The Fold's Best Of 2020 (And That's A Wrap On This Year)

It's been a year, hasn't it? As we usher in the next year (couldn't come soon enough) here are a few of the conversations with women we loved—actually, can we just say we loved every article we published in 2020?
Candle Light #22, Sumi Ink on watercolor paper, from "A Candle a Day" exhibition featuring Veronique Gambier

Candle Light #22, Sumi Ink on watercolor paper, from "A Candle a Day" exhibition featuring Veronique Gambier

Sending love and light to our phenomenal, supportive community this holiday season—we hope it is time filled with joy and redemption, as is the new year. Thank you for making our work worthwhile and for meeting us here each week. 

Navigating all this year threw at us was trying at best, but we read, we watched, we got outside, we listened and learned. We found sanity-savers, moments of grace, and glimmers of hope throughout. It was the best we could do, and it was enough. 

We have lots in store for 2021 and look forward to moving forward as a collective to connect and uplift each other. So until then, here are some highlights of all we covered this year: 

On Lessons Learned

On Cultivating Gratitude (Yes, Even Right Now)
"The way I interpret this is that gratitude isn’t for the faint of heart. When we are in scarcity about time, money or personal space, gratitude seems hard to grasp. Like the word origin, it is a weight—one that feels too heavy to bear in a weakened, anemic state." READ MORE 

A Conversation With Fanny Singer About Her Mother-Daughter Memoir, Always Home 
"Care and beauty become interchangeable, and gives beauty back the fullness of its meaning—that it does mean care. People always ask me how we have such an amazing relationship, and it’s because she was constantly telling me that she loved me in a myriad of ways. And I think probably the most essential thing to know as a kid is just unconditional love." READ MORE

What We Spend Is What We Are (And We Were In Trouble Even Before Covid)
"I work with them every day, but I still hate numbers. And, I especially hate them right now. At home with my three children, trying to work and generally just keep my head straight in the middle of a crisis. If my brain felt like mush before, it really does now. But, for better or worse, numbers can help us to better understand how we got here. They can also help us to better understand how we’ll cope once the crisis has passed." READ MORE

"Late Bloomers": A New Series On Honoring Your Stride
"In the dark weeds of denial, I didn’t want to become that version of myself, but I couldn’t envision how to move forward to do what really I wanted. I was stuck. At the time, creating change in my life felt like fumbling in the dark, feeling for a glimmer of brightness, a gut feeling, a heart opening. In hindsight, I can now see there was a nice clean thread running through my story the entire time." READ MORE 

Bread & Guitars: How Covid Pursuits Are Improving Our Work
"That ick we feel, when we tell ourselves we must take the call or take the job, is because we have constricted ourselves. We have allowed ourselves, by abdicating our voice and our choices, to become less. Maybe during COVID you have taken up the guitar, or gardening. Or you’ve gone back to reading. Or you eat lunch together everyday as a family. Or maybe you’re baking sourdough bread. How do you feel in these pursuits?" READ MORE

On Taking A Stand

A Day In The Life Of Local Politician Kirsten Harris-Talley 
"I do feel optimistic. I believe in our neighbors and the power of activism and the clarity we have now. I have always been activist. I have seen mutual aid pop up in this community, and I have seen good policies to support mutual aid to create lasting programs. We have been so resilient—I know we can be on the other side of this. It is going to take listening and holding space for each other, and I truly believe it is possible." READ MORE

A Conversation With The Founder Of Nourish, Michaela Ayers
"I do think this moment is different. I do believe that people are willing to engage on a deeper level while acknowledging that anti-racism is a lifelong journey. We are tasked at dismantling systems that have existed for centuries in this country. It is a marathon, not a sprint." READ MORE

The Woman Behind: Jessica Yellin, The Author Of Savage News & The Voice Of #NewsNotNoise
"It’s my job to decipher the news so I can tell you here’s what matters, here’s what you need to know and why, and make it clean. And then that gives you permission to turn off the notifications, not check Twitter so obsessively, to go about your day and still be informed. I think one of the challenges of our environment is so much information coming at us is overwhelming. The danger is getting too amped up over everything or tuning it all out." READ MORE

"We Are The Radical Monarchs" Is The Film We All Need Right Now: A Conversation With Director, Linda Goldstein Knowlton
"No surprise, it's inspiring, but it's also a much-needed reminder of the resilience and brilliance that can be instilled in young women when they are given opportunities guided by awareness and activism, and rooted in love." READ MORE

Hamdi Mohamed On How To Take Action On Black Women's Equal Pay Day 
"In my own experience, I have been paid less than a white female colleague, in a job where I was tasked with even more work. I had to learn to advocate for myself and address the issue with my supervisors head-on. Self-advocacy has become a mechanism of survival for so many Black women in the workforce, because American companies, nonprofits, and institutions systematically undervalue our work." READ MORE

On Celebrating Personal Style

Single Women & Their Spaces: Solonje Burnett's Beautiful Brooklyn Abode
"When I walk into my place I feel relief and freedom to be authentically me. I want people to feel a sense of belonging. When most people come in for the first time they usually say something about the positive warm energy they feel. I love hearing that and want vibe to last. If invited to my space you can dance, smoke, nap, laugh, cry, eat, and feel the full spectrum of connection." READ MORE

7 Fold Women On How Their Beauty Routines Have Changed In Quarantine
"I didn’t really wear make up before other than mascara. Definitely miss wearing mascara! But yeah, sprinkle in the occasional face roller, collagen drink, and hand mask and I feel pretty good about coming out of my cocoon." READ MORE

Meet MINNA Founder & Shop Owner, Sara Berks
"I think it’s important to acknowledge the roots where someone comes from when talking about work. Being queer informed a lot of my life decisions and the way I interact with the world and build relationships. It felt natural to me that it would also impact the way I think about work and business." READ MORE 

Single Women & Their Spaces: Jen Patterson's Art-Filled Midcentury Home  
"I think I try to ride the line between intentionality—where everything has its place—and a relaxed sensibility. In my coaching studio I bought a fuzzy rug because I wanted people to be inspired to take their shoes off and be comfortable. I'm very sensitive to spaces. I always want to be in ease and flow and meaning so I am constantly weeding out what's no longer necessary and rearranging to bring forward something that is calling." READ MORE 

Single Women & Their Spaces: Robin Reetz's Brooklyn Apartment
"I like to remind myself that in our behavior, actions, and the way we treat others, we are constantly telling people who we are and what we want. That sentiment extends to what we wear and how our homes look, and I think my home fits my aesthetic and outlook on life in general very well. I've worked hard to clear my own mental and emotional clutter, and I like to think my space now represents that same thing." READ MORE 

On Women In The Arts

Krista Scenna, Curator and Owner of Ground Floor Gallery, on Life in the Arts, Small Business Ownership and Motherhood
"Yes, I’m a small business owner but I’m also a black woman, a mother, and, generally, a concerned citizen with a deep respect for humanity and this gift of life. I am beyond angry, frustrated, and exhausted by the same headlines and videos of violent, racist police officers killing black people. So many lives taken so viciously and senselessly - with complete disregard for an oath to “protect and serve” - cannot be replaced. Property can always be rebuilt." READ MORE

"It's Raining...I Love You: Self-Portraits" Photographers on Their Book and The 20+ Year Relationship That Served As Its Inspiration
These self-portraits are important to me because the process of making them 21 years ago shaped who I am as an artist and photographer today. It made me realize the power and vulnerability involved in sitting in front of a camera and staring directly into the lens and how a collaboration between subject and photographer can become empowering and revolutionary." READ MORE 

Latinx Art Accounts To Support & Follow On Instagram Right Now
"Art has the ability to give hope, transform, and lead to action. In 2019, we had the pleasure of sharing Hispanic artists to follow on Instagram. This year we’re sharing some accounts that will take you on journeys through Latinx art and culture, adding some inspiration to your feed. Let’s be celebrated, not denigrated. You may see some work and imagery you are already familiar with and you will also discover new paths." READ MORE

The Latinidad Of It
"I am going to be embarrassingly honest with you, the moment Shakira appeared the television, I began to tear up. Growing up, I could never have imagined someone from my culture on a mainstream American stage like the Super Bowl. She belted out hit after hit, played the guitar, and gave us her signature shimmies. My husband turned to me and asked, “Are your beaming with Colombian pride?” As I tearingly nodded yes, he said, “So am I,” READ MORE


Adam and Tab copy

Raising Kids Who Are Actively Anti-Racist: Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs and Adam St. Bernard Jacobs Are Teaching Us How

"We’re both intentional about centering our parenting around justice and creativity and are also big believers in always being a work in progress."


June 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Gemini: This month, stop putting off that choice you've been faced with and get to work figuring out what to actually do.

Round 4 teaser 1

A Conversation with Create To Stop Hate Founder and Artist, Janel Foo

"I’m proud of having a place for people that are looking for a way to support the AAPI community to come to get information and discover our huge community of artists, and I’m just proud of building this initiative that started as such a small, simple idea."


Youn Chang, Founder of OJOOK, On The Natural Beauty Hype, Why You Need Fewer Products Than You Think, And Her Minimal Beauty (and Makeup) Routines

"Refusing to buy something you don’t need and using everything you already own are the most impactful environmental acts."


Sleep: Uncovered - Zen Mamas Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen on sleeping, dreaming, and wind-down rituals while pregnant and postpartum

Zen Mama founders, actresses, and entrepreneurs Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen share what its like to sleep, dream, and how to find that elusive rest while pregnant with littles underfoot.


May 2021 Tarotscopes

Dear Taurus: Sometimes disagreement brings out the worst in people, but this month it is the impetus for real change - not because you engage in the head-butting but because it motivates you to actually do something about what's causing it.


Child's Pose: How To Become A Learner

"So how to become a Learner at work? Stop identifying by our skillsets, for starters. It is our being – our perspective and creativity – that is most valuable."

Digital Dinner Party Eventbrite Graphic

You're Invited: Join Us for a Digital Dinner Party Benefiting Nourish!

Anti-racism is a state of being, and more importantly, a state of doing. So, what are you doing?