craving. Some of it is material and physical, and a great deal of it is internal and personal - but this is not the time to place limits on using all that you have learned. Sow your heart and your soul, your mind and your body. Feed this earth you have earned with your wisdom of both joy and of sorrow. Stand beneath the dark night and let the stars speak to you of the brilliance you truly are, and truly listen, and at long, long last, truly believe what you hear: Every ounce of you has value, and it is beauty that pours from your soul.



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May 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Taurus: Sometimes disagreement brings out the worst in people, but this month it is the impetus for real change - not because you engage in the head-butting but because it motivates you to actually do something about what's causing it.


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