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The Stellar Fold: August's Astro-Wellness Insights

Get your wellness-scope for August 2017 from our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing.
All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

Here's the big theme and message for August 2017: trust that clarity will emerge from unclarity. Find the beauty within obscurity. Below are several key astrological alignments that occur this month and the inspirations they may yield, personally and collectively. The date noted is when the celestial event occurs, yet its influence may be felt days before and after. Scroll further to find the specific horoscope for your sign. 

August 2

Uranus: Stations Retrograde

Let yourself be surprised as the landscape shifts out of the blue. Courage bursts forth. Shake-ups and shake-outs occur.

August 7

Aquarius Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)

Be generous with others. Art can spark social change. There is a focus on balancing the individual and the collective and maintaining the dignity of the group.

August 12 

Mercury Retrograde begins (and continues through September 5)

Look to insights from the past. Open to your intuition. See things from a different angle. Go slow, and see what’s revealed in stillness.

August 21

Leo New Moon (Solar Eclipse)

Let love rule. Don’t let pride get in your way. Make your life more colorful. Invite in more art, heart and beauty.

August 25

Saturn: Stations Direct

Respect the rules. Be responsible for your beliefs. Evaluate the integrity of the foundation. Question whether something has solid bones.

Scroll down to get more personalized guidance to help you better navigate the opportunities and challenges that August may offer. In addition to reading your Sun sign, you should check out the horoscope for your Rising Sign. Also called the Ascendant, your Rising Sign offers an important reflection on how you navigate your life, describing some of the unique aspects of your personality.

(Not sure what your Rising Sign is? For the months of July and August, Stephanie will calculate it for free. Just send her an email with your birthday, year of birth, city/state/country of birth, and exact birth time. Or go to to cast your own personal astrology chart, which will show you your Rising Sign.)


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

It wouldn’t be surprising if you felt a surge of surprises emerge as the month begins. And don’t be shocked if it’s actually you that does some of the shocking, finding yourself imbued with the desire to shake things up. See how stepping out of a usual pattern related to the way you express yourself can be exceptionally liberating, and a great overall experience. It’s a time when you may find yourself wanting to change the narrative on the ways in which you orient towards life. This awareness may be pivotal to relationship opportunities that arise at the end of next month.

As we head towards the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th, you could find yourself reminded of how contributing to a community project really lights you up. A desire to feel part of something larger than yourself, while at the same time maintaining your individual self-agency, may be the canvas upon which you find yourself focusing your attention. While it may seem tricky, remember that it’s possible to be at once part of a group and yet not feel your individuality is subsumed by it.

As the Solar Eclipse approaches on the 21st, consider what has been getting in the way of expressing your creative side. From there, set a goal of surrendering what has been keeping your spontaneity stifled, restricting your ability to more fully radiate confidence and joy. You may then find that your heart can further blossom, allowing you to orient from an even greater place of love and generosity moving forward.

Wellness tip: Use Indian Paintbrush flower essence to find a more grounded connection to the artist within you.

Ask yourself: If I looked at my life as a work of art, how would that change how I live?

Be mindful of…all the things, large and small, that light up your heart.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Figuring out how to balance your home and work life may be on your mind during the first week of the month. While this may be a question you’ve grappled with before, insights received through quiet contemplation — whether when you’re meditating, taking a walk or mindfully cooking a meal — may give you a new way of rejigging how you spend your time and energy.

Mid-month, you may be presented with situations that have you sensing that something valuable is residing just below the surface, a bit obscured from your regular line of sight. Honor an urge to suss out secrets, solve mysteries and/or dig deeper into the motivations that underlie a friend or lover’s communication. Newfound awareness may lead to a heightened sense of possibilities, which may help to transform how you go about your day-to-day routines.

What or who makes you feel like you are on terra firma, that unwavering sense of being both protected and nurtured? This question may percolate throughout the month and will likely come into greater focus around the Solar Eclipse on the 21st. Consider what you need to create — whether related to your abode, your family or your emotional life — to forge a foundation that nourishes you and has you feeling more at home in your own skin. Doing so may lead to some shake-ups in how you perceive the value of certain things, which may be key to structuring the progress upon which you are embarking.

Wellness tip: See if using more natural household cleaners makes a difference in how your house feels…and how you feel.

Ask yourself: Who and what really nurtures me?

Be mindful of…any jealousies you have and how they lead you to act in ways that aren’t truly aligned with your heart.


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

You know that subject that has piqued your curiosity for a while? The first week of August may hand-deliver you resources that allow you to further explore this arena’s terrain. Look for a blast of unanticipated information — whether in your Instagram stream or a coalition of people with whom you’re involved — for this surprise 411 treasure trove.

As the second weekend of August arrives, be exceptionally mindful about your communications, watching any impatience you have in gathering information or broadcasting your message. For the rest of the month, surveying the past — notably when it comes to family discussions, perceptions you’ve held about a parent and/or decisions you’ve made related to your home — can be a valuable exercise. It can allow you to gain a newfound perspective that will be invaluable when you move forward with a decision early next month.

Speaking of looking back, as the Solar Eclipse approaches on the 21st, turn your attention back to the end of July. Consider what awareness came upon your radar related to refining your ability to communicate as well as educate others (and/or yourself). Survey the last four weeks, inventorying communications strategies that you’ve since realized aren’t really that strategic and need to be transformed. Then, the day of the Eclipse, get out your journal, and make an Education Declaration: a statement that captures your vision of how you want to transform your ability to inform and inspire people, in a way that feels more creative and heart-centered.

Wellness tip: Use rosemary essential oil for its mind-brightening qualities.

Ask yourself: What do I want to know more about?

Be mindful of…what it feels like when your curiosity is satisfied.


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

There are some things that we are confidently able to do on our own, while other things are more readily undertaken with the participation of another. Sometimes partnering with someone actually enhances how productive we feel, while at other times, it may seem to reduce how capable we perceive ourselves to be. With the Lunar Eclipse illuminating the sky on the 7th, you may get even more clarity when it comes to this dance between “I’ll go it alone” and “I’ll go it with you,” seeing new ways of balancing one and the other.

As Mercury begins its retrograde path on the 12th, the theme of gathering may catch your attention. This could be related to how you gather information, how you gather with others and/or the neighborhood spots at which you or others like to gather. Regardless of how the gathering theme plays out for you, through the end of August, open your mind to new approaches.

The theme of wealth may weave itself throughout your month. How can you feel like you are aligning to a greater sense of worth, realizing that you have amassed more assets than you usually give yourself credit for? Don’t necessarily limit your vision of your value to your bank account; instead, also take into consideration the skills, talents and gifts that you have, remembering that they have enormous worth. This arena — an enhanced sense of feeling rich, within and without — is something that will continue to grow as the Solar Eclipse on the 21st ushers in a new cycle of your life.

Wellness tip: Buttercup flower essence can enhance your ability to see your inner value.

Ask yourself: What does it mean to live a life of richness?

Be mindful of…whether different relationships leave you in the black or the red when it comes to your emotional balance statement.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

While August is usually a month in which you radiantly shine, this year it offers even greater possibilities, given that there are two Eclipses occurring. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to get some powerful awareness that may shift the course of your life. And while you may not necessarily know exactly how things are going to unfold, have trust in your feelings that a sea change is occurring. Don’t be afraid to be honest, notably with yourself, giving voice to parts of you that may usually be kept in the shadows.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th highlights a time when relationship awareness may be on the upswing. Reflect upon how courage and confidence have played a role in bolstering partnerships, or alternatively how their deficit may have detoured you. Set pride aside as you survey this field, knowing that the insights that arise can help you design more fulfilling relationships in the future.

Celebrate on the 21st — it’s a time when a whole new you is getting ready to emerge. With a Solar Eclipse featuring the Sun and Moon in your sign, this celestial event marks a significant opportunity to revamp the way in which you steer your life. Revel in the possibility of being able to reframe your approach, how you orient to the world around you and the way in which you express yourself. Feel into how you want to redirect your path, allowing the quiet wisdom that resides within you to inform your vision.

Wellness tip: Frolic, have fun and be silly. Let your inner child come out to play.

Ask yourself: How do I want to change the way that I move through the world?

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Be mindful of…not letting your pride get in the way of expressing your feelings.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22) 

If you’ve been looking to overhaul your wellness approach, the days around the 12th may offer you important insights. Yet, take what you learn as preliminary information that can serve as a springboard for further discovery. The next four weeks offer you the opportunity to redefine what well-being means and access ways that you can experience it on an even greater level. With today’s fresh eyes, look to approaches you considered in the past to discover some powerful, yet overlooked, self-care strategies.

How can you live more soulfully? How would weaving more numinosity into your life leave you feeling more enriched? How can you tap into a deeper level of intuitive knowingness? Throughout the month, ask these questions of yourself before you go to sleep and see what answers your dreams yield. Also, do this self-inquiry when you’re spending some peaceful time alone during the day. Then, take what emerges from these exercises of tapping into a deeper level of awareness and have it inform any intention-setting rituals that you do on the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.

If you’re wrestling with worry during the last week of August, don’t let it spiral by keeping it swirling inside. Find an outlet to let it out and express it. Whether it’s sharing your apprehension with a friend, writing about your concerns in your journal or going for a mind-clearing walk in nature, giving it voice may help to alchemize the anxiety into mindful awareness.

Wellness tip: Practice walking meditation.

Ask yourself: What is meant by the Shakespearean phrase “We are the stuff that dreams are made on?”

Be mindful of…the power of your unconscious.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The continual redefining of relationships may be a hot topic as August begins. See how you can reframe any fears that have kept you from owning more of your power; doing so may shift the landscape of personal dynamics in such a way that has you feeling more optimistic. This can also help you better see how you’re able to band together with like-minded people to create something that not only has social value, but also can provide you with a new creative canvas.

Mid-month, the theme of trustworthiness may seem to rise from out of nowhere, serving as great fodder for growth. Reflect upon your personal style of trust: what it means to you, how someone earns your trust and how the infusion of trust transforms a relationship dynamic. Also, consider how trust and respect dance together and whether you can have one without the other. All the while, don your detective hat, notably at work, to be on the lookout for how hidden motivations that may be influencing the way that an accomplishment is pursued.

As you’ve been defining your approach to life since last fall, you’ve likely been evaluating many realms of life to see how they may make contributions to the journey you’re embarking upon. This month, turn your attention to the arena of group activities, even just positing in your mind the possibility that collective projects may be an enriching and value-adding aspect of your life moving forward. Then, as the Solar Eclipse arrives on the 21st, connect to a sense of confidence that your ideals for making the world a better place will continue to become more and more of a reality.

Wellness tip: Try Scarlet Monkeyflower essence for encouraging clearer communication of your deep feelings.

Ask yourself: How can I help make the world a better place?

Be mindful of…what it feels like in your body when you trust someone.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Going below the surface is part of your personal calling card. You go deep, probe and uncover truths that others often don’t even believe exist. Starting at the beginning of the month, yet prevailing throughout August, you may learn even more about your suss-out-the-secrets superpowers. Thinking back, reflect upon how a deeper level of inner trust has emerged since November and what you’ve been able to unearth about how you can live more passionately and with less fear.

If you’ve been feeling unsatisfied with your money-making potential, look to the middle of the month for an opportunity to better understand how to transform this realm of your life. The path to discovery may involve a hard-felt look at unconscious thoughts that keep you detached from embracing, and fighting for, your true value. Chat with friends about finances and see if what they share stokes any Aha! moments for you. Reading an article or book that explores psychology and money could also be very worthwhile.

The question of feeling compensated, notably in your work, may continue to thread itself through the rest of the month. Yet, this is just one facet of a host of questions related to your career, including how you’re feeling about it and whether it strikes a deep chord in you that leaves you feeling as generative as possible. Hone in on your feelings about what feels good…and what would feel better. And then use whatever you see to set your sights upon new career goals that you can embark upon after the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.

Wellness tip: Mimulus flower essence can help you move through fears, notably ones that you can identify.

Ask yourself: What would have me feel more fulfilled in my career?

Be mindful of…unconscious thought patterns that keep you from feeling your full worth.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

As August begins, one of the best ways to look forward is to look back, particularly to the time since mid-November. Consider how connections with those who share your visions and interests have helped you feel more equipped to push past limitations that you’ve come up against. Also reflect upon how technology may have allowed you to tap into your talents or discover something that’s now adding greater value to your life. What you’ve learned isn’t just limited to these past seasons, but can serve as fodder for growth in early August and beyond.

Sagittarius are generally people who see the upside of (and great possibility inherent in) things. This is a gorgeous quality, and your optimism and energy can rub off on the people around you. That said, just watch mid-month that your expectations of friends and lovers is realistic and that your half-glass-full view of them doesn’t leave you disappointed. Brush off your “over-promise/under-deliver” detector, so you’re not left in the lurch by someone’s inability to deliver something you valued and upon which you were counting.

As the zodiac’s pre-eminent explorer, the topic of travel and adventure is something that is close to your heart. And so, as the third week of August approaches, and the collective attention is turned to the Solar Eclipse on the 21st, think about the voyages you want to make in the coming months. Consider the ways in which you want to expand your world, the sites you want to see and/or the greater understanding that you seek. Then use these reflections to help you design the journey that you’re about to embark upon in the coming months.

Wellness tip: Add an exfoliator to your skincare routine to help your skin regenerate and shine.

Ask yourself: What new landscape do I want to explore?

Be mindful of…whether you truly believe people will be good on their promise or you just hope that they will.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Sometimes even when it’s us that has initiated a fresh start in our lives, we can find ourselves a bit rattled by the uncertainty that seems to come in the wake of change. So, if during the first week of August you’re feeling unsettled by any shake-ups occurring around you, even by those that were self-generated, don’t forget that that’s normal.

Mid-month offers a good time to begin to review your goals once again. Here’s a strategy to help you refine them so that you can propel forward with greater alignment: survey the past to check back in on aspirations that were elemental to the younger you. (If you’ve kept journals, going back over them may offer a treasure trove of insight.) Then, see whether any of these ambitions still resonate and/or help fill in some gaps, giving you more clarity as to the direction towards which you want to aim.

Have you been wanting to expand your emotional capacity so that you’re able to more readily plumb your own feelings, as well as help others do the same? If so, you’ll be happy to know that this realm of your life may take on new ground, notably after the Solar Eclipse on the 21st. One way to get there is to look to see if — and how — you’ve become your own emotional worst enemy. Better seeing the ways in which you sabotage and/or undercut yourself can help you gain a lot of personal freedom, giving you the keys to live an even richer life.

Wellness tip: Go on a trampoline, skip rope, do jumping jacks or try any other exercise that leaves you feeling bouncy.

Ask yourself: How can I make myself feel more secure in the midst of change?

Be mindful of…your desire to better understand the mysterious.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Don’t be shocked if you feel shocked during the first week of August. It’s a time when surprises may seem to be around every corner. While the unexpected may appear in the outside world, it is just as likely to arise from your inner landscape, in the form of unanticipated thoughts and feelings. Even if the out-of-the-blue has you feeling blue for a moment, find the silver lining in it — how it has jolted you out of a well-worn viewpoint, allowing for a cache of new possibilities to be liberated.

It’s one of those months when focusing on relationships becomes high priority. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st may accord with a time when starting anew in a partnership is prudent. This doesn’t necessarily mean a friendship itself is on the way out (although if one is not serving you, you may want it to be); the opportunity of this time is to raise the bar on what you expect from those that you’ve invited into your life.

This is important not only when it comes to individual friends, clients and/or your S.O. It also applies to groups of people with whom you’re involved. All that networking you’ve done over the past few months? During the end of August, you may see the results of your efforts, more able to discern which posse possesses the integrity that truly aligns with you and which one does not. You may emerge from August more clearly knowing who are — and who are not — your people, which can only but help you better carve out and attain your goals.

Wellness tip: Investigate adaptogenic herbs — such as ashwagandha, andrographis and Siberian ginseng — to see if any feel like they would support your well-being.

Ask yourself: What does an ideal partnership look like?

Be mindful of…what happens in your body when you are startled or alarmed, and what strategies allow you to return to equipoise.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Exploring what vulnerability means, how it can be a key to a richer life, and how to transform it from being a source of fear to one of emotional vitality may have been a topic that’s threaded through your year. And now, as August begins, the subject of vulnerability — and its cousin, intimacy — may seem as if it’s marking its place everywhere you look. Whether by looking at your own life or viewing this realm through the eyes of the collective, survey the wisdom you’ve amassed about this topic and how it’s transformed your heart.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th offers you an opportunity to further understand how thoughts can not only contribute to well-being but additionally to dis-ease. Later in the week, you could find yourself opening to a greater depth of empathy, which allows you to accept and/or forgive yourself and/or another. That this will allow you to see a relationship from a different perspective may be part of the magic that mid-August offers.

You know that wellness goal you say is so important to you, and yet the one you do end runs around, not sticking to the habits that will allow it to come to pass? Well, this month, the cognitive dissonance that that creates may feel so noticeable that you can’t help but shake up your orientation. As the Solar Eclipse captures our celestial attention on the 21st, consider new ways to approach your self-care, and how instead of it being something that’s boring, how it can actually be something that adds fun and luster to your life.

Wellness tip: Read about — and consider practicing — tonglen meditation.

Ask yourself: How has my understanding of intimacy changed?

Be mindful of…the power of your thoughts, to inspire vitality — or alternatively, anxiety.

*Want to get the most out of this upcoming Mercury Retrograde period, occurring August 12 - September 5? Check out Stephanie's Mercury Retrograde Capsule Collection for tips, tricks and tools.  



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