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The Stellar Fold: June's Astro-Wellness Insights

Our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing, suggests questions and strategies for each sign to consider based on planetary shifts this month.
All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

Below are several key astrological alignments that occur this month and the inspirations they may yield, personally and collectively. The date noted is when the celestial event occurs, yet its influence may be felt days before and after (in correlation with Eastern Standard Time). Scroll further to find the specific horoscope for your sign.

June 13: Gemini New Moon

Be curious. Honor variety. Explore duality. Collect facts and figures. Discuss, listen, and synthesize.

June 18: Neptune Stations Retrograde

Connect compassionately. Use your imagination. Watch for uncontained water. Meet your muse. Be honest with disillusionment.

June 21: Solstice (Sun enters Cancer)

Find the balance between the dark and light. Feel the feels. Celebrate home. Explore your protective nature. Nurture and nourish.

June 26: Mars Stations Retrograde (continuing through August 27)

Reconsider strategies. Reconnect to desires. Explore what makes you angry. Embrace the power of the pause. Retrace the outcomes of past actions.

June 28: Capricorn Full Moon

Be emotionally responsible. Balance public and private life. Explore loyalties. Nourish in a pragmatic way. Establish what home feels like.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You’re a champion of self-care this month. You’ll likely find that focusing on your wellbeing not only makes sense intellectually, but also really lights you up. It also lights up others, with your passion for a greater sense of vitality quite evident — and motivating — to your community. Don’t be surprised if numerous people express gratitude to you for inspiring them to find a commitment to their wellbeing that they hadn’t been driven to pursue on their own.

Yet, this month’s focus on healing isn’t limited to “practical” lifestyle strategies — diet, exercise, and the like. Another key ingredient is your honesty and courage to face your perceived flaws and find a deeper level of self-acceptance with who you are. Not only is the healing potential in doing so incredibly significant for you, but it will also make you more relatable in terms of how you may encourage others to do the same.

As the last week of the month appears, it’s going to be important to go as slow as possible, as antithetical to your nature as that may be. Doing so will offer you a fast track to learning more about how to better connect to your community; plus, it will help you sidestep mishaps and frustrations that may otherwise arise.

Wellness tip: Try walking meditation.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

As the month begins, focus in on love. Open your heart’s aperture and feel into what moves and inspires you. Reflect upon who speaks to you on a deeply soulful level. Dream about how you can weave more beauty and richness into your life. As you do, ensure that your lens is turned not only to the outside (towards experiences and people) but also to the inside, considering attitudes that will allow you to further declare and own your value.

What you discover could provide powerful insights that will help you to reconstruct your life with more grace and nurturance. If you uncover something that is strangling the flow of love — whether towards yourself or others — reflect upon whether it needs to be surrendered, or at the very least transformed in a powerful way. This is quite a potent time for renewal, notably of your faith in living a life filled with richness.

The theme of competition may arise around the Solstice. It could seem like you’re battling for someone’s attention or they for yours. Fight for what you value while continuing to hold your heart open, seeing if you can do so with a wide-eyed perspective that encompasses all that you’ve already learned and integrated this month.

Wellness tip: Try borage flower essence for expanding your heart.


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

You’re on fire during the first week of June! Ideas and thoughts seem to be pouring in from all directions. While brainstorms and breakthroughs residing around every corner may be exciting, if the mental flurry has you feeling overwhelmed or anxious, do what you can to tamp your racy mind; try exercise, meditation, or breathwork to rediscover a sense of center.

The feeling of newness arrives with the New Moon, sparking a fresh chapter in how you move through the world. The inspiration you connect to may arouse a desire to interact and express yourself in a different way, perhaps even shaking up your personal sense of style. Adopting a new approach to how you communicate may not only feel interesting and exciting, but could also be a pathway to making additional money.

The week of the Solstice is an auspicious time to focus in on what success means to you. Consider your career and what you’d like to ideally achieve in the coming year(s). Survey your skills and talents, seeing how you may be able to achieve more if you had more confidence in just how resourceful you are. Holding both of these perspectives in your mind’s eye, see how being more systematic and organized can help you better manifest your goals and achieve what you desire.

Wellness tip: Use shasta Daisy flower essence for synthesizing ideas to create a holistic mandala of understanding.


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Even if New Moon intention setting isn’t in your repertoire, consider doing it this month. The reason is that this current lunation accords with a potent invitation for you to tune into a wealth of “woo” that can help you more integrally align with your faith and intuition, and a belief that somehow everything really is connected.

Each year, the June Solstice corresponds with a moment of renewal for you and your fellow Crabs, and this year is no different. It’s a time of beginning again, of inviting new possibilities into your life. You’ve got celestial support when it comes to shining your light in the world in the way that feels really good to you.

There’s much to be learned in the realm of relationships during the last week of the month. The Full Moon draws your attention to the importance of a multivalent approach to honoring one’s needs; you may see how declaring your needs isn’t just something essential for you but how it often gifts others with the knowledge that they too have the right (and responsibility) to do the same for themselves. Address conversations and commitments in a slow and tender-hearted manner to help fortify the ground upon which you stand with others, as well as to avoid misgivings for actions otherwise taken in the heat of an emotional firestorm.

Wellness tip: Exfoliate your skin. Use a dry brush, or opt for a loofah in the shower.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

As a Leo, having pride — embodying a sense of dignity and delight — is important. Yet, the first half of June, it’s not just having pride but having “a pride” — a group or community to which you belong— that plays an important role.

Reflecting upon how to best contribute to the collective is important, and ideas about this may stream forth strongly during the first week of the month. New ways to incorporate technological approaches may be a key that the group was missing and that you may be able to contribute. All the while, as you’re feeling the power in your posse and everyone’s being rather kumbaya, remember the importance of maintaining good boundaries and making sure that no one is encroaching on your territory, and that you’re not encroaching on theirs.

As the Full Moon illuminates the sky during the last week of June, you’ll likely find yourself lit up with ideas about how to restructure your approach to everyday routines and the way you orient to getting things done. It’s one of those times when cutting corners isn’t called for; be diligent and fastidious, and take the extra steps necessary. Doing so will really help you see what’s working for you and what’s not — valuable insights for the present and the future.

Wellness tip: Maintain a bullet journal and see how it helps you organize things.

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How are things going in your career? Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Are you challenged? Ask yourself these questions as the month begins. It may very well be that you see the answer is a resounding "yes" to all, which can’t but help you feel more confident in where you’re heading and to what you’ve committed yourself. If the answer is "no," or even a tepid "maybe," dig deeper and find out what’s underneath this and what it would take to have answered in the affirmative.

Take all of this newfound knowledge and use it as fodder for New Moon intention setting, since this lunation marks the beginning of a new chapter in your career. And while things may not redirect overnight, aligning your vision with your desires will help to steer things where you’d like them to go.

During the week of the Solstice, you have the opportunity to weave together a message and share it with a wider audience. The communication skills that you’ve been refining over the last several months will come in handy, as will inspiration that you’ve received from friends or colleagues whose soulfulness you admire. To strengthen your ability to share your ideas with others, it’s important to face any fears that you have related to being recognized.

Wellness tip: Try Wild Oat flower essence for extra clarity about career direction.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

As June begins, you may find yourself inspired with a greater level of hope that you can make more money from doing the work that you love. Remembering how valuable you are as you interact with others may be a secret key to greater financial success. Look for role models in your field whose accomplishments you admire and learn about how they tapped into their creative power.

The New Moon provides you an opportunity for exploration. Consider the new horizons — whether travel locations or life goals — that you want to set your sights upon and discover. Turn to your community (whether those IRL or online) for ideas and inspiration, being open-minded to a wide swathe of possibilities.

While you are ushering in the change of seasons on the Solstice, you may also find yourself welcoming in disputes that seem to shake things up a bit. While your Libran nature may not be so happy about the discord, try to find the silver lining: that any aggravation is a clue not only to the inequality of a certain situation but also to how the situation can possibly be remedied. Looking to see how you can further engage your will and fuel yourself into action to defend that which you cherish may be uplifting, energizing, and yield reward.

Wellness tip: Make a vision board.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

The first week of June offers you an opportunity to dig in and further understand the power dynamic that may infuse itself through a financial matter. And with that, you may find yourself better able to communicate what you need, whether about issues in the past or situations moving forward. Look for clues that can help you make sense of a pattern embedded in a relationship; since playing detective suits your nature, you’ve got what it takes to suss out the previously unseen.

Around the Solstice, it may seem like there’s a battle underway between wanting to give it your all at work and your desire to rest and nest at home. Find a balance that works for you so your inner irritation doesn’t upend your ability to revel in the emotional satisfaction that a recent career accomplishment has gifted you.

As the end of the month approaches, family matters may take center stage. Allocate some time to spend with loved ones; leisurely activities may create some ease and opening in connections that had otherwise been semi-frozen. Gingerly addressing past issues may begin to thaw hearts and minds, setting you on a path through which to discover shared admiration and kinship.

Wellness tip: Use Joshua Tree flower essence for releasing inherited family patterns/karma.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your ability to find joy in the subtle and fleeting has been on an upswing in recent weeks. As the month begins, turn your attention to how this has helped to you better understand a current or past partner. Doing so may help you see evidence of love that you may not have previously perceived. This love may even take the form of self-compassion, forgiving yourself for something you did, which can help you to move on with a greater sense of peace in your heart.

With the mid-month New Moon ushering in a new chapter in your relationships, the insights gathered in the previous weeks may serve as important wisdom for how you want to partner in a whole new way. As you consider to whom to say "yes," "no," and "maybe," remember to only fill your dance card with those you think will enhance and expand your life.

As we enter the last week of June, keep your eyes on your finances, notably those that may be shared with or administered by others. If you’ve been taking a back seat to managing money matters, consider a new approach that has you being a more active agent. It’s a valuable time to get a further understanding of the value of money and the creative power that it has when it’s invested in a way that aligns with what you treasure.

Wellness tip: Practice self-compassion.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

The New Moon offers you a gorgeous opportunity to focus in on your routines and rituals. Consider which are making you more productive and which are detracting from your being as efficient and effective as you can be. Don’t just survey these in terms of your work, but also your general outlook and approach to life. Being a bit more systematic when it comes to how you organize your daily activities may pay off in spades (and what Capricorn doesn’t love an enhanced ROI?).

You may gain some insight on this by listening to information shared by others. That’s not to say that it will all be valuable nor that it won’t push some of your buttons; it may. But being amenable to another sharing their perspective, and then filtering it through your sense of inner knowingness, may help you shore up your strength and integrity.

As the end of the month is in sight, relationships come even more to the forefront. Experiences may show you how important it is to navigate partnerships with respect, not just for the other person but also for yourself. It takes two to tango, and during this time you may get valuable insights into who makes a great dance partner, and who doesn’t.

Wellness tip: Learn a new dance style, notably one where you dance with another.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The New Moon inspires a new chapter when it comes to your creativity. Consider how you can further express the unique you that you are. See where your self-expression has been stifled, and tap into your heart to find the courage to bust through those limitations.

Be open to getting a new perspective on what you find beautiful and the art that deeply speaks to you. You may find yourself surprised by what you discover and the value that it holds; not only may it help you to see a pattern from the past more clearly, but it may also give you a new way to structure communication strategies going forward. And with that, you’ll likely gain valuable insight into skills you may need to brush up on, so that you can further forge the power of the message you’re inspired to deliver.

As the month winds down, remember that slow and steady wins the race, and that we can often concentrate our power when we pause and stand still. Through mid-August, you’ve got an amazing opportunity to learn more about how to galvanize your will and use your energy efficiently, and these lessons will come from looking at things from a new angle and trying new strategies.

Wellness tip: Practice mindful eating.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

As June begins, everything may seem quite dreamy. You’re able to be in your flow, that sweet space where things seem to just organically and magically unfold. See if there’s a way to record the inspiration that these days bring you; capture it through art, whether it be drawing, writing, photographing, dancing, or whatever vessel allows you to document what you’re feeling.

This month’s New Moon may have you turning your attention to home — not just the structure in which you live, but the sense of what it feels like to be at home. Where do you feel most at home, with whom, when, and why — these are good inquiries upon which to embark. That said, it’s also a good time to do what you need to have your abode feel more nurturing and nourishing.

During the week of the Solstice, be careful to honor what your imagination and intuition tell you. Yet also make sure that if your head is in the clouds, your two feet are firmly rooted to the ground, to avoid the possibility of mishaps and minor accidents. It’s also a good time to shore up your boundaries and protective veils, including those provided by your immune system, doing what you can — whether via food, supplements, or relaxation practices — to keep it in tip-top shape.

Wellness tip: Practice the yoga poses Mountain and Tree.



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