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The Stellar Fold: November's Astro-Wellness Insights

Get your wellness-scope for November 2017 from our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing.
All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

The big theme and message for November 2017: dig deep, release fear + dive into your power. Here are several key astrological alignments that occur this month and the inspirations they may yield, personally and collectively. The date noted is when the celestial events exactly occur, yet their influence may be felt days before and after. (Note that the days noted in the Stellar Datebook and Horoscopes correlate with the Eastern Time Zone.)

November 4

Taurus Full Moon

Dive into pleasure. Pragmatic passions. Sensual + sexual delight. Money is power. Occult rituals.

November 11

Saturn/Uranus: Trine

Break and remake patterns. Architect change. Find innovative rules. Learn from past rebellions. Develop new methods of resilience.

November 13

Venus/Jupiter: Conjunction

Learn about art. Expanding social circles. Growing wealth. Foreign beauties. Big love.

November 18

Scorpio New Moon

See below the surface. Feel deeply. Death and rebirth. Suss out secrets. Stirring the pot.

November 22

Neptune: Stations Direct

Poetic notions. Overflowing rivers. Spaced out. Compassionate connections. Meeting the muse.

Scroll down to get more personalized guidance to help you better navigate the opportunities and challenges that November may offer. In addition to reading your Sun sign, you should check out the horoscope for your Rising Sign. Also called the Ascendant, your Rising Sign offers an important reflection on how you navigate your life, describing some of the unique aspects of your personality.

(Not sure what your Rising Sign is? Go to to cast your own personal astrology chart, which will show you your Rising Sign.)



A collaboration could yield great illumination as the month begins. You may find yourself getting an even more clear view into just how coming together with another person lets you shine in an even more radiant way. That said, if there have been any imbalances in the power dynamic that have left you feeling a slight sense of inferiority, these could come to light. Taking the time to assess your investments—whether your money or your time—may pay off in spades.

Since last December, you’ve likely embarked upon a new journey, one that had you exploring previously uncharted territory, whether in your work, home, or personal life. This month, notably the first several weeks, may provide you with a window into seeing just how you’ve changed. Be proud of yourself: it wasn’t necessarily always an easy path to pursue, and yet your stay-with-it endurance has helped you craft a way of approaching your life with a greater sense of freedom.

Sexy, sultry, steamy…this S-word trio may seem to imbue the atmosphere for you around the New Moon on the 18th. Focus in on ways in which you can invite more intimacy into your life. Around the same time, you may find that work partnerships are heating up. If an impatient client or overly assertive colleague rubs you the wrong way, hold your ground and yet be really thoughtful in how you react. If not, you could find that a short fuse detonates a blow-up that you later regret.

Wellness tip: Foster your whodunit mind by reading a mystery.

Ask yourself: What are three ways that I’ve changed in the past year?

Be mindful of…power dynamics that have you feeling inferior.



This month’s Full Moon on the 4th is a big one for you. Not only is it the annual lunation when the Moon is in your sign, but your planetary ruler Venus happens to be quite active around this time. All this points to your keen ability to more clearly appreciate the value of certain partnerships, notably ones in which the other person really acknowledges your point of view.

During the first week of the month, shaking up how you approach systems and the ways in which you organize your work flow may lead to unexpected results. It’s as if doing so shakes open some possibilities for discovering financial support that was otherwise cloaked from view. As the middle of the month arrives, this may yield a significant payout, with friends—or friends of friends—being instrumental in providing you with important resources. Consider how your almost-unwavering faith that others would eventually lend support may have played a role in recent manifestations. All this lends important insight into how alliances can be recrafted to further yield reward, something you may gain another level of understanding about as the New Moon arrives on the 18th.

In the days following, if you find yourself emotionally triggered by something that either a sibling or a neighbor says, be careful not to keep it under wraps and let it fester. Bring it to light and start to work it through—whether by journaling, having it inspire art, or engaging in a thoughtful conversation; this way it can be creative fodder rather than just a catalyst for brewing anger.

Wellness tip: Jump rope or bounce on a trampoline.

Ask yourself: What are some ways my faith in others adds value to my life?

Be mindful of…not expressing anger or frustration in a timely manner.



Been wanting a get-away to help you reset and recharge your batteries? The first weekend of the month was tailor-made for that. Even taking an hour or two away from your daily routines and engaging in activities that promote your vitality can be really rewarding. Take a bath, go on a hike, get a massage, or settle in with a good book (while putting your phone on Airplane Mode to curtail interruptions). And sleep…in fact, in truly stellar synchronicity for you, this weekend of recharging occurs as Daylight Savings Time ends, gifting you with an extra hour of zzz’s.

Mid-month, let yourself dream. Invite your imagination in during the day, seeing what it can help you cook up, while also paying attention to your nighttime dreams and the awareness that they may offer. Turning to your intuition when it comes to how to proceed with a work project, notably one that involves other people, can make space for a creative solution. Just be careful to keep unrealistic expectations in check so as to avoid feeling let down (or taken advantage of).

You know that conversation you’ve been avoiding having with a friend, colleague, or your significant other? As Thanksgiving weekend rolls around, you may find that you just can’t ignore it anymore as doing so is leaving you depleted of energy and a sense of authority. Members of your community may provide you with unexpected insights into the situation, allowing you to gain newfangled understanding that gives you the strength you need to have “that conversation” in the early part of the last week of the month.

Wellness tip: Take a personal self-care day (or at least a few hours away).

Ask yourself: What does my intuition say about how to proceed with my work project?

Be mindful of…giving yourself time and space to dream.



As November begins, it’s a good time reflect upon how you feel about your work life. And while you’re in a reflective space, look to see if there’s something at home that’s been bothering you, and negatively influencing how you approach your work day; identifying it may give you just the awareness you need to work it out and let it go.

Around the Full Moon on the 4th you may see how it’s pleasure that holds the key for you feeling more passionate about your pursuits. Consider whether there are changes you want to make in your life that will allow you to connect to more joy, as well as the confidence that you’re making choices that align with your heart. Look to your circle of friends, or to communities with which you are involved, and see whether you can identify people you feel to be artists, who live their life freely expressing who they are. By doing so, you may find yourself identifying aspirations that allow you to set your sights upon creating new goals that will infuse your life with more wealth.

This may lead to awareness that also informs a change that you may find yourself wanting to make around the New Moon on the 18th. The days after this lunation accord with a time when you can usher in a new chapter in your life related to romance, artistry, and creativity. Letting yourself be more playful, tapping into a child-like spirit of freedom and abandon, may be key to living life with even more love that you already do.

Wellness tip: Do art: paint, draw, sculpt, dance, play music or another creative endeavor that speaks to your heart.

Ask yourself: How can I connect with more joy?

Be mindful of…orienting with more childlike wonder.



As the November arrives, reflect back on an important lesson or two that you learned from your parents. It may be something positive—perhaps a fond memory of one of them sharing some advice that has helped you shape your life path. Or maybe it’s a lesson than came from another angle, like how doing something they did has led you to greater success. Reminding yourself of ways in which they influenced you may energize some important awareness, bringing something to light that can have you feeling a greater sense of faith in yourself.

They say home is where the heart is. And given that Leo is the sign associated with the heart, it’s quite important for you to have your dwelling be nurturing so that you can feel more at home within yourself. If you’ve been looking for a celestial-supportive opportunity to brighten the energy of your residence, the New Moon on the 18th may be just what you’re waiting for. Get ideas from magazines, Pinterest boards, or your style-whiz friends; who knows, if you wait just a week or so, you may even snag some Thanksgiving sale savings. Yet polishing up your place need not even involve new purchases; opening up the energy flow by moving the furniture around can also do wonders.

Heed the invitation of creativity that’s coming your way a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Whether it’s adding your own personal flair to that pumpkin pie recipe, making some DIY holiday decorations, or choosing the most fun bar to get drinks with your friends over the coming weekend, focus on finding a way to light up your life with more creativity and fun.

Wellness tip: Read about feng shui and apply some of its principles in your home.

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Be mindful of…the ways in which your parents have influenced you.



The first few days of November may provide you with an opportunity to take an idea you’ve been birthing and share it with a wider audience. By giving others a peak into what you’ve been working on, you could get a better sense of how your message lands, ways in which to strengthen it, and/or platforms through which to distribute it. That said, be careful to only share it with those you feel are quite trustworthy, and if the situation requires, consider pulling out an NDA.

Shining your holiday spirit around your neighborhood around the New Moon on the 18th can yield great rewards. Give thanks to the local merchant who always stocks your favorite libation, pay props to your neighbor who’ll cat-sit for you in a pinch, or smile even more brightly at the postal carrier who brings you much appreciated snail mail. Doing so will have you feel more connected to where you live, and may help you weave an even tighter community that can support you whether in good times, or challenging ones.

Also start to turn your attention to your home, seeing whether there is anything that needs a bit of TLC. Whether it’s fixing that wobbly bookshelf, WD-40ing the creaky door hinge, or sanding the rough edge of that farm house chair your sister gave you, taking care of disrepair now may save you from more consequential breakdowns around Thanksgiving weekend.

Wellness tip: Include walking or running through your neighborhood in your exercise regimen.

Ask yourself: What two things do I treasure most about the area in which I live?

Be mindful of…who you feel you can trust with your ideas and who you can’t.



As November begins, themes of worth and value take center stage for you. Your sites may be set on money matters, as you consider how to generate and/or save more. What also may relatedly capture your attention is how money does matter: how the choices you’ve made related to making money have influenced how you see the world, and see yourself. This awareness can spark a new way of navigating your life; remember that your self-value isn’t inherently connected to money, and yet it’s not a negative thing to stand for the value you have by asking for the money you deserve (something you may be even more galvanized to do mid-month).

This new way of viewing your self-worth may have you re-balance a relationship dynamic. Yet be aware that your new way of orienting may take others by surprised if they have held a well-entrenched view of what they can expect from you. It may take them a little while to find even footing with the “new you.” That said, there’s much to be learned from how they may respond.

As the middle of the month arrives, spending some time organizing your things and/or crafting new systems may yield unexpected treasure. In addition to the freedom that comes with having less clutter, you may find things of value that you perhaps didn’t even know were missing. These may be items that hold tangible value—a lost earring, an uncashed check, or the like. Yet, additionally, what you may discovery could relate to a new way of viewing your approach to your work, which will enhance your sense of confidence and provide a path forward that could lead to greater fortune.

Wellness tip: Start a gratitude journal.

Ask yourself: What gets in my way of seeing my full value?

Be mindful of…how people react when you act differently than they are accustomed.



As the Full Moon on the 4th illuminates your relationship realm, partnerships are all the rage for you, an arena of life that can yield fulfillment and reward. Yet, with partnerships all the rage, it’s also important to look deep within to see whether any unexpressed anger is at the root of feelings of frustration with a friend. If so, see whether the moment feels right to express your feelings and clear the air and re-invigorate the relationship.

The New Moon on the 18th heralds the ushering in of new beginnings. With both the Sun and Moon in your sign, it could feel like a fresh chapter is about to emerge, notably as related to the vehicle you use to navigate your life. This may literally be the way that you transport yourself from place to place—whether by car, bike, or public transit. Or it could be related to your body, the way you carry yourself and/or your personal sense of style. See which of these may feel ripe for re-orientation and invest in an approach that feels in alignment with how you’ve evolved.

As the next day features a tense dance between your two planetary allies, Mars and Pluto, as you craft this fresh start, it feels important to make sure that you’re being honest with yourself—and possibly others—about what truly motivates you. If you’re less than conscious about your true desires and yearnings, you could find you’ve relegated yourself to the sidelines rather than openly going after what’s important. Dig deep into your desires, believe in yourself, and reconnect to the strength of commitment that is inherent within you.

Wellness tip: Scarlet Monkeyflower, for connecting to and healthfully expressing anger.

Ask yourself: What truly motivates me?

Be mindful of…a desire to begin again in some area of your life.



You know those projects you’ve been waiting for a “rainy day” to complete? Well, even if there’s no rain the first three weeks of the month, carve out space during this period to tie up some loose ends. Doing so will offer you a great sense of freedom and the opportunity to invite in new adventures—two things that Sagittarius loves. Re-attending to an unfinished project can also provide you with an experience to further understand something that’s quite meaningful—something else near and dear to a Sagittarius’ heart.

Cultivating your intuition is a big theme this month. The Full Moon on the 4th can shed light on practical approaches that can help you better tune in and trust your inner listening. Whether it’s writing in a dream journal, learning more about the tarot, starting a daily meditation practice, or something similar, crafting a new routine can be really illuminating. And it may be just the thing that leads you to further awareness of how to foster a stronger sense of inner knowing, with opportunities to do so likely coming your way after the New Moon on the 18th.

Reward comes through relationships the second weekend of the month. It’s not only a period to find enjoyment from hanging out with friends but also opportunities for expanding your worldview. Be on the lookout for cultural events that are usually not on your radar yet that are currently drawing your attention; it’s a time of expanding your definition of what’s fun as well as what’s meaningful, both of which can help you recraft how you move through life.

Wellness tip: Star Tulip flower essence, for cultivating your inner listening.

Ask yourself: What loose ends want to be tied up?

Be mindful of…how it feels to close a chapter.



November may provide you with greater understanding related to family inheritances.

While this could relate to money and material objects, this inheritance-awareness likely will come forth in numerous other ways. For example, it may become even clearer how a deep-seated fear or motivation seems to mirror that of a parent or grandparent, or even perhaps is characteristic of your ancestral lineage. By seeing this, it can help you to better understand yourself and others, leading to even greater compassion as well as the ability to further free yourself of self-limiting patterns.

Finding yourself with a love-hate relationship with technology? After the New Moon on the 18th you could find a new approach emerging. You’ll gain further awareness into how your social media habits both distract and contribute to your reaching important goals. Based upon what you become aware of, do an experiment for one week engaging with technology in a different way. What you discover may have really interesting—and practical—applications.

The last week of November is one where carving out quiet time can create amazing opportunities for growth. If you’ve been wanting to kick-start a new mindfulness practice, this week offers an amazing opportunity to do so. Whether it’s dedicating yourself to meditate (even for just 5 minutes) each day, reading an inspirational book, or catching yourself when you drift off to the past or future instead of being in the present, these activities will pay off with great reward.

Wellness tip: Joshua Tree flower essence, for releasing patterns passed down generation to generation.

Ask yourself: How can I carve out more quiet time?

Be mindful of...your relationship with technology.



Do you feel at home at work? Is your current career pursuit emotionally fulfilling? Does your public persona align with who you really know yourself to be? These are some of the questions that may grab your attention the first week of November. By surveying your work, and how/if it resonates with your personal life, you’ll gain important awareness. This is one of the gifts for Aquarius that that Full Moon on the 4th may bring.

Speaking of gifts, this past year has offered you a very important one—the ability to really step into being you on an even deeper level. With your two planetary rulers—Saturn and Uranus—in a harmonious relationship since December, it’s been a time of acknowledging your unique approach to life, and seeing how instead of being something that separates you, it’s actually the power source that helps you connect to others. With this alignment quite strong mid-month, not only will you be in your groove but you’ll get to better understand just what your groove is.

The last week of the month may bring some important lessons related to how to be an even more responsible steward of the community. Reflect upon the groups and associations that are important to you and see whether there is any way to further support them, notably in terms of helping them get their message across. While there’s an opportunity to use your natural “let’s-look-to-the-future” orientation to help forward a collective’s visions and aims, it’s important to only commit to the responsibilities you know you can realistically undertake so that you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Wellness tip: Cosmos flower essence, for strengthening your voice and ability to communicate your ideas.

Ask yourself: How is my uniqueness my superpower?

Be mindful of…how you’ve stepped into feeling more authentically you, and how that feels.



You’re a natural born teacher. With your keen sensitivity, you’re able to deliver information in ways that align with others’ needs, seamlessly helping people expand their understanding. Whether you’re sharing important lessons from the school of life, or information on a topic that speaks to your soul, you can be a beacon of illumination. Any doubts about this may become washed away the first week of November, as the Full Moon illuminates not only opportunities to help inspire others but new ways to more readily do so.

As the middle of the month approaches, turn your attention to a work project, one about which you had big dreams and visions for great success. If it’s not succeeded as you had imagined, instead of just swimming in disappointment, see if you can glean any Ahas! about why that has been. The insights that you gather may be exceptionally helpful in the near future as you formulate another project, allowing it to be designed in a way that maximizes value for both you and your audience.

With your planetary muse, Neptune, quite powerful Thanksgiving week, you may find yourself really tuned in, even more than usual…not only to others but also to yourself. You could find that any armor you’ve been recently wearing around your heart, installed to lessen the possibility of feeling flooded by emotions, just naturally drops away. And instead of feeling inundated, this actually has you strengthened, with experiences reminding you that your sensitivity is your great strength, not something of which to be afraid.

Wellness tip: Go dancing.

Ask yourself: How can I further step into the role of teacher?

Be mindful of…how you armor, and how it feels to let it go.



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