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The Stellar Fold: February's Astro-Wellness Insights

It's eclipse season. Our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing, offers self-care tips and strategies for each sign, all shaped around this month's powerful shifts.

Given that it’s Eclipse Season, I thought to focus this month’s horoscope column on providing insights on the stellar opportunities that it may offer you. When I say Eclipse Season, I’m referring to the period of time that occurs twice a year, on opposite ends of the calendar, when we have two to three Eclipses in close successions.

February begins at the heels of a Lunar Eclipse, which occurred on January 31. Yet since Eclipses invoke an energy field that lasts for numerous weeks, I consider February to be colored by this January Eclipse. And then mid-month, on February 15, we have a Solar Eclipse, a New Moon lunation featuring the Sun and Moon in Aquarius.

There’s a strong connection between February and last August, since this Aquarius Solar Eclipse is a mirror Eclipse to the one that occurred on August 21, given that they occur in almost opposite sides of the zodiac. As such, it seems like what’s being ushered in is a new perspective on chapters that may have emerged for us at that point, about six months ago.

Remember that even if we can’t see an Eclipse in the sky where we live, these celestial events are renowned for being very powerful in the way in which they can impact our lives. Oftentimes, life-changing events or reflections occur around the time of an Eclipse. Keep in mind, though, that reflective of the word itself, things are often “eclipsed” around the time of Eclipses. You may find yourself feeling like there is a sea change in your life, that seeds are being planted, yet not clear what it will be that will bear fruit. That clarity may become greater when weeks and months pass; and so, if you’re not yet clear what it is that is being given form, that may be just as it should be.

In addition to these reflections, I’ve also highlighted three dates for each sign, including a short Stellar Guidance note for each.

I hope that this Eclipse Season brings you greater understanding of what you want to create anew, inspiring your life to further blossom in the way you envision.   


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

In February, you are reminded that while you may be a pioneer, you don’t have to go it all alone. Be on the lookout for alliances with people who share your passion. Connecting with a network can give you much-needed support as well as ideas for how to launch a new venture without having to spend excess time reinventing the wheel.

Think back to late August and how you may have discovered a whole new stratum of your creativity since then. What have you learned about how to access, shepherd and express it? This is a great area to focus upon this month, as you may see ways in which you can be inspired by others and yet put your own original stamp on things.

Whether that special child in your life is yours, your sibling’s, or your own inner child, now’s also a time to reign in resources that can more fully support him or her. The adage “it takes a village” is quite apropos in this regard; you’ll discover villages this month that will help you to give this child a playground in which s/he can further flourish.

February 3: Friends may hold the key to helping you refine your goals.

February 17: Engage your spiritual warrior.

February 25: Find the marriage between what you love and what you desire.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

February offers you more clarity about how you can craft your career to be in greater alignment with what feels really nurturing to you. Consider the directions you can pursue and see which one(s) have you feeling most at home, using this as GPS guidance for how to orient and where to aim.

And speaking of feeling at home, the greater awareness you’ve received over the past six months about where and with whom you feel safe, secure and connected has been invaluable on so many levels. It may now even offer you another reward, as a reservoir of insights for how you can continue to make your mark in the world.

Take some time this month to reflect upon how the lessons you gleaned from your parents have shaped the way you design your public life. How did their definition of success guide you? How did their relationship to their careers inform yours? Did you learn more about the ways you wanted to be recognized for the role you play in society by what they did or didn’t do? These are some good questions that can yield exceptional richness at this time.

February 3: Be optimistic, but don’t overpromise.

February 21: Attend a class that inspires soulfulness.

February 25: Bring your A-game to conflict resolution.


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

February offers you stellar opportunities to consider the journeys you want to embark upon next. If someone gifted you a trip to a place of your choosing, consider both where you’d go and why you’d choose that destination. What the why reveals may not only be elemental in better understanding your wanderlust, but also the vision that inspires how you design your life.

The past six months have given you insights into the things you wanted to study and learn and how to best go about doing so. Whether through dedicated research or trial and error, you’ve gathered some important building blocks for a new “language” or two. Now the question arises is what to do with all that you’ve learned: be content that you’ve tickled your curiosity and leave it at that, or use the communication channels you’ve curated as platforms for further education? The journey to the answer holds as much wisdom as the answer itself.

All of this inspires a new chapter in declaring the goals you want to adopt. Additionally, it’s a time when you may discover new ways to embark upon and strategically attain the manifestation of your aims.

February 3: A friend may expand your cross-cultural perspective.

February 17: Watch that mental overstimulation doesn’t make you too jumpy or irritable.

February 25: Let your mind wander with visions of your dream job.


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

In-to-me-see. This phonetic axiom for “intimacy” is often cited when it comes to helping to define it. Opening ourselves to someone else, revealing parts of ourselves often kept hidden from another (and sometimes ourselves), and letting ourselves be seen – these vulnerabilities all stand at the foundation of intimacy. This somewhat scary terrain may be key to inviting more depth, healing, and fulfillment into your life.

It’s this territory of intimacy – and its relatives: vulnerability, sharing of resources, power dynamics, and sexuality – that’s been on the cosmic curriculum for you, notably in the past six months. Thanks to the Solar Eclipse mid-month, these themes are about to shift in a beautiful and seismic way. A new chapter is about to emerge, one that will enrich your life and have life itself seem more profound.

To help usher it in, do some journaling or meditating on your fears that keep you from more fully partnering with others. Tap into the greater level of self-worth and inner richness that’s been flourishing for you since August. This will help you to feel more secure and steady over the coming months, as you embark upon new collaborations, whether personally or professionally – those that may offer you more opportunity for in-to-me-see.

February 11: Join forces with friends to explore new territory.

February 15: Undercover (and under-the-covers) explorations yield discovery and fun.

February 25: Really, and truly, honor your feelings.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Last August’s Solar Eclipse reigned in your sign, ushering in a new chapter related to your declarations of who you are to the world. This new awareness likely opened your heart, and perhaps the path that it took also involved some personal heartbreaks. And yet, you’ve emerged with a greater level of understanding about what suits you, what’s in sync with you, and what you stand for – and what you don’t.

As a person who jives on generosity and heartfelt connection, this awareness may have stemmed from and/or had repercussions on your relationships and/or how you approach them. This takes us to the present moment, and February, a month when these themes will likely radiate brightly.

Take the first half of the month to focus on the relationship or partnering patterns that you’ve come to understand don’t serve you well – the ones that you need to release. This process will make the space for what the mid-February Eclipse will usher in, which should unfold over the coming months: the birth and evolution of relationships that honor and uphold you in who you now know yourself to be.

February 10: Honor the bedrock of your feelings when navigating a relationship.

February 17: Speak from your heart when speaking with that certain someone.

February 25: Hard work pays off.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

There are periods when we need alone time, so our imagination can have free reign. The quiet space we inhabit allows us the ability to really listen to our inner wells of wisdom. And there are periods when we need to hyper-focus, attending to the details of the organization of our lives and the systems that allow us to craft a structured and rational approach to getting things done.

While you’ve likely tapped into both of these ways of orienting in the past six months, February offers you an amazing opportunity to take what you’ve learned and give it more shape and form. For example, perhaps you’ve experimented with new approaches to mindfulness, meditating or journaling, or dancing when the spirit moved you. Instead of this open-boundaries method, during this month, you may find that creating a definable practice regimen not only feels more interesting, but can also really serve your betterment.

This feels quite aligned with a beautiful opportunity that this month’s Solar Eclipse offers you: the ability to take charge of your health by further customizing your self-care routines. Inventory what has worked for you and what hasn’t, letting the latter go, while also researching new habits to find one(s) that will fill in the missing pieces of your well-being puzzle.

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February 3: Channel your energy into a home project.

February 13: See a situation from a more optimistic, although still realistic, perspective.

February 25: Be inspired by others, but watch a tendency for over-idealization.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

What makes you jump for joy? This is a question to which you’ll likely get some important answers this month. What you discover will not only be revelatory in the moment, but also hold the key to designing new creative pursuits. Heed the beckoning of joy (and its cousins: elation, pleasure and bliss), all of which are asking to be invited into your life on a deeper and more ongoing basis.

Another important question: who makes you jump for joy? Tap into who sparks your heart and who doesn’t, and how you can honor your heart more in the relationship choices you make. Consider whose generosity touches your soul and with whom you find yourself naturally more generous. What you discover will provide you with valuable insights.

Over the past six months, you may have found yourself seeking out alliances with people who share your desire to make the world a better place. And while some of these experiences may not have offered you the fulfillment you were seeking, others may have afforded you opportunities to create valuable networks of information and/or people. Look at this exploration through the lens of your heart – who spoke to it, which mission lit it up, what activities had it aflutter – as a way to sense how you want to allocate your time for continued collaborations.

February 3: If you want to gamble, make sure the odds are in your favor.

February 21: Luxuriousness and self-care go hand-in-hand.

February 27: This is a great day for deep cleaning. 


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Think back to late August and something that came to your awareness regarding your career. Since then, you’ve had numerous opportunities to reflect upon a new direction you want to pursue – one that feels like it will expand your reach. This month, that awareness may be sourced from a different perspective: consider what change would have you feel more at home in the work you do or where you do your work.

Speaking of home, this may also be an arena brimming with new developments. You may not be ready to pull the plug on any big projects this month, but don’t let that stop you from tuning into which home improvements seem like they may take more priority than others. You’ll know when the timing is right to move forward.

It’s also a month when you can better understand what it means to feel grounded and why that’s important. Consider the activities that make you feel more connected to your essential self. Reflect upon the people who nurture and protect you, supporting your ability to feel more at home in the residence of your own life.

February 3: A dialogue with a family member may inspire you to have more appreciation for yourself.

February 17: Watch your boundaries when it comes to money matters.

February 28: Use a creative approach to fight for what’s rightfully yours.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sometimes you may search for truth in faraway places, whether other lands, cultures, or philosophies. Yet, there are often times when the keys to meaning and mission reside closer by: in a conversation with a neighbor, on the blackboard of your everyday coffee joint, or on a billboard you always pass on your way to work. February offers you a treasure trove of local finds, those that will not only inspire your awareness in the moment but may also hold the keys to further learning on a subject near and dear to your heart.

Speaking of learning, you may find a sibling or cousin is the keeper of some pretty profound words of wisdom these days. The insights that you gain from them may either be directly from something they say or write, or from the reaction that you have after an interaction with them.

Life is an adventure for you, Sagittarius, full of places and people to explore and from whom to learn. Yet, remember that great discoveries of new terrains are often abetted by having a detailed and reliable map. This month is one when you may find yourself really open to the beauty of maps, with a greater desire to read and/or construct them and see their greater value.

February 3: Be as precise as you can with your purchases to avoid frittering away money.

February 13: Focus in on your dreams.

February 23: A friend may hold the key to understanding something you weren’t able to figure out on your own.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Sharing is caring – this may be something you’ve come to better understand since late August. You’ve likely had numerous opportunities to see how committed partnering with others and pooling resources have led to rewarding experiences that you couldn’t have had otherwise. That said, you may have also seen the other side of that coin: that sharing, instead of just triggering the warm fuzzies, sparks discomfort that stems from feeling vulnerable.

The lessons offered by exploring this terrain are nothing but life-shifting. And this month you may find that some of the work you’ve done navigating this realm begins to pay off in a whole other way. Reflect upon when it is that you feel greater trust in yourself, as well as the unique brand of riches that you personally bring to partnerships. You’re embarking on a new chapter in which your ability to handle money matters with aplomb will deepen.

This helps you feel a greater sense of confidence in yourself, and with that, you may find opportunities arise in which you can feel more certain that your skills and talents are appreciated for their great value.

February 4: Reflecting upon your work responsibilities may yield great insight.

February 21: Facts you discover will help to strengthen your message.

February 25: Feeling at home in your neighborhood may provide you with a sense of personal reassurance.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

With February’s Solar Eclipse in your sign, it’s no wonder that you may feel like you’re on the brink of something totally new. The best way to inspire this fresh new chapter? Spend the first half of February thinking about ways in which you express yourself that really don’t work for you anymore. These may be the self-limiting stories you tell yourself, the fears that hold you back, or something else. Connect to those and make the intention to release them and let them go.

Then after the Solar Eclipse arrives on the 15th, concentrate on the new way you’d like to express who you are and how you want to engage with and orient through life. Consider what you can do to further foster this way of being. As you do, remember that Eclipses aren’t one-day phenomena; their inspirations unfold over time. And so, if you feel a sense of new beginnings but aren’t really sure how and where that will take you, that’s okay. Just stay connected to your intentions.

You may find that partnerships that have bloomed since August have served as a foundry for new opportunities. Look to these insights for further reflection on the new chapter that’s emerging, and consider turning to a trusted ally should you want any assistance in fleshing out your “new you” resolutions.

February 6: Approaching communication from a new angle may add to your cachet.

February 13: Reflect upon what makes you, you.

February 25: Some dedicated me-time – whether a bath, a visit to the day spa, or a walk in nature – can work wonders.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

For the past six months, you’ve received something of a crash course in organization, something that’s not always top of mind for Pisces. The inclination to create more structure and systems may have come through fascination or through necessity. Yet, through this, you may have found that being a bit more detail-oriented doesn’t necessarily need to interfere with your dreamy nature; in fact, a little organization can actually help make your dreams come true.

What you may find in February is an even greater level of cohesion between what you may have seen as opposites. You may discover yourself more easily dancing between the intuitive and rational, between the soulful and the pragmatic. An affinity for both a connected whole and the beauty of the parts may emerge, as the relationship between “reality” and “dreams” may move a little bit closer.

The Solar Eclipse mid-month may then usher in a new stage when it comes to your connection to your soulfulness. The ability to find a deeper level of peace within, by finding the stillness that comes from taking refuge, may emerge. And with that, so may a deeper level of trust in your inner wisdom, paired with a reservoir of collective knowing you are able to tap into.

February 10: Find more beauty by going with the flow.

February 17: Let your intuition guide you as to how to take action.

February 25: Connect with your muse.



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