November 2020 Tarotscopes

Dear Scorpio: You may feel a little antsy this month. You have tasks, plans, ideas, and missions - but every time you get ready to set off, you also realize you need one more thing. The universe is trying to tell you that the time for action is close, but it's not quite here. Instead of cursing the constant glitches, pay attention to the message.
All card art by Biddy Tarot

All card art by Biddy Tarot

Aries: 7 of Wands

Sure, that low road looks clear, easy, and well-used, but it's the high road you need to take this month. You suddenly have an open-eyed perspective on what is fair and what is just, and you see clearly exactly what has been put into motion. You understand that changing course is simply not an option and that follow-through matters. Growing signs of success will naturally invite competition and challengers to the position you've gained. You must remember that it is your personal integrity and your connection to higher self that will raise you above the fray. Others might fight dirty, but you need to fight fair - and for what you know in your heart is right. Anyone can find a way to win. Today is about finding a way to win well.


Taurus: Queen of Cups

Sometimes sitting down with facts and figures is all you need, but this month, real truth and knowledge will be found inside of your own soul. Don't be afraid to dive deep. These waters are beautiful, and the secrets you find will connect you with your truest happiness. And when others come to you for help - and they will - allow your compassion to flow freely from your heart to theirs without fear. Your ability to heal is a gift of incredible value not only for yourself but for everyone, so open up and share the love. Despite everything, you understand that there is always enough to go around. You are the mirror that allows the world to see itself, so stand calmly and let all who seek gaze into the depths. You will know the truth long before they do, and you will open the way for them to know it too.


Gemini: Page of Cups

Gifts can be given for many reasons: with strings attached, as an apology, or even out of guilt. But this month, the gifts you receive are simply given with one purpose - pure, pure love. This is the Universe handing you the moment you dreamed of, the friend you needed, the open door you were looking for. And there is absolutely nothing asked for in return except that you do not waste it. So open your heart and open your hands and accept the overflowing cup that is being offered. Drink deeply yourself, and then share it all around just as selflessly as it was given. Because this cup has no bottom, no point of emptiness, and no end to what it offers - and neither do you.


Cancer: 8 of Pentacles

It's a lot of work to do everything right. It's painful to toss aside the pieces that almost make the cut, and it's tiring to constantly make the call on yourself that you can still do better. But guess what? People are starting to notice. They are noticing your exacting standards. They are paying attention to the perfection of what you do allow out into the world. They are beginning to understand the full spectrum of what you are capable of and what you will one day being producing simply as a matter of course. You feel a new sense of self pushing through, and you now see you can live that self by simply doing your best. Spirit matters, but this month it is aligning that spirit with physical form that gains you the peace you've been longing for.


Leo: 7 of Swords

This month, you are gifted the mental and physical assistance you need to move towards the spiritual healing you want. There have been some rough waters lately - maybe even for quite a while now - and you have done an admirable job of navigating them all on your own. But at last, you are able to accept that you don't have to. No one is seeking to rob you of your autonomy by helping you, and no one is seeking to prove anything about your capability by offering out their hand. Instead, you are being carried to your next destination with acknowledgment, unconditional compassion, and no questions asked of you at all. You will not lose yourself here in these waters because you are not alone, and you never were. Breathe out your fear and breathe in the sacred truth that you are both guarded and guided as you cross to the harbor of the other shore.


Virgo: IX Hermit

Sometimes in order to shine your light most brightly, you must first find quiet places to shine it only upon yourself. This month, do not struggle against your urge to both explore the world and to be alone with it. Solitude is not the same as isolation, and your willingness to feel comfortable with your own individual experiences is the sacred key to your ability to be whole, to be aligned, and to be endlessly curious about your own unfolding. But this isn't about achieving revelation solely for yourself. Once you begin to understand your personal journey, you are then able to guide others on theirs. You become inspiration just by being you. That is why it is so, so important to actually become you. Do not be afraid to step within the cave - and do not be afraid to step outside of it. The answers you seek are found by knowing both.

King of Cups

Libra: King of Cups

You are no longer controlled by the whims of your feelings. Instead, your intuition and emotions are respected strengths that add value to your leadership and give mature weight to your opinions. You operate with great diplomacy this month and can motivate those around you with your genuine compassion and kindness. Walk strong in this crown - your power lies in the calm love you provide to others and in the quiet mastery you now demonstrate between your soul and mind. Holding emotional authority is not about conquering your feelings or becoming immune to them. It is about knowing when your heart speaks to your basest desires or to your highest good, and having the strength to act on it - or not.


Scorpio: 4 of Swords

You may feel a little antsy today. You have tasks, plans, ideas, and missions - but every time you get ready to set off, you also realize you need one more thing. The universe is trying to tell you that the time for action is close, but it's not quite here. Instead of cursing the constant glitches, pay attention to the message. The spectacular changes you are trying to bring into being will go much better if your plans are fully formed and your logistics are fully in place. So in between your frenetic preparations and enthusiastic orders, take some time to pause. Sit down for a moment and gather your thoughts. Pull out the speeches and review your maps. Right now, one well-plotted course will get you so very much farther than a thousand fitful starts - no matter how much fire you have in your heart.

XVIII the Moon

Sagittarius: XVIII The Moon

There is a lot happening beneath the surface this month. You can feel it in your bones. But despite your sixth sense working overtime, you can't quite clearly decipher what it is or what it means. Don't worry. The truth of it all will be revealed soon enough. Right now, however, it is time to wander about in the quiet, in-between spaces and gather up secrets that are only offered in shadows. Your eyes and your mind - and the world itself - simply won't provide you with what you need. Instead, it is your intuition which holds the key to the wisdom you seek. So dip your toes into the still waters of your subconscious. Carry the knowledge you gain back out into the day and begin to build the world you want to live in. Because what you dream may be only an illusion - but what you learn by dreaming is the path to revelation.

7 of Pentacles

Capricorn: 7 of Pentacles

You know it is time to get moving. You can feel it. But every time you try to get started, you drop back down and collapse back into yourself. Don't be too hard on that soul of yours - or your tired body either. This last month has put you through the wringer, and it's no wonder you aren't a font of energy and bliss. In fact, it's a wonder you are still functioning at all. Seeking tangible results right now will only frustrate you - however, pulling back and nurturing your heart will do a world of good. Have faith, and don't rush. This month, do what you can, and be gentle with yourself for all you simply cannot. Stoke the small flame that is flickering inside of you, but do not struggle to build up the fire. Instead, just make it your task to collect kindling and prepare the hearth. Soon enough that spark will grow into so much more - and rest assured, so will you.

X of Pentacles

Aquarius: 10 of Pentacles

Only the long-term view holds any weight with you this month. Because right now, all that seems to matter is what you are going to leave behind. The answer isn't found in stronger, bigger, better. These are the visions of humanity. Real eternity? It is found simply as a circle, always returning on itself. You want to stretch beyond your body and your years and your limits and lay down the parts of yourself which will continue to grow and renew and grow again, unbroken and unending. And in a flash you will see the hard work it is going to take, and the digging and sowing and teaching and learning. But you will also see so clearly that that work is exactly what you want to do. You no longer desire to shelter only your legacy. You want to provide shelter for every possible person you can. Circle up.


Pisces: Queen of Wands

Everyone has days where they wonder, Am I enough? Am I ready? Am I even any good at this? Push all doubt aside and know that you are all those things and more. Your fire shines bright now, and your spirit is lit up with tangible confidence and undeniable capability - and you aren't the only one who is noticing. Don't be shy about expressing your strengths or hesitant about stepping up and taking an opening. This is not about bragging or forcing your will upon others. This is about lighting a fire that can light up the world. It's about providing warmth, and encouragement, and the kind of leadership that means getting your own hands messy too. Everyone needs a beacon sometime. This month, that beacon is you. Follow your own light, and don't be surprised when you look back and see that others are following it too. 


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