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The Stellar Fold: May's Astro-Wellness Insights

Our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing, outlines this month's astrological events and lays out wellness insights + an insightful tip for each sign.

Illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

This month’s horoscopes focus upon a stellar event happening in May—Uranus shifting into Taurus—and what that may inspire for your sign.

The planet of creative chaos changing signs is significant because it only happens every seven years. And when it does, it reflects a shift in zeitgeist, inviting us to have breakthroughs in awareness in different realms of our lives.

It’s on May 15 that revolutionary Uranus charges into slow, steady, and sensual Taurus, leaving the pioneering sign of Aries where it’s blazed a trail since March 2011. Yet, its current dwelling in Taurus will be more of a preview than a committed residence, as on November 6 it charges back into Aries for four more months. And then on March 6, 2019, it firmly plants itself in Taurus, where it will remain through 2026.

Seen from this angle of Uranus, May seems to have offer us two invitations for awareness. In the first half, we may gain more clarity as to breakthroughs and redefinitions we’ve experienced the past seven years. In the second half, we get a sneak peek of the arenas of our lives that are calling forth for liberation, change, and creative redefinition. It is through this lens that I shared insights for each sign, which I hope will help inspire your well-being this month.

But first, here are five key astrological alignments that thread themselves through May. For each, I’ve shared an intention, as well as the opportunities and challenges that they may inspire. The date noted is when the celestial event occurs, yet its influence may be felt days before and after.

May 8: Sun/Jupiter Opposition
Expand, Responsibly

Be aware of excess. Embark upon a new learning journey that gives you knowledge you can apply practically. Remember the difference between possibility and probability. Watch a tendency to promise more than you can deliver.

May 15: Taurus New Moon
Delight in The Sensual

Connect to a new rhythm that gives you a sense of grounding and security. Invite in more sensuality, experiencing the pleasure that it inspires. Be practical and pragmatic. Be aware of tendencies to be overly fixed or rigid.

May 16: Mars/Uranus Square
Stay Bouncy

Watch for detours. Be inventive when it comes to how you pursue your desires. Be mindful of how you feel when you’re frustrated. Surprises may catch you off guard but don’t discount that they aren’t valuable.

May 25: Jupiter/Neptune Trine
Dream It

Going with the flow may provide a good road map. Art and compassion rule the day. Watch for overflowing water. It’s a time of seeing how dissolving boundaries sometimes has merit and sometimes creates problems.

May 29: Sagittarius Full Moon
Look to the Horizon

Illumination comes by way of large ideas. Follow the quest to gain a wider perspective of understanding. Yet, just be careful to not miss the trees for the forest. Spiritual and philosophical pursuits may take center stage.

In addition to reading your Sun sign, you should check out the horoscope for your Rising Sign. Also called the Ascendant, your Rising Sign offers an important reflection on how you navigate your life, describing some of the unique aspects of your personality.

(Not sure what your Rising Sign is? Go to to cast your own personal astrology chart, which will show you your Rising Sign.)


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Talk about dusting out the cobwebs! It seems like the last seven years have given you the opportunity to shake up and shake loose some psychic ghouls that had previously haunted you. It’s been a period of facing and sweeping away unconscious patterns that may have previously kept you from feeling at ease and peace. And now it’s time for a huge breakthrough, as this month begins a new chapter in your life: you may find yourself blasting off into territories not yet charted, as you begin to redefine who you are and how you want to navigate your life.

Wellness Tip: Consider shamanic healing or past-life regression.


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Been wanting to explore the deeper terrain of life to feel that you’re living more soulfully, aligned with that sense of flow that’s hard to explain but recognizable when experienced? Well, welcome to the here and now. Beginning this month, and for the next several years, practices that inspire your affinity for Namaste consciousness—that knowingness that everything, at its core, is connected—will bring you bursts of illumination, and etchings of ease. New friends and acquaintances you’ve made over the past seven years may be elemental to guiding you towards resources that help you forge this new path.

Wellness Tip: Record and reflect upon your dreams.


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

I can imagine there’s been a trove of transitions in your career pursuits since 2011, something you’ll likely get additional awareness about as the month begins. Whether inspired by big breakouts or subtle shifts—catalyzed by unexpected events or Aha! moments that surprised even you—where you’re heading may seem really distinct (hopefully in the best sort of way) than where you had anticipated you would have years ago. When mid-May arrives, you may start to see how you can take your new groove and band together with like-minded colleagues to pursue collective projects that appeal to your desire to feed and nurture others.

Wellness Tip: Band together with friends to support each other in achieving your wellness goals.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Things are about to get quite dynamic, notably when it comes to your career. Throughout this month, reflect upon what aspects of your work life have you feeling boxed in, feeling like you want to break out and do something new—even if you don’t know what that new thing is. Just pay attention to what feels old and outworn as well as to what feels attractive and interesting in an unanticipated type of way. See how all of this aligns with how you have redefined your life goals over the past several years to get a glimpse as to the new pursuits upon which you are about to embark.

Wellness Tip: Wild Oat flower essence, for gaining more clarity on your career inspirations.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The first part of the month may provide you with opportunities to gain a greater level of understanding about all you’ve learned in the past several years related to opening to deeper levels of intimacy and vulnerability. And then as mid-month arrives, you may find yourself redefining your horizons and the territory you feel pulled to explore. This awareness may catch you off guard or even surprise you; yet, see how your having a different vantage point can actually show you things that give you a unique perspective that has you seeing the bigger picture in a whole new way.

Wellness Tip: Create a vision board.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Sharing is caring is one of those statements easy to say, but sometimes harder to do; yet, it’s something of which you’re about to become a master. While the past years have offered you surprises that have shown you what you need in partnerships, your lived experience of this is about to become even more deeply etched. Your understanding of what it means to get into bed with someone—whether literally or figuratively—will likely shift and evolve over the coming years; look for the second half of May to give you a glimpse into how matters of intimacy touch you ever so deeply and how they can be a fount of incredible growth and freedom.

Wellness Tip: Read—and/or practice—sacred sexuality.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

As May begins, you may find that your understanding of what really matters when it comes to your well-being comes into greater focus. You may get some great insights into how, over the past several years, you’ve really become an agent for your health, and how different this is from the way you used to approach your well-being. As the middle of the month arrives, so too may interesting and unique partnership opportunities and/or the knowledge as to what it takes for relationships to be health-supportive rather than health-diminishing.

Wellness Tip: Shake up your exercise routine.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your heart has burst open over the past several years, in ways you likely wouldn’t have anticipated. And even if it’s all not always been a stroll in the park, tapping into your childlike nature—whether through an expanded sense of creativity and/or by spending time with children—may be a newly discovered fount of freedom that you can continue to parlay as time goes on. As mid-May arrives, you may find that some of your attention turns to your health, in a different way than before, as you may also find yourself becoming interested in different self-care therapies you’ve yet to try.

Wellness Tip: Go to a playground and frolic on the swings.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

How has your lived experience of home changed in the past several years? What have you learned about what you need to feel rooted, what has you feel that you have a solid foundation underfoot? Reflecting upon this the first two weeks of May could bring a breakthrough in awareness. It may also then help you to see how you want to weave more color, joy, and creativity into your life moving forward; this is something you may get a strong sneak-peek of the second half of the month as well as seeing just how life feels more beautiful when you’re living from your heart.

Wellness Tip: Apply some feng shui principles to a room in your home.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The past seven years have given you numerous opportunities to be innovative when it comes to educating yourself and others. And while you will likely continue to tweak and redesign the schema of your communication approaches and platforms over the coming year, when mid-May arrives you may also find yourself turning your attention to a new vista: that of home, and what gives you and others a sense of roots and grounding. Be surprised when it comes to family matters, and how they may matter more than you previously considered.

Wellness Tip: Dedicate at least 10 minutes each day to journaling.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

You’ve come a long way in the past several years regarding recognizing and owning the value that you have…and that you are. It may have come in a series of small breakthroughs here and there; yet, the the cumulative effect is quite profound, and possibly surprising if you think about how you saw your worth—and worthiness—years ago. With the first half of this month providing you ample reminders of your richness, you may find that as mid-May arrives you unearth a previously undiscovered desire to share what you know with others.

Wellness Tip: Larch flower essence, for promoting belief in your value.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Since 2011, you’ve shapeshifted who you are. You’ve broken out of old patterns and re-emerged with a whole new you. And while this shift isn’t complete—it’s a long-life journey, after all—when mid-month arrives, it's time to begin turning your sites upon shaking up a new realm of your life: that of your finances. This month, consider how the new way you’ve approached life in the past several years has informed your sense of worth and focus upon seeing how you’re much more valuable than you’ve previously given yourself credit.

Wellness Tip: Write yourself a love letter.



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