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The Stellar Fold: January's Astro-Wellness Insights

Our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing, shares an encompassing glimpse into each sign's major 2018 themes and lessons to come this year.
All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

2018 promises to be a year of illumination and innovation.

After all, as we greeted the New Year on the 1st, the night sky drew our attention with the radiance of a Full Moon, one that inspires us to trust our feelings when it comes to how we want to navigate the world.

Plus, Uranus, the planet of doing things differently, is quite powerful as the year begins, with its bi-yearly station (the moment it shifts directions in the sky) occurring today, the 2nd. When Uranus resonates strongly in the collective, as it does in early January, we’re called to shake things up, break patterns to remake them, and infuse our lives with bursts of change, all to unleash creative energy that may have been hiding in the shadows of routine.

Reflecting this, I felt called to craft this month’s column differently than ones in the past. Instead of focusing in on the current month, I’ve decide to give you some broad-sweeping insights into the opportunities that 2018 may bring for you.

I’ve framed this through the lens of looking at three different planetary happenings this year, and how they may inform and inspire particular themes for each astrological sign:

1. INVEST. In this section I looked through the lens of Saturn, which climbed into Capricorn at the end of December and will reside there through early 2020. Saturn, the planet of hard work and responsibility, beckons us to pay attention to structure. Wherever Saturn focuses is where we need to attend with judiciousness and responsibility. If we follow this approach, we can reap great rewards. Being that Saturn in Capricorn is about conscious allocation, I’ve called this section INVEST.

2. GROW. Here I share with you the opportunities that Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio (its residence through early November) may yield. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and plenty. As Jupiter widens our sense of optimism and possibility, you’ll find some insights about it in the GROW section.

3. INNOVATE. Uranus spends part of the year in Aries (where it’s been since 2011) and part in Taurus. (It will then remain firmly planted in Taurus in 2019, where it will reside through 2026.) Building upon what I shared earlier, Uranus upends our conventions so that we may find a greater sense of freedom and liberation. The path to this is often peppered with surprises, and so being flexible and able to pivot with agility are often key to learning. Given that it encourages us to do things a different way, you’ll find insights on how Uranus dancing between Aries and Taurus will inspire you in the INNOVATE section.

Remember that in addition to reading your Sun sign, you should check out the horoscope for your Rising Sign. Also called the Ascendant, your Rising Sign offers an important reflection on how you navigate your life, describing some of the unique aspects of your personality. (If you’re not sure of your Rising Sign, you can go to to cast your own personal astrology chart, which will show you your Rising Sign.)


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

INVEST: Don’t cut corners when it comes to career planning. Assess what you really want to do and lay the bricks for your long-term success. If the way you perceive your parents’ career pursuits has limited your own personal success, now’s the time to reframe this so that you can open up greater potential for achievement.

GROW: The idea of sharing may take on greater significance. Broadening your understanding of intimacy — and what may get in your way of it — may have you feeling more confident. Solving mysteries may become more interesting or possibly even a new obsession.

INNOVATE: A greater sense of freedom in how you navigate your life may give you the confidence to try new approaches to making money. What it means to live a life of richness may take on new meaning.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

INVEST: Assessing your goals, seeing which ones really align with you and which ones no longer do, can pay off in spades. For the more solid foundation you’ve been seeking, you might try exploring philosophy and gaining a greater cross-cultural perspective.

GROW: Partnerships may hold the key to feeling a greater sense of joy. You can learn a lot through your relationships, including what makes for solid ones and what doesn’t.

INNOVATE: A new you is about to emerge, as you may find yourself pulled by a calling to re-invent your personal style. Trust your intuition and connect to a deep level of soulfulness for a reliable compass, giving you the courage to declare a bit more freedom of movement.


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

INVEST: Learn about what keeps you from more deeply trusting others. Focusing your attention on the ins and outs of shared investments and how collaborations are constructed may help you avoid pitfalls that can drain your time and energy.

GROW: Being organized may be the key to feeling more inspired and energized. Expanding your self-care repertoire may be the ticket to meeting recently crafted wellness goals.

INNOVATE: Explore new technologies that can help you connect more deeply to the inner landscape of your heart and mind. A new-fangled understanding of the mystical realms may come through joining together with others who have shared interests and curiosities.


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

INVEST: It’s never fun to look at which relationships don’t really give you a return on your investment; yet, this process can be elemental in further honoring the sanctity of those that do. Learning when to compromise — and when not to — may be key in strengthening partnerships that really pay off.

GROW: Open up to your inner child and/or spend more time playing with kids to expand your vision of the world in ways not previously imagined. Paint, draw, sculpt, dance — open up your creativity and see the beautiful journey that your life takes you on.

INNOVATE: As you continue to redefine your career trajectory, be on the lookout for communities of like-minded people who can provide you with further direction. If you find your social circles shifting, see how this change can expand your horizons and have you relate to the world in a whole new way.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

INVEST: It’s a great time to assess the foundations of your health, putting the time and effort into investing in your long-term wellbeing. More structure around your daily routines may free up your energy and creativity to invest in projects that will imbue you with a sense of mastery.

GROW: “Hygge-ing” your home can offer you an amazing ROI. Making it feel more cozy, and creating spaces that yield a greater sense of conviviality when entertaining, may be key to feeling more grounded and nourished in your life.

INNOVATE: Travel adventures and other cultures you’ve been learning about may play an unexpected role in opening you up to a new way in which you want to design your career. The ability to pivot philosophically may become a surprising asset.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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INNOVATE: Joining forces with a friend to tackle a shared wellness goal may provide you with an innovative (and successful) approach that you may not have been able to craft on your own. Work may open up your social circle, connecting you with people who may shake up how you see the world and see yourself.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

INVEST: It’s a great year to focus on your finances, inventorying your income and expenses, and looking to see what adjustments you want to make. Your understanding of what it means to live life richly may expand.

GROW: Learning more about your intuition — how to develop and trust it — may feel like a sandbox you really want to play in. Going back to unfinished projects and tying up loose ends will gift you with a feeling of freedom.

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GROW: Look to an expanded social circle to broaden your horizons. People who have shared visions and interests may be elemental to your learning.

INNOVATE: Your family may serve as a surprising source of encouragement when it comes to how to live your life with more levity and joy. Shake up your perspective by seeing life through the eyes of a child.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

INVEST: Enrich your life by going on retreat and endowing yourself with more “me-time.” Not only will this further connect you to your inner soulfulness, but it will also help you better understand the difference between being alone and being lonely.

GROW: Your reputation is expanding, with more people recognizing the unique contributions you make in the world. Envision the opportunities you want to create in your career and set along the path to discover them.

INNOVATE: “Good fences make good neighbors” is a great axiom to remember this year. Feeling more connected to what nurtures you may serve to inform innovative ways that you want to teach and inspire others.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

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GROW: Expand your world by exploring the world. Whether that means a cross-continental jaunt or a deep dive into better understanding a new philosophical perspective, widening your horizons can yield great inspiration.

INNOVATE: A new understanding of the unique skills you have may give you a fresh perspective on how you want to teach and inspire others. You may find yourself surprised, in a good way, by how much you now value yourself and the ways in which you can stand for that value in the world.



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