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The Stellar Fold: December's Astro-Wellness Insights

Get your wellness-scope for December 2017 from our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing.
Illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

Illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

Here's the big theme and message for December 2017: explore your inner authenticity. Below are several key astrological alignments that occur this month and the inspirations they may yield, personally and collectively. The date noted is when the celestial event occurs, yet its influence may be felt days before and after (in correlation with Eastern Standard Time). Scroll further to find the specific horoscope for your sign.

December 2
Jupiter/Neptune: Trine*

Dream the dream. Feel the feels. Orienting numinously. Overflowing water. Breached boundaries.

December 3
Gemini Full Moon

Local vs. Global. Curiosity about the world. Learning about the media. Exploring the neighborhood. Casual conversations about big topics.

December 3
Mercury: Stations Retrograde**

Look to insights from the past. Open to your intuition. See things from a different angle. Go slow, and see what’s revealed in stillness.

December 18
Sagittarius New Moon

Expanding the horizon. Travel and explore. Aiming like an archer. Discovering your soapbox. Understanding truth.

December 19
Saturn Enters Capricorn***

Prizing structure. Honoring authority. Revering vintage. Climbing mountains. The matter of time.

*There are two other upcoming Jupiter/Neptune Trines: May 25 and August 19, 2018.

**Mercury Retrograde continues through December 22.

***Saturn will be in Capricorn through 2020.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You can’t go wrong the first weekend of the month by adopting one of Santa’s strategies: making a list and checking it twice. As you’re about to venture out towards new horizons, whether be exploring a new land or a new idea, you’ll want to make sure you have all the provisions necessary to enhance your mission. Even if diligent preparation seems like it’s initially slowing you down, in the long run it will save you time and frustration, plus give you that extra sense of freedom you’ve been seeking.

The last two-plus years have likely taught you a lot about your aspirations and all that it takes to set and reach newly envisioned goals. And with that, you’ve amassed a much greater ability to discern which objectives really align with the bigger picture of how you want to design your life. After the New Moon on the 18th and through the year’s end, channel this wisdom you’ve gained as you begin to think about your 2018 intentions. With Saturn about to move into your realm of public achievement for the next two-plus years, it may feel quite natural to include your career in your goal-setting process.

If your energy feels a little low during the last week of December, don’t sweat it. Instead of pushing yourself beyond your capacity, see if you can carve out time to just relax. It’s actually a wonderful time to focus in on creative projects as well as mystical subjects. Tuning into that inspiration may help you to pursue a collaboration with greater clarity.

Wellness tip: Use Wild Oat flower essence if you want help clarifying your career path.

Ask yourself: How do I envision the bigger picture of my life?

Be mindful of…impatience getting in the way of preparedness.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Deep-reaching partnerships may have been a strong theme for you over the last couple of years. As you’ve tested the waters of what it takes to come together and truly collaborate, great lessons in trust, boundaries, intimacy, and yielding (or not yielding) control have emerged. While this realm remains a strong focus for you this month, it may be important to gain additional perspectives by shifting your vantage point and seeing things from a different angle.

If you find yourself stuck spinning your wheels, look to information and contacts you gathered a while back to regain your momentum. In the days before the New Moon on the 18th, you may want to retrace a few steps you’ve taken. To tap into a greater sense of ease and comfort, stay open to more fully accepting that what you’re creating is both part of you and bigger than you.

No matter what traditions you follow, mark your calendars for the days around Christmas as a time when you’ll receive gifts of great treasure. These presents may have you feeling more present to just how valuable the past is: you may see how long-standing traditions or items crafted years ago carry beauty that really is tried and true. This week may also give you a lens into relationships as you see which ones have integral foundations and which ones may don’t have the gravity that you require.

Wellness tip: Learn a few new dance steps.

Ask yourself: How am I expressing myself and something larger than myself through what I am creating?

Be mindful of…your relationship to traditions.   


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

This month, turn your innate curiosity towards your partnerships. The realm of relationships takes top billing in Gemini’s cosmic curriculum in December. This begins early in the month on the Full Moon on the 3rd, which may illuminate a question: do you really feel like you are able to be your true self while engaging in a particular relationship? If not, focus upon the reasons why in order to yield great insights that can be applied to relationships across the board.

Yet, this focus isn’t just limited to this first weekend of December. Rather, with Mercury retrograde in your partnership sphere, the first three weeks of the month may have you looking at this realm through a different lens. There’s a lot to learn so that you can adjust and fine-tune the way in which you engage with others. You could find that friends, lovers, or business partners from the past re-emerge, whether literally or in your thoughts; whether you engage with them in dialogue or just in your mind, there may be a way to tie up some loose ends that have kept you from moving forward.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you found yourself really pulled towards social activities between the 10th and the 15th, including those that may involve people with whom you often don’t spend time. By shaking up your social environs a bit, you’ll likely learn more about whom and what you value. This may provide you some big aha moments that may be valuable in the future.

Wellness tip: Take an exercise class with a friend.

Ask yourself: Am I able to truly be myself when I spend time with [insert friend’s name]?

Be mindful of…how you feel when friends or lovers from the past re-appear.   


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

The first three weeks of December offer you an opportunity to re-visit your approach to taking care of yourself. Take a close look at the wellness goals you’ve set this year, seeing which ones you’ve achieved, which ones you’ve let fall by the wayside, and which ones don’t really feel essential any more. Once you’ve redefined what’s truly important to you, instead of relying upon your usual go-to action steps, do research to see what else may be beneficial. Cast your eyes towards the past for resources that may be of benefit, including podcasts, healers, and/or self-care approaches that had previously crossed your radar.

Look to conversations at holiday parties as opportunities to pick someone’s brain about that meal plan or mindfulness program you’ve been considering. And, be leisurely with your research, knowing that it’s not necessary to revamp your whole routine tout suite. Chances are that by Christmas time you’ll have amassed a thoughtfully inspired approach that is engaging, effective, and doable. In the meantime, you may also find that a collateral benefit emerges: finding yourself with a systems-filled approach to another area of your life.

As you’re a lover of cycles, you may also want to be aware of a new one that you are about to embark upon. With Saturn moving into Capricorn and the partnership sector of your chart on December 19th, you may find that relationships become a popular topic for you over the next two-plus years. During this time, you’ll want to make sure that you’re engaged in partnerships—whether social, intimate or business—that have solid foundations. This will provide you with important lessons about what it takes to feel confident in your decisions to commit to someone or something.

Wellness tip: Look into apps that can help you define and commit to your wellness goals.

Ask yourself: What does wellbeing mean?

Be mindful of…how you experience vitality.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The Full Moon on the 3rd may shed light upon how you can feel more aligned to a community that’s important to you. If you’ve been finding it tricky to discover that perfect balance between upholding a group’s vision without feeling like your identity is being subsumed by it, the first weekend of December may provide you with important insights.

Really tune into what (and who) makes your heart sing. And speaking of “who,” your self-expression may really soar by inviting another person into your creative process. For example, consider asking a friend to do a joint art project. Not only are two minds (and pairs of hands) more powerful than one, but also, you could find that the experience connects you on a deeper level. Whether or not creative partnering is in the cards for you, look to icons of the past as possible muses for artistic inspiration.

The Solstice on the 21st is always a pivotal point, as it’s the day on which we welcome the light back in (or, for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, the dark). This year, it’s an even greater pivotal point for Leo, as you may find yourself taking a hard and fast look at what really lights you up. If you’ve found that your life hasn’t been fully aligned with your sense of purpose, now’s as good a time as any to begin to consider changes you want to make (with those New Year’s Intentions just around the corner). Alternatively, you may find that the responsibilities you’ve born over the past year have strengthened you, allowing you to feel like you’re truly an authority in your own right.

Wellness tip: Sing, even if it’s just in the shower or car.

Ask yourself: What lights me up?

Be mindful of…who inspires you artistically.   

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As the month begins, you may find yourself in a bit of a three-way tug-of-war, with career, family, and social demands all calling for your attention. There’s a way to attend to all of these arenas, yet it may take some creative scheduling. All the while, be careful that you don’t paint a rosier-than-realistic picture of the situation to a friend, relative, or your partner, or else it may further cloud the current dynamics. Plus, they might be able to provide you with creative insights if they were clear about what was really going on.

The idea that “home is where the heart is” may take on extra meaning for you this month, as you find your home to be a place not only to nurture yourself emotionally, but also to gather with others. If you’ve been feeling that your abode doesn’t suit your style or fulfill certain functional needs, the first three weeks of the month provide a great time for a little home redesign. The best strategy: experiment before fully committing to big purchases or making indelible changes. Mid-month, move around the furniture, switch up the artwork, and/or take your grandmother’s china out of its storage box—these small shifts may make a world of a difference.

Come the 22nd and the completion of Mercury Retrograde, you could find that all the inner and outer shuffling you’ve experienced this month settles down, and clarity emerges. Look back on the past weeks to see what you learned about your emotional needs and how to better communicate that to others. You’ll likely find that it feels more seamless to now put that into action.

Wellness tip: Apply some feng shui principles to your home.

Ask yourself: What does feeling “at home” really feel like?

Be mindful of…not candy-coating reality when speaking with a friend.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Our dreams and desires can inspire us, and yet at times, our longing for something may cloud our vision, disabling our ability to see things clearly. One such time for you may be around the 10th of December. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t feel captivated by your imagination; just keep one foot on the ground so you can also keep an eye on the consequences of your decisions. Also, around this time, if things seem challenging and you’re wanting a little escape, indulge in a soul-comforting experience: drift away with your favorite music playlist, re-watch your favorite romcom, or plan a getaway to a day spa.

The New Moon on the 18th offers the opportunity to be more attuned to how you want to enrich your life through enriching your mind. Is there something you’ve felt passionate about learning? If so, over the coming weeks, dedicate a little time to research what classes are being offered (either locally or online) that pique your interest. It’s also a time when you can tap into new ways to communicate and share your message with others.

No matter whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this holiday has a strong pull on people’s heartstrings, bringing up lots of feelings, including nostalgia for times past. This year, this may feel even stronger, as may your attunement to the traditions you love and the value that you derive from them. Christmas weekend may also offer you an opportunity to gain great wisdom from older women in your family (whether of origin or choice), which may hold the key to feeling a greater sense of connection to your roots and yourself.

Wellness tip: Take refuge in a relaxing Epsom salt bath, surrounded by candles and lulled by music.

Ask yourself: What do I feel called to learn about?

Be mindful of…the wisdom you can gain from older women.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

The first days of December could find you with an urge to gamble a little bit more than usual. Whether that assumes the form of taking a romantic risk, betting on your creativity, organizing a poker night, or some other speculative activity, hedging your bets will end up being a successful strategy. While opening up to possibilities of gain may seem right, it may not be the most opportune time for going all in. To help you decide how best to proceed, imagine what both winning and losing may feel like.

Your passionate nature may feel even more amplified during the second weekend of December. Yet it’s not only that these days have sexy written all over them, but also that you may feel more connected, in general, to what you want…and really want to get whatever that is. Tapping into this willpower may have you feeling energized and exceptionally determined. All the while, you just want to watch that it doesn’t cause you to move too quickly and that you don’t get into accidents with sharp and fiery objects while connecting to your sharp and fiery nature. Proceed with fierceness, yet caution.

While Scorpios are attuned to the energetics of money matters, this month may have you questioning your current approach to how you manage your finances. As the last week of December arrives, you’ll likely find that any obstacles recently encountered are beginning to sort themselves out. You may also see how they’ve provided you with a rich understanding of how to better allocate resources and how to better value your time, talents, and skills.

Wellness tip: Use Cerato flower essence for hearing and trusting your inner voice.

Ask yourself: What does “sexy” look and feel like?

Be mindful of…what emotions arise when you feel financially frustrated. 


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Do you feel that people haven’t clearly understood your perspective recently? With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius during the first three weeks of the month, you have some great opportunities to readdress past conversations, finding new ways to share just how you see things. As you re-approach these dialogues, see if you can find a new way to communicate what you perceived occurred while also listening attentively, as you’ll likely hear things that were either not said, or not said clearly, on the first go-around.

You may find that as the end of December comes onto the horizon, you’ve connected to a greater understanding of how you want to navigate your life and how to best share that with others. The astrological influence for this is multifold, including that there’s a new-beginning-oriented New Moon in your sign on the 18th and Mercury ends its retrograde cycle in your sphere of self-identity on the 22nd, encouraging you to more actively declare who you are in the world.

Plus, on December 19th, make-it-real Saturn is set to depart your sign, in which it journeyed for the past two-plus years, moving into Capricorn. Reflecting that, the first several weeks of the month may seem like a time period when many of the lessons of the past years emerge at the forefront of your attention. It has likely been a time when challenges, hard work, and taking responsibility have allowed you to further refine your sense of identity. And now, with taskmaster Saturn no longer in your sign, you may feel that the pressure is releasing and that you’re like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, about to soar more freely.

Wellness tip: Include more me-time and relaxation in your schedule.

Ask yourself: What are three big lessons I learned in the past year?

Be mindful of…clearly communicating what you think and how you feel.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

This is quite the month for you, Capricorn. On the 19th, your planetary ruler, Saturn, will enter your sign, in which it will take up residence for the next two-plus years. It’s a time period when you will likely get to further refine how you navigate the world. At times, it may feel like you’re being pushed to work hard, be responsible, and really stand in your authority — yet, these aren’t things that should be new to you at all. If you’ve ever felt like you were a diamond in the rough, during the coming years you may find that you feel more polished and sparkling than ever.

Want to best prime yourself for this new stage? Before the 19th, there are many lessons to be learned by completing things and tying up loose ends. These may involve tasks, work projects, and relationships, and yet they may also involve the self-limiting self-talk that bubbles up here and there from your subconscious. See what you can do to make these thoughts more conscious, as this way, you can work with them and allow them to release their grip on your potential and your happiness.

You may get a peek into this new chapter of your life on the days between the Solstice and Christmas (the 21st through 25th). Stand tall in what it means to be you, and don’t compromise your integrity. Questioning whether things feel aligned with the design principles you’ve created for your life may serve as a great compass. Also, don’t be surprised if people are really drawn to you, as the richness of who you are may be very evident to others.

Wellness tip: Use Oak flower essence for discerning between hard work and working too hard.

Ask yourself: What loose ends need tying up?

Be mindful of…how limits can be exceptionally informational.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

As the month begins, you can’t go wrong by remembering the axiom, “Expect the unexpected.” Yet, don’t just apply this perspective to outside people and events but to yourself as well. Be open to surprising yourself, including wanting to pursue a path or adopt a strategy that feels different than your norm.

Bolstering your connection to an important community may grab a lot of your attention this month. Consider the groups to which you are joined and take a fresh look at whether their principles, dynamics, and mission are still aligned with yours. For the first three weeks of the month, you may have surprising access to new information — through a combo of research and conversations — that can help to further clarify how you want to move forward with these alliances. Use one of your superpowers — that of recognizing patterns that most people don’t readily see — to help gain clarity.

As someone who’s beating to a different drum has them seeing and considering things that many others don’t, you’re no stranger to the woo! With the woo including the numinous, the connectivity between things, the collective unconscious, dreams, et al., these are realms that at the very least intrigue you, if they’re not the focus of your strong attention. Why am I bringing this up? Because after Saturn shifts into Capricorn on December 19th, and for the subsequent two-plus years after that, this territory may become even more interesting to you and something in which you find yourself wanting to attain a certain level of mastery.

Wellness tip: Research ways to amplify your connection with your dreams.

Ask yourself: What have I recently done that has surprised me?

Be mindful of…group power dynamics.   


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Hello, more magic! Hello, more possibility for growth! Hello, feeling more in flow with my essential self! These may be some of the greetings you’ll be uttering as December begins. The reason: like the two fish that represent your sign, you have two planetary rulers — Jupiter and Pisces — and they will be dancing in a harmonious connection for the next eight-plus months, beginning early this month. During this time, give yourself permission to set your sights high, explore new terrain, and seek a broader-based understanding of life in order to unlock more joy.

This month offers you a prime opportunity to reconsider some of the ways in which you approach your career. Past interests and ideas may reappear, providing you with fodder to better understand what lights you up and what doesn’t. It may also be a great time to go back over a project that you left by the wayside, as the fresh vantage point you now have can help you decipher how to best complete it. After Mercury goes direct on the 22nd, don’t be surprised if you get feedback that helps you clarify the direction you want to take with your work.

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you may find yourself with a strong pull to fight for something that aligns with your creative and compassionate nature. Trust your intuition when it comes to crafting a strategy, and let your kind spirit guide you as you pursue what is important to you.

Wellness tip: Use Frankincense essential oil for its soul- and spirit-inspiring fragrance.

Ask yourself: How do I want to refine my career path?

Be mindful of…what you want to champion.



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