November Tarotscopes

It's that time of the month: our monthly Tarotscope reveal from resident expert, Rory McMahan,
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Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Aries: Ace of Wands

When you are willing to know yourself, confront yourself, and then be yourself, you unleash the full empowerment of your walk in this world. You are reaching an incredible moment of self-awareness now. This awareness is based upon both shining acknowledgment of what you are amazing at and unmasked acknowledgment of where you fall short - not in ability so much as in a simple discipline to overcome. This month, you will have access to the strength you need to curtail ego-driven denial and instead pull up soul-driven determination to see your own truths with eyes turned toward the potential for real transformation. Success is yours for the asking now as long as you vow to align your will with spirit rather than with pride. That lights the match that can light up everything. 

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Taurus: 9 of Swords

It is time to pick apart your fears and lay them to rest once and for all. Under the intense but powerful unveiling that is available to you now, you will be able to lay out the landscape before you in blueprint, identify each specific seed of each specific anxiety, and pare your list of triggers down from an imagined many to the very few core components there really are - which can then be addressed surprisingly easily, one by one. Living in the talking-point spin of your mind has been holding you in a place of immobility, but that is all about to end. The gift being presented to you here is about clarity. Instead of being smothered any longer by spiraling layers of worry and angst, you have an opportunity at last to discover what is truly the driving force beneath everything - and fix it.

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Gemini: 7 of Cups

There is one simple message to keep in mind this month: It is just as important how you choose as it is what you choose. Your physical world is a reflection of your spirit, and the way you move within that world is the mirror of your soul. When you base decisions only upon surface realities, you will receive surface results. But if you look within for guidance from the Universe which dwells there, you will receive the Universe itself in return. True beauty and bounty can be yours, of that there is no doubt, and the keys that open the doors to both are held in your carefully selective hands. There is a thin, thin line between microcosm and macrocosm now, and their effect on one another will be clear - so be sure to choose carefully, and be sure to choose well. 

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Cancer: 6 of Pentacles

Things may not be moving fast right now, but they are moving well. If you get quiet and tune in, you will notice that the small things you are doing really do matter, and that the people around you really do appreciate it. There isn’t any fanfare, and there isn’t any glory. There is hardly even feedback. But there are small glances, grateful nods, and relieved sighs with every helpful gesture you manage to make. And while you may not fully understand how important all this is right now, the Universe does. You are opening the doors to your future self by simply opening your heart and extending your hands. You are creating your life with every generosity you show, and you are casting spells with every kindness. Do not focus on the moment. Instead focus on humanity. That is how you will manifest endless earthly riches from this spiritual reward.

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Leo: 4 of Cups

Unhappiness with your current situation may have some real elements, but it is mostly self-imposed. At one time you very much wanted what you have, but now that you are sitting in the midst of it, you are wishing for that green grass over there. Remember when what you have now was the green grass over there? This is a cycle that you need to break. Striving towards your vision is very different than gazing wistfully upon someone else’s. Today, hit a spiritual reset and fill yourself with gratefulness for your personal world. Embrace your abundances, and see any lack for what it truly is: motivation to keep walking your path. The Universe has everything you need and is trying to hand it right to you. So lift your eyes up, and rediscover the happiness you hold right in the palm of your hand.

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Virgo: Ace of Swords

The thing about new beginnings is that there is almost always something you bring forward with you from your past. Whether it is skills, support, knowledge, or experience, you are forged by what you have been through - and even when difficult, it has made you capable of being who you now are, and capable of claiming what you are now being offered. Do not hide from your previous selves. Do not deny the sharp, tempered strength of your history. That is exactly what brings you here to this moment of power and renewal. You are not just stepping up to what has finally begun - you are holding your inheritance, and inheritances do not exist without all that has come before. This is the moment you glimpse who you truly are. Before you reach toward the achievements that await you, pause to deeply honor your past so that you may also honor your future.

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Libra: 7 of Swords

Sometimes frustration is a fabulous motivator, but not now. Emotions are so close to the surface you could drink them like water, but instead of quenching your thirst, they only seem to open the door to even more worry and want. In fact, your dissatisfaction with how things are going could lead you down a path of spiraling discontent, and this can quickly take you down the wrong road and trick you into making very poor choices. This month, you must pay attention to the voice of your soul. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be loud, but you must find it and listen hard. Turn away from the dry rustle of those deceptive whispers and sit still with only yourself. Know with certainty that this is the energy of a passing moment, not the vibration of your whole life. Get through it carefully so you can get to the other side with your integrity intact. 

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Scorpio: XV The Devil

 Sometimes your dreams seem so clear, and the words you find to describe them flow so easily. But this month, no matter how well or how enthusiastically you express yourself, the solid form of the material world just won’t budge to let your will take form. The way out? Get serious with the idea that this isn’t about someone else placing roadblocks. This is all about you. Intentions only manifest - or only manifest into truly good things - when they are in alignment with your heart and your path. If it’s just striving for the sake of self or because of self-deception, reality will not hesitate to show you and force you to fight every step of the way. Take the time to speak your dreams, but also pause long enough to get connected to your truth. Voice your visions in ways that give real power to your soul, not false power to your fears - or to someone else altogether.


Sagittarius: XI Justice

he law of the Universe is oh so simple - and oh so complicated. Everything you do now has an effect later. The end result is not about punishment, nor is it about reward. It is about receiving what is deserved. There is ultimate fairness here, untempered by mercy or by severity. It just is what it is. It is what has been created. And so herein lies the great reason to walk your highest path. The smallest step you take ripples out into the Universe and returns to you like an echo. Make that return a beautiful and harmonious confirmation of your most radiant spirit, a reflection of your most divine soul. Everyone makes errors, so do not worry about perfection. But do practice intention. Form purposeful habits. This month - and every month - shine out brightly so that the brightest light may then shine back upon you.

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Capricorn: Ace of Pentacles

This month, do not look to the harvest, or even to the plan. Look to the seed. The days of working out of alignment with your true self have come to an end. It is time to do what you are meant to be doing, and it is time to be who you are meant to be. You have told yourself it is all impossible long enough. Take in with real, clear eyes the resources you have around you, holding open the doors right in front of you, pouring opportunity out like honey, repeating over and over in your ear that it is time and it is now and you are ready. Yet there you stand, frozen and frightened, somehow still certain that you just can’t. Here, and now, the universe holds a mirror up to your very soul. You know what lack you think you see in that reflection. See what the Universe sees in you.

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Aquarius: XX Judgement

You are being shown the ways in which you have bound yourself to things that are not yours, the ways you have carried burden for others because of self-doubt, the old skins that do not fit but you have failed to shed, the tangled knots you have made in your heart. And you are being handed a worn and sacred knife to cut every last bit of it away. If you want to step forward, if you want to walk through the now-opened gate and see yourself as what you are and all you can be, take it. Release every rope and every cord not to abandon your power but to learn what your power really is. It is not what you think, and it is certainly not all of those lost pieces you still drag along behind you with every step. The moment has come. Cross the dark threshold and bring about deeply your very own brilliant light.

Card by Biddy Tarot

Card by Biddy Tarot

Pisces: 4 of Wands

 Do not seek to erase the hard things all around you, for that would be disingenuous - and more to the point, it will not help. Instead, know that you are surrounded by what really matters, and that is what makes all the difference in the world. Make your moments about honoring what has been lost, remembering what was good, and enjoying greatly what is still in hand. Do not hide your tears, but allow them to exist as a sacred offering poured out upon the altar of the utterly confusing beauty of this life. And do not hide away alone. Join in with those who gather all around you, who fill every space in your heart and who lift up your spirit just by being there. This is the bounty found in the dark wilderness. This is the warm fire discovered out in the cold. This month, lift your eyes from the ice, and remember that love is your home. 



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