October Tarotscopes

Dear Libra: You now understand that your prosperity has so often come from the radical changes you make. But this month, take a moment to be still beneath the bounty of your life without changing at all.

card art by Biddy Tarot


Aries: King of Pentacles

In your heart you want nothing more than to get things going and get things done. Your ideas light up your desires like domino candles, and your will feels like a torch that could light up the world - if only you could get ahold of a single match. But there are no matches this month, only pencil and paper and the need to plan. Despite the heat scorching your spirit with the urge to take action, this is instead a better time to plot your actions out - and then shelve them for just a little while longer. If you try to make things happen now, you will find yourself not just frustrated but most likely burned, and you may miss your chance for real, long-term, lasting success. Because that is actually what this is all about. The fire in your veins is the pulsing power of creation. The ice in your world is the calculating power of preparation. And if you are pragmatic and wise enough to use both, you will gain absolutely everything.


Taurus: XIII Death

If you haven't been paying attention to the fact that it is time to change, you are going to have to face up to it. If you have been embracing the transformations that have been unfolding in your life, this month you are reborn. But either way, the gate has opened and you are going through it - and yes, it does close completely behind you. Release your fear. There is a new path ahead, and it takes you exactly where you are meant to go. No one has been allowed to blind themselves to the soul-bearing mirror the universe has held up before the world. No one has been immune from the immensity of the work required because of what has been seen within it. And no one is allowed to stay behind now that transformation has come. This is your dawn, and the brilliance you are about to unleash is nothing less than divine. So do not stand in the dark, wondering if you can walk through. Know that you are already walking, and that you are about to shine.


Gemini: Ace of Swords

You are at the start of something, and it is important - perhaps even more so than you can know right now. When you are handed a sword, you are handed both great power and great responsibility, and it is rarely an accident for it to end up in your hands. This is an inheritance, and whether ancestral, karmic, or divine will, this moment matters. You will be eager to take action this month. You are finally holding the tools of your soul, and patience seems a waste of such a resource. But remember: This is power, and power must be used wisely. If you want to rule brilliantly for the long-term instead of just creating one stunning flash of light, tread carefully. Use your head. Consider well how to speak your truth into existence, and how those words and those plans will become the foundation of your kingdom. It is not simply the blade that matters. Your potential is revealed by the ownership alone, and there is no hiding from it. Choose both word and action well.


Cancer: Queen of Cups

This month, you have an innate ability to see what everyone around you needs most - and an intense drive to give it to them. This can be an astonishing gift that has a profound impact on those affected by it. Your intuition and open heart will flood the lives around you with wisdom, support, and pure love, and you instinctively know how to provide it all precisely when and where it is of best use. But be warned: If you forget to also feed yourself, you will run the risk of complete depletion. There will be an oh-so-human temptation to both overextend yourself and to misunderstand the value of what you give. You do not need to buy the companionship of others. You are not loved because of what you hand out, and you are not trading your goods for affection. You are loved because of the beautiful truth of your being, because of your willingness to walk exposed in the world, pouring out compassion for all you encounter - and despite what you encounter. Release the fear that your gifts are bribes and bargains in exchange for your place here, and embrace this deep, incredible power you hold. It is time to love the world, and it is time to love yourself most of all.


Leo: 4 of Swords

There's been a lot going on for a good long time, and there is a fair chance you're worn out - if not plain exhausted. This month, rest. Give yourself permission to spend time with the ones you love and to sleep and relax and to lay about. Some days blessings come from action. For now, they come from calm. You need to slow down and refill if you want to gather the treasures that are waiting to be found, and you need to take that as seriously as any other part of your life. When your eyes are no longer bleary and your mind begins to clear, you are going to awaken to a new kind of soft beauty gently filling the small spaces of your life - unobtrusive, quiet, subtle, but somehow shifting everything. Your existence is so different than it was, but it is good, and it is time to sit still and soak up that profound realization. Life is beautiful. Your life is beautiful. If you stop spinning and stop running - you will be able to, at last, see it for yourself.


Virgo: 9 of Pentacles

Sometimes secrets destroy us. But sometimes they set us free. This month, hidden knowledge becomes public domain, and the weight that lifts from your shoulders is nothing short of miraculous. This isn't about confession or regret. It is about being so secure that you are unafraid of owning your personal totality, about being willing to walk in the wholeness of who you are. When you see yourself and others so clearly, you are no longer beholden to the knots and bindings of secrets and lies. The past sheds in the strength of the present. Dirt becomes soil, and such honestly tilled soil can now grow every single abundance you need. Taking off the masks at last allows you to be you at last. And that means you can have what you want at last. You have worked hard for this moment. You have labored and tended and sought and found. You have watered the land with your own tears and brought forth the sun with your petitions.. Do not mistake this rich harvest for rot. This is not a trap within the dark. This is the root that has fed upon truth and is now ready to bring truth's full bounty to bear.

X of Cup

Libra: 10 of Cups

You now understand that your prosperity has so often come from the radical changes you make. But this month, take a moment to be still beneath the bounty of your life without changing at all. This isn't a denial of future movement or forthcoming leaps of faith; rather, it is a much needed moment of rest and gratitude. You can’t see what awaits on the next shore, but you know everything it took to get to this one - and there is no shame in wanting to enjoy it before striking out once again. You need time to absorb the sacrifices you've made, the losses you've endured, and the bits of rejection that almost held you back. Because now, as you open your eyes at last and take it all in, you will see that where you thought there was isolation, there is instead community. You will discover that where you thought there was scarcity, there is abundance. You will find that where you thought there was only hurt, there is great healing. Give yourself permission to pause. Just this once, let go of what's next and say thank you for the unexpected bliss of everything that is right now.


Scorpio: Queen of Wands

You are ready to get real about where your power lies. Even though you don't have it all figured out, even though you are still digging deep for answers, even though you are buried in the earth and are only catching brief glimpses of the sun, this month you know at least this one thing: You are you, and it is time to stop being anyone else. Yes, you see your imperfections - but you also see your abilities. You understand your limitations - but you also now fully accept the authority you hold within your own life. This is not crushing realism nor any sort of resignation. This is the birth of the potential of all you have learned by having been so brutally honest with yourself. When you are in rulership, there is no longer fear around culling what does not work or banishing what does not serve. When authenticity finally arises from ash, there is nothing left to diminish your brilliant burning, nothing left to suffocate your way. You have dug into your weaknesses to at last discover your unbreakable strengths. You now know it is not about the power you beg to be granted by the world. It is about the power you claim within your very own soul.

IX of Cups

Sagittarius: 9 of Cups

You are feeling confused about life this month. There is a lurking anxiety all around, and your negative chattering mind just won't leave you alone - but whenever you snap out of it, you realize that there is a surprisingly great deal going very, very right. This mismatch only serves to make you even more frustrated with the gnawing unease about your state of affairs. When you're stuck deep in the middle of day-to-day life, it can be hard to remember when you were striving with determination to get exactly to this place, and how you envisioned finally being here. The thing is, there is no peak and there is no pinnacle. Each accomplishment brings more to either hold on to tightly or to take extra care of. This anxious hum isn't about not wanting what you now find you have. It is about changing your perception of what success really is. You are beginning to understand what really matters. You are starting to break apart the shell and get through to what you really want. Illusion is losing its lustre, and the desire for true, meaningful happiness is gaining ground. You do, in fact, have absolutely everything you need. In your heart, you know it, despite what the hungry world might be whispering in your ear. This month, you need to figure out how to open your eyes and see that truth. A good place to start might be simply acknowledging it.

X of Pentacles

Capricorn: 10 of Pentacles

You stand on the shoulders of those who came before you, and those who come after will stand on yours. It is your task to not just repeat what was but to create what can be. The past birthed you as a new individual with new ideas and your own truth, and this month, it is your task to honor those who sacrificed for you by resolutely stepping up to walk that path. Sometimes you may feel comforted by tradition, and sometimes you may crave to escape it, but it is when you find harmony between the two that you fully connect to the intricate and eternal web of human life. And when that balance is struck, you will see clearly not just what lies behind you but what lies before you, and you will understand the gift of legacy - both what you have received and what you can create to leave behind. So tune in to other, but also tune in to self. Your ability now to feel so deeply connected to the whole is the very thing that allows you to achieve the purpose of your own individual soul.


Aquarius: VIII Strength

Although you are questioning the worth of your connections this month, you are also forced to acknowledge the value they bring. Somehow you understand now that the very ugliness you have seen in your life is the thing that has given you such clarity for what is beautiful, and that it is your most intense wanderings upon the lowest paths that have made you so dedicated to your walk upon the highest ground. Your personal struggle has not broken you despite the wounds you nurse and the scars you bear. And more significantly, it has not hardened you against the world - though you may wish it had. But the fact is that you carry great powers which others greatly underestimate: an astonishing gentleness borne from compassion, and a patience for folly that only experience can gift. There is no denying the truth: Strength comes from loss. Strength comes from labor. Strength comes from facing your pain. But there is also no denying another truth: When you have conquered the beast within and made it your companion, there is simply nothing left outside of you to conquer at all.

XVIII the Moon

Pisces: XVIII The Moon

This month, you have the difficult task of seeing both sides of the situation. You know so clearly now what you love, what you lust, what you want. You also know so clearly what that is going to cost you. Your desire for keeping yourself safe is at war with your desire to truly live your life, and each time you convince yourself that change is worth the risk, you just as quickly grab back onto everything that holds you from it. That's the funny thing about evolution. The secret to getting it all is that you have to let go of it all first. There is where you are, and there is where you want to be, and in between is the void where everything loses its shape, its footing, and its surety. But it is that very stripping away of the known that is going to allow you to understand the shadowed truth of your unknown - and your wanderings across that mysterious expanse is where you will find every tool, every wisdom, and every future you crave. You keep saying you are hungry for your brilliant transformation. Sometimes you have to go into the darkness to find the light.



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