September Tarotscopes

It's the first of the month, which can only mean one thing: resident insights and tarot guru, Rory McMahan, is here with our Tarotscopes for September.
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Aries: IV The Emperor

It is finally happening. You are becoming completely, beautifully yourself. And this becoming is even more profound because it is not based on some version of success or some vision of achievement. It is based on the awareness that, somehow, you are comfortable with who you are in your very own skin. You find yourself caught this month in moments of contentment, and satisfaction, and a kind of peaceful self-confidence. No matter what point you are at in your climb through the physical world, your spirit is finally getting the hang of being just who you are each and every day. You have reached the invaluable understanding that you truly can create anything you set your mind to creating - but that you also need to do the work to get there. That combination makes you virtually unstoppable in this life, especially while this lovely dose of equanimity is pouring through you too, so don’t waste time doubting how good you feel about yourself or this path you have stepped up to walking. Whatever you’ve been wanting to build, it is time to build it, because the best foundation possible is finally in place - you.

Taurus: 9 of Wands

Life has been a bit of a burden lately. Okay, a lot of one. Just when you think you’ve reached the end of your obligations, you find out there’s a few more small things to wrap up, a few more pieces to push through. And you’re exhausted. It’s all enough to make you forget that at one point not so long ago, those obligations were your deepest dreams, and you were convinced that those tasks were surely taking you somewhere good. Guess what? They still are. It’s just hard to see it through the seemingly endless place of survival you’ve been working from. Well, get ready for everything to change. You weren’t crazy for chasing your visions at all, and all of your plans really have been worth pursuing. This is not the time to give up - it is the time to hold on tighter than ever and to just keep going. The light is about to start pouring through the walls and illuminating the truth of where you now stand in your life, and far from exposing failure, you are going to realize it has all been completely, unequivocally worth every step you’ve made yourself take to succeed.

Gemini: XVIII The Moon

There is a mystery present in your sense of self this month, and you are not quite sure if you want to discover what it is. You are a bit afraid that if you allow yourself to drift off of the path of reason, only madness could be waiting on the other side. But what if, instead of chaos, you found a peace like you have never before been able to achieve? What if your quest for outward human resolution is an illusion, and it is actually the intangible flow of you inner world that holds the keys to your healing? What if you decided to believe in not just facets of yourself but in all of yourself? It is time to stop trying to fix the mist before you and simply enter it. You have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, an open gate, and guides that will tell you how to find where you want to go. But no one else can lead you through these shadowy silver places that are before you now because only you can give permission for them to exist at all. Stop holding yourself back and let yourself step into the unknown, into the uncontrollable, into the inside of your soul. You won’t drown. You will become whole.

Cancer: 9 of Swords

Your worry is real - because it is really holding you back. Your loss of a sense of trust, of security, and of recognizable terrain over the past few months is genuine enough, but it has now been allowed to become a pattern of perception for you overall, and the time has come to break those negative chains and transform them rather than have them continue to taint your mind with pessimism and ongoing fear. Get serious with yourself about recognizing what is at the root of your anxiety and stop living in the symptomatic manifestations of it. Yes, you have a couple of things to clear out of your heart and soul, but certainly not as many things as you’re telling yourself you do - and it certainly isn’t a hopeless task to unwind the tangle you think you’re in. Because it’s not so much a tangle as a single knot causing all this angst, and once you locate it, you are going to have much less struggle untying it than you thought. This month, it isn’t a platitude - things really are not as bad as you imagine they are. So pull out of your imagination and get back to living in the actual good of your world.

Leo: Queen of Pentacles

This month, you learn the beauty of being soft in the midst of physicality. You comprehend so easily the value of using your fire for success and for visibility, but it’s time to flow with the warmth that also allows you to relax and enjoy the immense fruits of your labor. You have earned the right to rest amongst your bounty, to appreciate what you have brought into form all around you. The blessings of your life right now are not stolen goods - they are truly yours, brought forth by your trust in yourself and by the intentional work you have been doing every day. So rather than hiding your abundances away in fear of lack, share all you can with the community around you in faith of plenty. Accept that prosperity is scattered at your feet like seed in fertile soil and is blooming into blissfulness like flowers in your hair. Know that the riches you possess transcend the coins in your hand and are capable of transforming the very connections in your world. Because you understand what riches really are, and you understand there is no limit ever to making these kinds of riches grow.

Virgo: II The High Priestess

Go ahead and put yourself on a pedestal this month. If you won’t do it, who will? But in actuality, more people than you know already have you up there, and you are going to find that over the next bit of time you seem to have an uncanny ability to understand not just how to organize people’s lives so they really work but also to reveal their souls so they really live. Don’t be afraid to use the intuitive hits that are going to be coming at you so frequently now as guiding wisdom for the navigations you are asked to make, both for yourself and for others. Paying attention to your gut feelings may seem like an inane thing to put on your usually very pragmatic priority list, but doing so is going to shift things from good to sacred and from interesting to profound. You’ve been seeking spiritual truth beneath the layers of this mundane world for ages, and you have access to the other side at last. You really can see things that others can’t at the moment. Use that knowing instead of pushing it down.

Libra: 3 of Swords

You are not alone. Tough times can either make you tough or they can make you tender, and the way to stay tender is to remember that you are connected to a circle that is keeping you close, that knows how you feel because being human is a shared experience, and that won’t let you down because you are worth holding up, no matter what. Don’t let the realities of living on this planet keep you from living your soul. You know what beauty truly is, and it is because you are willing to accept the struggle that sometimes comes alongside embracing it. The hurt that sometimes emerges from an open heart. The scrapes and wounds that happen when you get close enough to actually touch what you love. It can be so tempting to shut everyone out when those harder moments come, but if you do, you won’t be you. Your hunger for bliss is embedded in your core, and not because you are being punished but because for you it is possible. Turning away from that belief will not bring you the relief you think it will, but turning towards the compassion around you will heal you - and shift everything.

Scorpio: King of Cups:

It is time to stop holding back. It is time to stop reigning in. It is time to look at yourself, look at the world around you, and understand that no one else can live this life the way you can and that you are going to live it the way that only you can. This month brings you the gift of knowing who you are - and also the gift of not just accepting it but being it. Your heart may be sore and your spirit may be hesitant, but your soul absolutely knows the way forward on your path, and if you connect with the universe instead of drowning in the details, you are going to be able to access that sacred knowing too. You have earned your place here - even though there was never a requirement to prove anything - and you have demonstrated over and over again that you are fiercely kind, and fiercely deep, and fiercely capable of unwavering support for those you love. This month, look in the mirror and pour all of that truth out on your own self too. Let it fill your own heart just like it fills the hearts of all those fortunate enough to be in your realm. You will soon discover that rather than depleting what you have to offer humanity’s ocean, such an act will allow you to replenish everything more than ever could before.

Sagittarius: 10 of Wands

It’s hard to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, especially when you started off so willing to help but now find you are bearing it all alone. Or seemingly all alone. Do not let your natural optimism fade under the less-than-pretty perceptions that are trying to take hold within you this month. It has been necessary to keep your head down so that you could stay focused on the tasks at hand, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to keep it down forever - and it doesn’t mean that everyone has forgotten about you while you do. In fact, so many of those around you are caught in the same place, doing what needs to be done and sacrificing fun and community because of it, and so many of those around you feel the same way you do about the apparent isolation it has caused. Be assured that your singular work is connected to a web of singular work, and soon all the threads will come together to create a remarkable tapestry that strengthens every connection for everyone like never before - but first each strand must be gathered, and cleaned, and spun, and dyed, and cut. Continue to do your tasks well, and trust that you are almost to the end of your list. Trust that no one is abandoning you. The world is patiently waiting for you with open arms no matter when you arrive.

Capricorn: Queen of Cups

It’s not as hard to be respectable with an open heart as you thought. You are discovering that your caring side does not have to live in a constant state of war with your pragmatic one, and the potential for a calmer life because of it is real. It really is possible to believe is spirit and form at the same time. It really is possible to live in a world of hope as well as a world of practicality. In fact, you are now understanding that holding those dual spaces makes you uniquely qualified to actually make things change. Unlike the dreamers out there, you know how to put a plan in place and follow it through to its almost-always successful end - as well as how to do every bit of work in between. Now that you are comprehending the power of joining the best of your body and soul together, you truly can alter everything. Whether deciphering bureaucracy to win your best friend’s right to healthcare or constructing a net-zero recycling plant for an entire country in need, you can actually do something about it. This month, bliss out on that.

Aquarius: 6 of Cups

This month, it’s okay to be a little bit sentimental. It’ just fine to drift off into memory of how things were, of who was there with you, and of the happinesses that filled your heart back then. But make sure you are also a little bit careful about not living there full time. You need to walk a delicate line right now between appreciating that your past has made you who you are and not allowing it to dictate who you are going to be. The experiences and paths you have collected hold wisdom and beauty, but they don’t hold your future. It’s an excellent time to pull out the scrapbooks - or even better, make some - but maybe not the best time to in reality reconnect with that questionable person you knew long ago. These rose-colored glasses of nostalgia will have you forgetting why you wanted them out of your life in the first place, and one of the best gifts of the past are the lessons you learned, not the circumstances that taught them.

Pisces: King of Pentacles

Are you willing to finally trust that life is good? You are not imagining the security you have growing and blooming all around you, the fruit hanging from the trees and the bounty that surrounds. The intentions you have been putting in place for so long now are manifesting into form, and it can be almost overwhelming to see it everywhere around you with your very own eyes. Your only task amongst this abundance is to make it a foundation for not just you but for everyone. Use your new cognizance of how much you have to feed your empathy for those who don’t, and fairly as well as compassionately put your ability to allocate resources to work building a better way ahead. Whether helping a friend or helping a community, you totally get what the real gift of having enough is - and by sharing it, you receive a profound soul contentment that is often accessed through the material world but which is never matched by it.



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