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October 2021 Tarotscopes

It's the first of the month, which can only mean one thing: your monthly Tarotscope has arrived!

Card Art by Biddy Tarot


Aries: King of Pentacles

 In your heart you want nothing more than to get things going and get things done. Your ideas light up your desires like candles, and your will feels like a torch that could light up the world - if only you could get ahold of a single match. But there are no matches right now, only pencil and paper and the need to plan. Despite the heat scorching your spirit with the urge to take action, this is instead a better time to plot your actions out - and then shelve them for just a little while longer. If you try to make things happen now, you will find yourself not just frustrated but most likely blocked, and you may miss your chance for real, long-term, lasting success. Because that is actually what this is all about. The fire in your veins is the pulsing power of creation. The ice in your world is the calculating power of preparation. And if you are pragmatic - and wise - enough to use both, you will gain absolutely everything. Soon.


Taurus: VIII Strength

 This month is not about physical dominance. It is about obtaining the emotional and spiritual clarity that then allows you to gently but surely influence everyone around you. By knowing your dark places fully you expose them to the light, and they can no longer exert their unpredictable control upon your life. Instead, this knowing brings you true spiritual compassion, empathy, and understanding. When you are so consciously connected to these inner truths, you are able to lead in the outer world with quiet strength and subtle, effective will. Therefore, the things you perceive to be your greatest weaknesses hold the key to your greatest strengths. You are strong, vibrant, and fearlessly alive when you gain the cohesive peace of knowing not just your comfortable aspects, but all sides of yourself.

Queen of Swords

Gemini: Queen of Swords

You want to express your love. You want to create your beauty. And this month, you are done waiting for anyone else's permission to do either. You are tired of seeking approval for your own power. You are sick of checking your own will to meet others' expectations. This isn't about ego. It is about ability, and personal truth, and - at last - clarity. With careful review, your mind is learning to understand your soul. You know without any more doubt that you want your open heart to command its rightful place in the world and for your vision to guide you, not fear. There is no more returning to the being you were before. You know yourself so well now that you will no longer bow to others but instead can walk unapologetically toward the destiny which is absolutely your own to claim.


Cancer: 4 of Cups

There is a lot of stuff right in front of you - things you've collected, things you've earned, things that have your attention, things to do, things that seem good enough or not good enough at all. Your gaze has settled on the obvious, and it is all you can think about. Well, it is time to break free. If you want what is over on the other side of the fence, then get complacency and resignation out of your way, wake up, and plug back into yourself and into the world. There is real opportunity opening up because this month you have the powerful combination of access to past experience and access to its value. Deep down, you have a sense of what the future can bring and a sense that your spirit agrees completely. Lift up your eyes from what you think you have and get ready to reach for what you are meant to have. A change in perspective can change everything.


Leo: XXI The World

What happens when you step up to your evolution? You get to walk through the gate into your next best thing. This month, take a deep breath, look around, and enjoy the view. You have accomplished more than you may realize, and it is time to awaken to that truth - and time to celebrate it. But don't just assume. Think of where you were six months ago, and see with opened eyes where you are standing today. Whether in spirit or form, you have made it to a new level, and you have connected your life to the world in a whole new way. You have gained soul understanding that there is no separation: Walking your path uplifts all paths. So embrace your past achievements with all your heart, and then continue forward to attain even more.

Knight of Pentacles

Virgo: Knight of Pentacles

There is a great difference between impulsivity and responsibility, and you are being asked to think carefully about that. This is about your soul asking you to do what is best for the long-term rather than feeding only the moment. Understand that if no one tends the here and now, there will be nothing to harvest later. You must come to terms with an inexplicably hard truth: Your place is in your own life. Let go of the intoxication of other and claim yourself. You are watching the people you know best ride off into their lives, and you want so much to be a part of the visions they seek - but listen carefully to that deep, quiet whisper that tells you to choose what is truly yours, that tells you to be responsible to your own path pulsing beneath your own feet. Growing is not always easy, but outgrowing can be even more difficult to accept. This month do not chase what you were. Stand in who you are.

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"What are we? Are we monkeys filled with art and chaos? Why are we like this? Why do I care so much about what happens to us if nothing lasts and impermanence is the only truth?"

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High Priestess

Libra: V The High Priestess

You may feel like the whole world is telling you to prioritize only the things it desires from you. But right now, you need to figure out what it is that you yourself desire. What you truly, really, actually want to do with your very sacred time. Stop worrying about if anyone else is going to like it and think about whether you do. It is up to you to look deeper and understand which parts are telling you to let go and which parts are telling you to dig in, which parts are obligation and which are love, which are the voices of others and which is the voice of your own true self. Yes, it feels like a war is being waged within your own inner spaces. But listen, and you will finally hear what your intuition has been whispering through the chaos: You already know.


Scorpio: Ace of Cups

This month, your head is sitting squarely in your heart. You understand clearly now that you cannot shove your loves away whenever tasks loom and jobs hover. Nor can you live forever in dreamy spaces where work is deemed impossible nonsense. Instead, you see that both must be intertwined like tangled nets, running waters caught in an eddy of living and laughing and confusion and - most importantly - joy. And it all makes perfect sense. There is not one path, or one way, or one life. There is instead an incomprehensible vessel, filled with soul and held by body, walking in wanderlust and trapped by common sense, pouring out self and also hiding it. Your head is not a trick. Neither is your heart. They are both divine offerings and human truths overflowing into this strange thing you attempt to decipher every day, even as you surrender to it. There is no simple answer. There is only the bliss of it all.

VI of Wands

Sagittarius: 6 of Wands

Current knowledge is always valuable, but right now there is so much to be gained by seeking out the wisdom of the past. A disdain for what was will only rob you of the victory of what can be. Embrace the deep-seated worth of your own history, and also honor the lessons of those who came before. It is no blow to your ego nor commentary on your strength to acknowledge that some possess perspective that you do not. They have earned their ability to lead and to triumph, and they can teach you to do the same. In fact, that is their duty, just as it will soon become yours. Your willingness to acknowledge both missteps and masteries will bring you everything you want - success, support, accomplishment, and vibrant recognition of your own unique, purposeful soul. Integrate experience, and the keys to upliftment are yours.


Capricorn: Queen of Wands

You are ready to get real about where your power lies. Even though you don't have it all figured out, even though you are still digging deep for answers, you know at least this one thing: You are you, and it is time to stop being anyone else. Yes, you see your imperfections - but you also see your abilities. You understand your limitations - but you also accept the authority you hold within your own life. This is the birth of the potential of all you have learned by having been so brutally honest with yourself. There is no longer fear around culling what does not work or banishing what does not serve. When authenticity finally arises from ash, there is nothing left to diminish your brilliant burning, and nothing left to suffocate your way. 


Aquarius: 2 of Swords

 This month brings about a push to realistically determine what you love, what you are authentically connected to, and if any of it just has to go. You've made innumerable choices about all of that for so long. Now is your chance for a last review before you fully move forward - and finally without tangled feet or bound hands. Yes, choosing one path destroys the other, but you find you are less afraid now of striking out clearly towards your own truth, and you are frustrated enough with the consequences of not choosing that destruction seems better than the status quo. Don't be rash, but don't postpone any longer. Get quiet and look within. Listen to the nagging intuitions and hunches that have been trying to guide you all along, only this time actually use them. As you work down through your decisions one by one, the load lifted from your shoulders will not just relieve you. It will free you.


Pisces: Knight of Swords

There is work to be done. But when you have so very much on your plate, small mistakes tend to crop up in the most inconvenient places. This month, take the pauses you need to proceed well. No, you won't suddenly find yourself with plenty of extra time to do it all the way you'd prefer, but by standing back to get a moment of clarity, you will at least get the chance to do what really needs to be done. And that's what it's about right now - not frills, not extras, but simply finishing the tasks at hand. So push down your frustration and keep your impatience under control. It is best to remember that for now, efficiency - and even accomplishment - will come from a clear head, not a rushing heart. Stop, and focus, and prioritize, and then, only after that, do. Winning isn't always about riding out into battle. Sometimes it is about having the will to reign everything in.



December 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Sagittarius: It is time to recognize your purpose, your beauty, and your strength.

image 3 Weiye Tan:Alex Grodkiewicz


"What are we? Are we monkeys filled with art and chaos? Why are we like this? Why do I care so much about what happens to us if nothing lasts and impermanence is the only truth?"

CVBakes_Aran Goyoaga_p280

Aran Goyoaga on Cultivating Love in the Kitchen + Meringue Cake with Roasted Apples From Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple

"Set a humble table and eat beautiful simple food. Nothing has to be fancy. When you make yourself comfortable, your guests will feel comfortable."


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