Podcast Scouting: On Beauty

If you, like us, are in need of a brief respite from the media and the deluge of seemingly toxic news updates check out these beauty podcasts for some reflection, insights and yes, levity.
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Image Credit: Brooke Fitts

Image Credit: Brooke Fitts

With all the noise and attention due outward these days, we're ready for a little solace and self-reflection — time spent inward, one may say. And while we are all for advocating heavy-hitting thought-provoking ideas and insights, sometimes (read: now) we need a bit of quiet refuge to indulge. 

The perfect guilty pleasure? A little beauty bit olistening. Did you know we spend over $445 billion globally on our appearance? Beauty plays a hugely substantial role in our daily life. Learning about products, services and treatments – both the science behind them and the brands in front – can be both entertaining and educational. Consider the following for an on-the-go beauty fix and mental moment of calm. 


Listen in as two seasoned beauty editors (Jill and Carlene) reveal cool backstories of breakthrough beauty products. They teach us which ones to clamor (and why!) and divulge what to leave on the shelf. Each month the hosts interview fabulous creators and masterminds of beauty brands to learn how they broke into the business and what led to their success. Their mid-month series, The Glow Down, is not to be missed! Here they feature industry insiders who shed great insight on products and beauty itself. The most recent conversation, about the ever-confusing and often misused SPF, is oh-so relevant to protect our skin and selves. Enjoy episode 28 here: The Glow Down Hits The Road: Debunking Myths and Serving Truths about Daily Sun Damage.

If the business of beauty is more your thing, you may love the interview with Emily Weiss. In addition to founder and CEO of Glossier (launched in 2015), she’s one of 2017 Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40. Enjoy episode 11 here.


Two extraordinarily well-versed beauty editors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, will captivate you with their knowledge and curiosity. Being affiliated with the best of the best – beauty industry leaders, makeup artists, perfumers, plastics surgeons, and more – lends itself to bringing you the latest news and access to cool beauty adventures. Enjoy here.

If business advice interests you, definitely give a listen to episode 71 with Marcia Kilgore. Marcia launched the spa, skincare and beauty brand Bliss, is the ultimate beauty entrepreneurial woman from whom we can all learn.


The Beauty Brains is one of the more unique beauty podcasts. For starters, it is hosted by two male cosmetic chemists, Randy Schuller and Perry Romanowski. Together, they address the questions you’ve always had about beauty and provide insight about the barrage of confusing, misleading and often false claims associated with products and services. They are not swayed by pop culture, although they do answer listener’s questions such as: “Should you buy organic Botox from Kim Kardashian?” While their focus is on scientific facts, the podcast is engaging, compelling and done right. Join them here as they address bee venom as an anti-aging ingredient.

·If you are a skincare enthusiast you may enjoy episode 92 during which the scientists discuss whether (and to what degree) ingredients penetrate the skin and what this means for overall wellness.


Two friends obsessed with beauty who are down-to-earth and incredibly witty. Forever 35 covers everything to educate and entertain about beauty and wellness. Want to hear friends chat about sheet masks, serums, exercise, nutrition, cleanses, yoga and meditation? Perhaps also interviews with actors/comedians/writers? Then this newcomer – the podcast launched in January – is the one to try. Enjoy your first episode here.

If you prefer quick clips, you may enjoy the mini-episodes. May we suggest episode 35 where they discuss resolving facial hair, the many facets of lip products and overall self-care.


As entertaining as it is informative, pro makeup artist Harriet Hadfield and her beauty junkie sidekick, Lindsey Kelk, gossip about new products and cult favorites. They debate everything from the merits of injectables to the lure of packaging to ageism and the lack of diversity in the beauty industry. And one we love: how beauty fits into the life of a feminist. Whether alone or interviewing experts, this British duo present with amusing banter. Catch the latest here.

If it's your first round with Full Coverage, try the interview with Dr. Murad, a skincare pioneer who has been in the industry for over 25 years ago. It's a great one.



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