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The Stellar Fold: September's Astro-Wellness Insights

Get your wellness-scope for September 2017 from our resident astrologist and wellness expert, Stephanie Gailing.
All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

All illustrations by Teresa Grasseschi

Here's the big theme and message for September 2017: craft change that aligns with your integrity. Below are several key astrological alignments that occur this month and the inspirations they may yield, personally and collectively. The date noted is when the celestial event occurs, yet its influence may be felt days before and after. Scroll further to find the specific horoscope for your sign.

September 5
Mercury: Stations Direct (reflecting the completion of the current Mercury Retrograde cycle)

Ideas move forward. Heart-centered conversations. Dignity in dialogues. Build bridges of integrity. Information overload.

September 6
Pisces Full Moon

Miracles of healing. Categorizing our dreams. The power of prayer. Discerning when we’re being idealistic. The rational versus imaginative.

September 19
Virgo New Moon

Being of service. Harvesting the fruits of our labor. The virtue of modesty. Honoring our craft. Perfecting rather than perfection.

September 27
Jupiter/Uranus: Opposition

New diplomatic approaches. Evolving feminism. Staying bouncy. Expanding technologies. Balancing "me" and "we."

September 28
Pluto: Stations Direct

Getting honest. Facing fear. Owning the power of your generativity. Tearing down false facades. Volcanic explosions.

Scroll down to get more personalized guidance to help you better navigate the opportunities and challenges that September may offer. In addition to reading your Sun sign, you should check out the horoscope for your Rising Sign. Also called the Ascendant, your Rising Sign offers an important reflection on how you navigate your life, describing some of the unique aspects of your personality.

(Not sure what your Rising Sign is? Go to to cast your own personal astrology chart, which will show you your Rising Sign.)


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

As the month begins, flex your creative muscles, doing so in a way that allows you to approach a project in a unique way. Also, reflecting on who or what stirred your heart in bygone days may be good medicine for emotional healing. Dust off your old journals or unpack the love letters you squirreled away from your high school or college sweetheart. When it comes to your romantic life, revisiting the past may be a valuable strategy for moving forward.

As the office may seem filled with Chatty Cathies mid-month, a need to be dialogue-discerning may become exceptionally important. Avoid excess conversational distractions that pull you away from your work focus, while also side-stepping being lassoed into the rumor mill. Instead, opt for listening to the undercurrents of what people are speaking about; then, see if you can suss out a pattern that gives you insights into how you want to move forward with your work in a more effective and efficient manner.

Since the end of last year, the way in which you relate with others has likely been going through a major shift. As you’ve changed, as you’ve given yourself permission to have more freedom to declare who you are and what you need, so has the quality of your partnerships. You may have found yourself surprised by the beauty of those that have solidified, and equally shocked by the impermanence of bonds with others. As the end of September approaches, looking back at all that’s transpired in the realm of relationship, recognizing the pattern that has been emerging, can be more valuable than you could have imagined. 

Wellness tip: Take a dance class with a friend or your partner. 

Ask yourself: How has my approach to relationships changed this year? 

Be mindful of…focusing your attention on constructive conversation, rather than idle gossip.

  1. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

That overdue call back to your brother? That neglected thank-you note to your aunt? That email to your cousin still hanging in your Drafts folder? The first week of September offers a great opportunity to close the loop on in-limbo communications with relatives. As you do, consider why it was that these dialogues were incomplete: were you avoiding something, or did you just need extra time so you could be more clear as to what you wanted to say? Understanding your motivation can provide key insight.

Mid-month offers you an opportunity to focus on making your home more of a sanctuary. Set aside an area that feels sacred to you, perhaps a place where you create an altar, do your meditation, or work with divination practices such as tarot or runes. Yet, it doesn’t have to even be that “woo woo” — for example, clearing the clutter in your kitchen so that you can prepare meals with less distraction and more quietude is also a way to channel this energy. Not only will this help you tap into a greater sense of rootedness but also receive an added bonus: feeling more at ease in your most intimate and closest relationships.

The New Moon on the 19th lights up your love sector, as does your planetary muse Venus as well. Reflecting this, consider how you want to bring more romance into your life, adding spark and sparkle to even mundane activities. It’s a great time to learn from children, observing what they value and what brings them joy. Use that awareness to connect to more play, and playfulness.

Wellness tip: Work with borage flower essence for encouraging your heart to open even more.

Ask yourself: How can I make my home more serene and peaceful?

Be mindful of…observing how children see the world.


Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

If you’re feeling all shades of irritated early in the month, remember that the pen is often mightier than the sword. Take to your journal, or your computer, and let yourself express the thoughts and feelings related to your experiences of frustration. In fact, make writing a daily practice for the first week of the month, a period in which your planetary paladin Mercury is quite highlighted; having this dedicated practice will allow you to tap into insights pertinent in the here and now, as well as those that can have you gain further awareness into how to address a home-related situation mid-month.

The New Moon on the 19th offers you an opportunity to look at your tribe. Reflecting upon this clan — whether your family of origin and/or family of choice — consider how they’ve added to your life and whether a shift in dynamic is being called for. Additionally, someone you love like a brother or sister (possibly, but not necessarily, your actual brother or sister) may be able to give you some direction when it comes to your career dreams and visions.

Around the Equinox, dig a little deeper into your feelings about a collaboration. When you honestly look, what you see may surprise you when it comes to why you’ve felt immense delight hesitation. Doing so may also help you see how perceived delays have actually been blessings: giving you the time and space to gain more information or make space for the right people to be onboard with a project.

Wellness tip: Work with impatiens flower essence, for inspiring patience and reducing quick-to-act impulsiveness.

Ask yourself: Who is my tribe?

Be mindful of…how delays may actually be constructive rather than obstructive of long-term progress.


Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Over the past month, conversations related to finances may have caught your attention. As you’ve likely been paying more attention to money inflow and outflow, clues about how to pursue the path forward to feeling good about your fiscal matters are beginning to emerge. One key is related to finding new ways to elevate your earning potential. The first week of this month, listen in for a self-defeating story that you tell yourself; it may hold the key to transforming your vision of your personal value, and subsequently giving you greater confidence in your ability to generate more income.

The New Moon on the 19th can spark a new chapter when it comes to connecting with the riches in your surroundings. Whether it be discovering the latest hotspot, spending time meeting locals in the corner café, or ambling around the residential streets in your neighborhood, there’s something new you can discover that will expand your world. It’s also a good time to satisfy your piqued curiosity about that certain something (or someone): do some research by either reading up on the topic or engaging in a conversation with someone wise on the subject matter.

The last week of the month may have surprises in store. As a sensitive soul who often prefers things to be on an even keel, the possibility of a stormy shake-up may not be your preference. Amp up your self-care so that you can ride out any shifts — small or large — feeling more confident and resilient. And, remember…change can be really good, and you don’t actually have to wait around for it to happen — you can be the agent of change!

Wellness tip: Shake up your self care strategies this month, trying several new recipes, exercises, or natural remedies.

Ask yourself: How can I elevate my earning potential?

Be mindful of…treasures that exist in your neighborhood that you may have overlooked.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

“Not all that glitters is gold” is a good adage to remember as the month begins, notably when it comes to your finances. Do a bit more due diligence to ensure that the money-making collaboration you’ve got your eye on has more than an alluring veneer. When it comes to pooling resources, make sure that whatever arrangements you’ve agreed to have clear boundaries; this way you can be more confident that your investment — whether of time, energy, or resources — will yield value.

Think back to last December and any creative project that caught your attention around that time. Consider all the work you’ve done related to this vision, in giving it shape and form, including any feedback you received on it in early June. Why the flashback? Because in the middle of this month, you’ll have another opportunity to attend to its nurturing, seeing how it’s developed and whether its bones need any slight readjustment. Regardless of its evolution, consider how the formula of your generosity plus a bit of elbow grease can really make a difference in others’ lives.

Looking to get a bit more organized when it comes to your finances? The New Moon on the 19th is a great time to make that commitment. Yet, instead of just intellectually dedicating yourself to that aim, see what you need to craft a new system that will support you? Whether it’s doing more online banking, consolidating your credit cards, or even just creating a new filing system, a new approach to managing your money can pay off in spades.

Wellness tip: Investigate bone-building exercises like heel drops, rebounding, and jumping rope.

Ask yourself: What system can I create to help me better organize my finances?

Be mindful of…how the façade may be quite different than what’s contained within.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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Doing so will allow you to find a deeper level of agency in your voice, the ability to tap into what you believe and what aligns with you. Connecting to this mid-month (during the New Moon on the 19th and for several days after) may be instrumental. It can help you to more confidently carve a path of forward movement, doing so in a way that isn’t tainted with anger or frustration. Additionally, it may help you to be more clear when it comes to communicating with a friend, allowing you to be empathetic without taking on responsibility that isn’t truly yours.

During the following week, the question of authority and control — who has it and who doesn’t — may be a prominent theme. If you find yourself feeling a bit paralyzed by feelings of inferiority, notably those cast by family dynamics, catch yourself before you fall into this pattern. Step back, gain perspective, and see how you may be able to assert some recently acquired awareness that can help you break this feel-bad-for-no-reason cycle.

Wellness tip: Work with cerato flower essence, for inspiring more confidence in your inner voice.

Ask yourself: What family dynamics are most triggering for me?

Be mindful of…your inner critic.


Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The Full Moon on the 6th may help you to see ways in which you can enhance your self-care repertoire. It may be a matter of learning new ways to prepare meals. Or, it could be related to trying out a new type of exercise. Or, it could be connected to experimenting with essential oils. Or, it may not even be about a new thing per se, but rather a new lifestyle approach such as infusing your life with more community, mindfulness, patience, or joy — all things instrumental to self-care.

As socially inclined as a Libra can be, quiet and alone time can still be such a valuable — if often under-treasured — facet of one’s life. This month’s New Moon on the 19th can remind you of the virtues of carving out space for quietude and reflection. Make some time for retreat — whether it’s losing yourself in a craft, a bath, a walk in the park, or an afternoon at the local spa. It will remind you that being alone is not the same thing as being lonely, as you find new ways to revel in the most important partnership of your life, that with yourself.

At the end of the month, you may be once again reminded that relationships aren’t static, and that they require room to adapt and change. Friendships may yield surprises: some be rattling while others may shock you in delightful, yet unexpected, ways. Approach these days with fresh eyes, being open to seeing how shifting relationships dynamics may be beneficial by allowing you to show up — for others, and yourself — in a whole new way.

Wellness tip: Enjoy quiet time.

Ask yourself: How am I showing up differently in my relationships?

Be mindful of…how being alone and being lonely differ.   


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

As the month begins, and our attention begins to shift to a new season, you may find yourself thinking about your career, and what’s on your horizon. Looking at this question from a different angle than usual may provide you with some fresh new insight. Also, see whether any friends or colleagues offering you awareness based upon past experience spark an aha moment; it may provide you with a missing piece of the puzzle that helps you to further see the way forward.

There are so many important humanitarian issues that sometimes it can be overwhelming when it comes to knowing where to turn our attention. Yet mid-September you may find yourself with more clarity in this realm, knowing better how you want to be of service and promote social good. You’re able to forcefully tap into your passionate nature, and have that motivate you to get involved, feeling like you are making a difference in something that really, really matters.

You’re smart and quite resourceful. If you have found yourself forgetting this fact, you’ll likely get a strong reminder the end of the month. Regardless of the situation that arises, remember that you can figure out how to address it. You can see past the fluff and the BS, using your keen eye to suss out what’s at the core of a dysfunction. Connect to your determination and commitment to things that really matter, and uncover the riches of information you need so that things can proceed as envisioned.

Wellness tip: Do a modified cleanse, notably towards the end of the month.

Ask yourself: What social causes strike a deep chord in my heart?

Be mindful of…what causes you to not trust your thinking.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Have you found yourself zeroing in on a future goal, one that feels born out of awareness you have gleaned throughout August? While it may not yet be time to fully pull the trigger on it, there’s lots of useful information you can access the first week of September to help you refine your objective. Chart the strategies you used to pursue goals in the past as this may yield really great insight for your current pursuits. Additionally, investigate what you need to do to feel more grounded in your mission, and how instead of that weighing you down, it can actually give you more momentum to blast off, when the moment is right.

Speaking of right moments, the New Moon on the 19th may open a window to viewing new career opportunities on the horizon. That’s not to say that just because something is arising means it’s in alignment with how you want to move forward. Remember that, given the situation, a thoughtful no is often as key to carving out new opportunities as a yes.

While the whole month feel marked by change, this sense that new patterns are emerging may seem even more pronounced as we approach the last week of September. Be adaptive and stay bouncy, open to how moving the pieces around on the game board of life may feel at once nerve-wracking and yet exciting. If breakthroughs lead to breakdowns, remember that shake-ups do allow things to shake out, giving you access to awareness that can help you to confidently redefine your life.

Wellness tip: Shake up your morning routine.

Ask yourself: Do I feel equally as comfortable saying no as I do saying yes?

Be mindful of…goal-setting strategies that have been effective in the past.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

The Full Moon on the 6th invites you to think about how you can more effectively get your message across. Consider the ways in which you gather data, evaluating whether they are as efficient as you would like. All the while, take a look at the platforms that you use to share what you know; whether it’s a social media channel, a text message service, or even a gathering around the kitchen table, assessing whether you’re using the most of what that locale can offer.

Recognition and responsibility: The intersectionality of these two realms is quite complex. When you think about how you feel to be recognized for being responsible, what arises? Is it pride, or modesty, or shame, or something else? Having dependability and maturity doesn’t preclude one from being appreciated and made to feel special for these qualities. Nor does people seeing you as reliant mean that they only see this side of you. Reflecting upon the intersectionality of recognition and responsibility in your life can yield great growth mid-month.

Oftentimes, we think that amassing things is a mirror to our strength; yet, there are many times when the key to feeling our vitality is through surrendering or releasing things. By uncluttering, we may release objects (or perspectives, habits, or beliefs) that we didn’t even know were distractions, and which in turn allows us to connect to a deeper level of power or generativity. During the last few days of the month, let go of something that is outworn, that has reached its expiration date, having faith that doing so will transform your life in a profound way.

Wellness tip: Do a weekly digital detox.

Ask yourself: Am I comfortable with recognition?

Be mindful of…how decluttering your environment makes you feel.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

As the month begins, you could find yourself tapping into a greater-than-usual vault of energy. Don’t be surprised by feeling jazzed about something that normally wouldn’t catch your attention. Friends from the past could make a re-appearance, whether in person or in your thoughts; if they do, watch the reaction this inspires, as it may be great fodder for negotiating relationships moving forward.

Speaking of relationships, they may really be what’s top of mind mid-month. Consider the role that freedom plays in your partnership dynamics. Do you have enough independence or do you feel you have too much? How are you at giving yourself permission to honor what turns you on and what doesn’t? Do you let yourself freely surround yourself with the things you find uniquely beautiful or do you sidestep your individual preferences for others? These reflections may hold the keys to opening to a new level of personal satisfaction, as well as developing a deeper connection with a friend or lover.

Since the end of last year, your vision of what you want to learn and how you want to share it has likely undergone a reformatting. As you’ve widened the berth from which you are able to understand life, it’s required adopting a new approach on how you measure the value of different information sources. As your world has gotten bigger, it may also have had you recalibrating how you engage with your neighborhood or local environment. As the month concludes, looking back on what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed in this realm may be quite valuable.

Wellness tip: Read about neo-tantra.

Ask yourself: What role does freedom play in how I orient to relationships?

Be mindful of…which information sources hold value, and which don’t.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

That you’re innately a compassionate person cannot be disputed. What is up for discussion, though, is how often your compassion is geared towards others, and not towards yourself. As the month begins, focus upon your boundaries, seeing how being a caring and kind person doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice everything for others. As you feel pulled to shower people with empathy, don’t forget to include yourself in the mix. Not only can it do wonders for your vitality, but it can also help to fortify the relationships that are so near and dear to you.

The focus on relationships is a big theme for the month. The New Moon on the 19th ushers in a fresh chapter when it comes to how you dance with others. Be open to an adjustment in a relationship dynamic (whether personal or professional) that can have benefit to both parties. To gain insights into how this may evolve, pay extra attention to what people are telling you.

As the month comes to a close, don’t forget that some relationship dynamics are still in a state of flux, and find a way to see how this may eventually add value to your life, rather than it just detract. Also, consider how since the end of last year, your ability to feel a greater sense of inner worth has been evolving, oftentimes galvanized by unexpected experiences. Remember that owning your value is key to moving through all realms of life — including but not limited to partnerships — with more grace and ease.

Wellness tip: Buy yourself flowers.

Ask yourself: How can I be more self-compassionate?

Be mindful of…your boundaries.   



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