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The Stellar Fold: October's Astro-Wellness Insights

Get your wellness-scope for October 2017 from our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing.
All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

Here's the big theme and message for October 2017: explore the unexplored. Below are several key astrological alignments that occur this month and the inspirations they may yield, personally and collectively. The date noted is when the celestial event occurs, yet its influence may be felt days before and after. Scroll further to find the specific horoscope for your sign.

October 5
Aries Full Moon

Fight for beauty. Balance the "I" with the "we." Marry love and desire. Assert diplomacy. Find novelty in a relationship.

October 10
Jupiter enters Scorpio (through November 8, 2018)

Orient from deep emotions. Own your shadow. Suss out secrets. All-or-nothing attitudes. Passion and possessiveness. 

October 19
Libra New Moon

Weighing and measuring. Truth and beauty. The scales of justice. Our style of compromising. Attracted to fairness.

October 26
Sun/Jupiter: Conjunction

Shining brightly. Risk of over-promising. Expansive confidence. Excessive egotism. Pushing limits.

October 27
Venus/Pluto: Square

Deep love. Relationship secrets. Power dynamics. Valuing transformation. Underground riches.

Scroll down to get more personalized guidance to help you better navigate the opportunities and challenges that October may offer. In addition to reading your Sun sign, you should check out the horoscope for your Rising Sign. Also called the Ascendant, your Rising Sign offers an important reflection on how you navigate your life, describing some of the unique aspects of your personality.

(Not sure what your Rising Sign is? Go to to cast your own personal astrology chart, which will show you your Rising Sign.)

P.S. If you want to gain more stellar insights into the coming months, check out Stephanie’s new online course, Stellar Lookbook: Astrological Insights for Fall 2017.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The first week of October is a great time to really focus in on your work. The key to building greater success may reside in actively getting more systems in place. By doing so, you’ll spend less time wondering where that particular file is and more time focusing on your bigger achievement objectives. Consider what you really value — what really has meaning for you — and then focus your energy on making it happen. This will not only help you with concrete goals, but also with feeling better about your reputation and the legacy you are building for yourself and others.

As the Full Moon arrives on the 5th, you have an opportunity to see a partnership more clearly; in particular, you may get a new vantage point that allows you to see if you’re truly getting certain needs met. The route to this may come through doing an inventory of your desires, making a list (even if just a mental one) of what they are and what their status is. This will let you see what adjustments need to be made, whether on your own or with another, so that you feel better in your relationship.

Doing this early in the month will be valuable because it can give you the insights needed to re-forge a new partnership dynamic when the New Moon arrives on the 19th. It’s a time when you may gain even more understanding related to issues that get in the way of confidently pooling resources with another person. It may be illuminating to better understand what holds them — or perhaps you — back from more freely adopting a “mi casa es su casa” perspective.

Wellness tip: Create a list of all your current desires. 

Ask yourself: What holds me back from pooling resources with the person I most trust?

Be mindful of…whether you have the right systems in place to achieve your goals. 


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Love is in the air the first week of October. It’s that kind of love that has you feeling expansive and gives you a wider perspective. It’s the kind of love that’s not limited to being directed towards one person but rather that sense of heart-opening that you feel when you know that you’re sharing the depths of yourself in aim of something that’s really important to you. Revel in the captivating experience it provides, and allow that to further inspire your creative pursuits.

After the New Moon on the 19th, you may find yourself being open to new self-care solutions. Instead of trying to discover them on your own, consider experiences and advice that friends and colleagues shared in the past few days; cull through what they suggested so that you can find inspiration and new approaches to taking better care of yourself.

Are there places that you’re holding on too tightly, where you feel that if you don’t assert a strong level of control, something will get pulled away from you? Reflecting upon this during the last week of the month may provide you with some really great awareness. You can see where you clench and where you may want to practice a bit more detachment. Look to see how this brings more ease, even if the path to getting there has you facing some things that you’d rather not look at.

Wellness tip: Call up three friends and inquire about their current wellness regimens.

Ask yourself: What does it mean to be in control?

Be mindful of…how feeling love inspires your creativity. 


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

What do I want to say? Really and truly, what do I want to say? These and similar questions may be taking up a fair share of your attention the first-plus week of the month. You have the ability to radiate your wisdom to a community important to you. And yet, with that comes responsibility for delivering your message with the heart and depth that it requires. Remembering that your words can touch people on an emotional level and inspire transformation can galvanize your confidence that you’re up to the mission.

Whatever sharing or learning comes from this group process may leave you with unexpected awareness. You may likely be able to see how a new technology that weaves together different voices actually allows the space for recognizing the individuals involved.

Big ideas may come to you around the time of the New Moon on the 19th. Allow yourself to think in more broad-stroked terms, expanding your perspective so you can see a bigger picture. It’s an amazing time to cast a wide net when it comes to solutions related to a work problem. Speaking of work, you may also be able to get more awareness as to whether a certain self-care approach is really working for you. Consider how working on bettering your health need not be work — how it need not be boring but rather can be fun.

Wellness tip: Use cosmos flower essence for galvanizing clarity in communication.

Ask yourself: How can I communicate from a deeper place in my heart?

Be mindful of…what it is you truly want to say.


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Do I feel satisfied by my career? Does my public self match my private self? Do my loved ones support my goals and all that I want to achieve? These may be some of the questions that capture your attention as the month begins. When the Full Moon arrives on the 5th, you could find yourself gaining a lot more clarity as to the answers.

You can access an upswing of creativity the second week of October. Yet, mind you, this isn’t going to be transient or a passing fancy. It is actually the start of a new year-long period in which exploring your artistic side will offer you great opportunities. It will be a year in which tuning into your heart, taking creative risks and living your life with more childlike wonder may be key to your happiness and success.

As the New Moon arrives on the 19th, you may find yourself inviting in a new chapter when it comes to your home and family life. Consider who and what it is that has you feeling the most grounded, supported and connected to a sense of security. Remember that even if things feel shaken up, you know how to find nourishment. That said, if you’re like many Cancers, your go-to may be to be the go-to for others. Before you instinctively go into nurturing mode, see if you can allow for others to nurture and support you. This will be valuable in the here and the now, as well as moving forward.

Wellness tip: Cook a meal with a friend.

Ask yourself: How can I feel even more satisfied with my career?

Be mindful of…any limiting stories you have about yourself that block your creativity.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You have access to really bright ideas, notably as the second week of the month arrives — and you don’t have to look too far for their inspiration. Even just walking around your neighborhood, and striking up conversations with locals, may provide the input needed for accessing ideas that help you to better understanding something. Yet that “something” isn’t just a fleeting thought or something frivolous; rather, it may be a concept that can be transformative, helping to shape-shift the everyday systems you use, whether those that benefit you at home or at work.

This theme of learning continues throughout the month and likely will be a big focus around the New Moon on the 19th. It’s a time to begin a new chapter when it comes to setting goals for educating yourself. Instead of relying upon your go-to visions and goals, start fresh, giving yourself permission to think big, shaking up preconceived notions of what’s possible. What do you really want to learn, and what are some non-traditional ways of exploring these topics? Framing the educational journey this way may yield great benefits.

As the last weekend of the month approaches, turning your attention to your home may yield wonderful rewards. Hosting a gathering, even an intimate gathering with your BFFs, will not only be fun, but can allow you to access more understanding as to the value of where you reside. Additionally, it’s a time when a family resource that’s usually overlooked may show itself to be more of a treasure than previously assumed.

Wellness tip: Take more frequent walks around your neighborhood.

Ask yourself: What are the things that I most love about my home?

Be mindful of…new approaches to learning and education.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Money may be a hot topic for you the first-plus week of the month. It may take up much space in your mind and your conversations. Learn as much as feels interesting, trusting that others may be key to accessing insights that you can’t get to on your own.

That said, traversing the terrain of finances may feel prickly, leaving you a bit uncomfortable. If you’re shying away from dialogues you feel you want to have, take a moment, or several, to understand why. Is it because you know that the timing isn’t right, and it would be counterproductive to your cause? Or is it because the subject matter feels intense and button-pushing? If the former, consider delaying. If the latter, see how you can face your fears and have confidence that the buttons that are being pushed are those that can switch on greater healing and growth.

Regardless of your choice earlier in the month, you’ll get more opportunities to revisit the subject of finances as the weeks progress. Around the new Moon on the 19th, you could find yourself feeling more confident in wanting to uphold, support and claim your worth and value. Conversations that may seem pedestrian on the surface, or information gathered as you go about doing your daily life, may actually provide you with access to awareness you need to start a new chapter when it comes to how you manage your money matters.

Wellness tip: Use larch flower essence for inspiring a greater sense of self-worth.

Ask yourself: What does it look like to live a rich life?

Be mindful of…unconscious fears that have you not fully embracing your earning potential.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The Full Moon on the 5th may bring you illumination regarding a relationship. You could see how your subconscious stories — whether those related to fear, lack or not being deserving of getting what you desire — have set in motion a partnership pattern that doesn’t fully serve you. That clarity has great value and may be just what you need to re-chart a course that feels more balanced.

With the New Moon on the 19th occurring in your sign, it may feel like you’re on the advent of a new beginning. It’s as if someone (aka you) hit the “refresh” button on your life. and you’re about to begin orienting in a whole new way. How you know yourself, and want others to know you, is shifting, and with that you can find a deeper sense of alignment. Making sure that this new way in which you feel drawn to chart your life has you tapping into your inherent skills and talents can only but help you to flourish.

The last weekend of the month may have you experiencing the effects of recent transformations in your family or home life. It may feel like a time of intensity, and yet remember that if you tap into your inner vault of strength, you’ll be able to be there for people in a really meaningful and appreciated way. Don’t discount your ability to hold space for people, giving them the comfort to be themselves and feel all they feel: an essential ingredient for healing.

Wellness tip: Rearrange the furniture in one room, seeing how that shakes up the flow of energy.

Ask yourself: How would I define my personal sense of style, and has it recently changed?

Be mindful of…ways in which you want to re-chart an important relationship.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

On October 10th, expand-your-horizons Jupiter will dive into Scorpio for a 13-month residence. And with this, you’re about to embark upon a year-long adventure, one in which your focus is future-oriented and you’ll feel more steeped in a sense of optimism than usual. It’s a time of growth, a period in which you’ll likely evaluate experiences based upon whether they have you feeling more expansive and abundant. Thinking back 12 years ago, the last time that Jupiter was in Scorpio, may help you to further hone in on the possibility for self-improvement and seeing a wider vista that this period may yield.

Before the 10th, you have a great opportunity to tie up some loose ends. Whether it’s a closet that’s almost clean, a website project that’s close to being complete or a meeting you’ve been procrastinating to schedule, turn your attention to putting the finishing touches on something. Doing so will leave you with a liberated storehouse of energy and attention to turn to your new pursuits.

What do you have planned for the pre-Halloween weekend? Whatever it is, keep open the possibility that there could be some stickiness in a relationship if one or both of you has been less than honest. If your suspicious mind feels like it’s doing double-duty, instead of brooding with the “what ifs,” talk to your friend or partner, bringing your concerns to light. This way you’ll be able to get a better understanding as to what is — or isn’t — looming below the surface.

Wellness tip: Thinking ahead to next fall, create three wellness goals you want to reach.

Ask yourself: What loose ends need tying up?

Be mindful of…orienting towards growth with a respect for natural limits.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

During the first-plus week of October, you could find yourself reaping the rewards of investments that you have made in your community. Reflecting back over the past year, see how coming together with like-minded individuals, as well as all you’ve learned about a new technology, have given you a greater sense of what’s possible in your life.

Also, look back to last fall, and see how your hopes, dreams and wishes may have evolved. It’s quite worthwhile to be focused upon this trio in the days leading up to the New Moon on the 19th. That’s because this lunation may help you inspire a new chapter when it comes to aligning your life vision in a way that feels more deeply connected to your current aspirations. Also, around this time, if you feel a push-pull between wanting to be amongst a group of people and also wanting to be alone, honor that. Sequence your days in a way that allow you to tap into both nurturing experiences.

As the last full week of the month arrives, you may find yourself clamoring to get away. Taking a sabbatical from your usual routine and environs may be great medicine. Whether it’s a weekend get-away, afternoon spa treat, or even just activating the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone for an hour, going on retreat can be a rewarding route to finding peace and nurturance.

Wellness tip: Investigate health-oriented apps to find one that may help you to better reach your wellness goals.

Ask yourself: How can I balance my need for alone time and my need to be amongst those I love?

Be mindful of…the need for quiet and reflection.    


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Recent changes may have you surveying your family and professional life, seeing how unfolding events in one may have impacts on the other. Keeping your focus upon this is important, as is having confidence that you’ll make the adjustments necessary to be able to honor the flourishing of both. As the Full Moon arrives on the 5th, this balancing act may capture your attention even more.

During the second week of the month, you’ll likely get a reminder that most things of value take time to build. If you’ve invested in relationships that you knew to have integrity, you could find that they are now yielding a dividend. If, on the other hand, you find yourself frustrated with someone, or feeling that you’ve been giving more than you’ve been getting, it may seem like a time to right the course of the relationship. It’s not a time, though, to rush from point A to point B; moving at a diligent pace may not only have you reap rewards but also stem off inefficiencies.

Don’t be surprised by surprises that could come your way around the New Moon on the 19th notably related to your career. Be open to the unexpected, remembering that you’ve got time-tested resilience and intelligence as your go-to’s in figuring out how to quickly adapt. If you find yourself wanting to have a bit more freedom and creativity in what you do, and want to shake up a pattern that you’re tired of, look for creative ways on how you may begin to make that happen.

Wellness tip: Regularly stretch your calf muscles, a practice whose benefits include enhancing the resilience of your ankles and knees.

Ask yourself: How can I enhance my adaptiveness when I encounter a surprise?

Be mindful of…not rushing from point A to point B.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Your heart and mind may be quite aroused by the mysterious the second week of the month. This could run the gamut from orienting towards the occult to scouring the mysteries section of your favorite bookstore to finishing up that C.G. Jung book on archetypes and the collective unconscious that you started in college. In whichever way it manifests, honor a desire to dive deep as well as to acknowledge the beauty of your truth-seeking mind, all the while remembering that the acquiring of deep wisdom takes time.

Mid-month, bibliomancy may hold the key to stellar insights. While its name may seem daunting, the activity isn’t. Here’s how you practice bibliomancy: After crafting a question whose answer you want to seek, open a book to an arbitrary page and hone in on the first sentence (or sentences) that catches your eye. See what awareness it conjures for you, and how an answer that may have seemed “random” actually catalyzes some new awareness.

The New Moon on the 19th may have you wanting to shake things up. That goal that you set but haven’t made any progress on? See whether in fact it’s really that important (and if it is, explore alternative routes for accomplishing it). That trip you’re planning yet which isn’t seeming as exciting as you had hoped? Go back to the drawing board and see if there’s a way to re-envision your itinerary, so that it has the verve that originally drew you to that destination. There’s a new journey presenting itself to you; make the best of it by being open to the innovative rather than just resting in rote.

Wellness tip: Practice bibliomancy.

Ask yourself: What wants to get shaken up?

Be mindful of…when you’re resting in rote, even when you know it doesn’t serve you.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

During the first week of October, you’re open to illumination regarding how to more confidently secure what’s of value to you. The path to that may be through finding a way to balance a sense of “I’ve got this” and “I need you”—finding a way that both maintain their veracity, without one discounting the other. Discovering common ground between you and another regarding what you desire may be key to negotiating an arrangement that feels harmonious to all parties.

Into Me See is an insightful phonetic for Intimacy. It reflects how this experience gives someone a first-row seat into our inner sanctum, allowing them to view who we are. We often think of intimacy as something we share (or are afraid to share) with another. On the New Moon on the 19th, make investing in creating more intimacy a goal. Yet, don’t limit it to an experience you share with another. First focus on yourself, and seeing ways that you can more clearly see, lovingly see, yourself.

The last full week of October may provide you with an opportunity to expand your understanding of some broad-vision subjects. As such, turn your attention to the realm of philosophical or spiritual studies. It’s also a great time to concentrate on your dreams, being open to the insights that they may provide you. Not only will turning your attention to the numinous feel satisfying, it will also help you to feel a greater sense of alignment with who you are and how you go about navigating your life.

Wellness tip: Explore neo-tantra and/or read erotica.

Ask yourself: How can I become more intimate with myself?

Be mindful of…when you want to go it alone at the expense of forging a deeper connection with another.



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