This Month's Guided Audio Meditation: Finding Peace By Connecting To Your Truth

With this month's guided meditation, we're working to cultivate peace from within.
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Image Credit: Leah Pellegrini

Image Credit: Leah Pellegrini

Last month, we shared the first in a new series of guided meditations from Vanessa Feils, Life Stylist, who is offering tools and insights to help us build a spiritual practice of self-conversation. Below, find the second, revolving around the theme of peace.

Glance at an image of the ocean, or imagine one in your mind. Do you feel that peace that comes immediately?

Peace is the gift I wish for you to receive this month. It will be shared through energy and language. 

But first, we must step back and reflect on the first article in this series. If you have been consciously calling in your Higher Self to join you in your body each day, a reflection letter to her may look something like this.

Dear Higher Self,

I have been inviting you in to consistently join me on this journey. As I have been inviting you in to join me on the journey, I have been moved by the impact in which I am afraid to receive you.


(your name)

Now, I will provide the tools to digest and dissolve the impact of the experience of calling in your Higher Self to join you on your journey.

Taking Responsibility

Through the act of taking responsibility, the process can begin. The very act of taking responsibility is not layering on more shame or judgment. It is simply claiming that this is how things are right now.

The resistance that you might have hit represents the walls that have been made of judgment and shame. Let’s have a look! Right now, if we begin to check in with you, let’s see what we find. 

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths into your belly. Feel into where these layers may live. Continue breathing while we do a body scan.

Start by asking if anything lives in the headspace; draw down, and check in with your throat, heart, solar plexus, stomach, organs, sacral space, root chakra, legs and then feet. When you arrive to each area of the body, ask out loud, “What lives here?” Your knowing will kick in when you arrive at that place. 

When your knowing guides you to those walls and judgments, stay there and be with the layers. Ask, “What do you represent?” Get closer, and imagine holding and hugging the layers. As you hold and hug the layers, imagine the love that you are sharing with them. It dissolves them from your very being. 

As the love dissolves the block, thank it for however it has served you. Your system of knowing won’t understand why yet, but as it releases, just say thank you.

Trust that this is a guide to inner peace. Right now, after the experience, look and feel. Can you sense a brighter illumination in your being?

The goal in scraping away and releasing layers is to reconnect with the enhancing light that is already within you. That spark powers on the continued vibration that ignites the awakening within.

Please receive this now, by reciting aloud:

I am encouraged to ignite from within now and for always. I no longer attune to what is outside of me as truth. I recognize that the truth of my identity is captured in the very details of my DNA. I don’t need the release of pain, shame and incongruence to continue connecting to me. I just connect to me now, powerfully, because I am me. The source of the Divine in which created my essence, is my essence. I am the divine light of the creator and I accept this NOW! I quit resisting my faith and light. I accept the power within, allowing it to shine freely.

Adopting Peace

This is a brave choice: to choose peace anyway, when you are constantly faced with the opposite, which is fear. Remember, this was just simply the design of the outdated template that used to run your mind.

Your voyage out of fear will never be complete. But, through a conscious practice, it becomes totally manageable, because you nurture the muscle and skill to keep it in check.

Many, many things will trigger your fear, and the very awareness of the trigger is the magic that makes you hyper-aware of how you have been allowing all the nonsense to hold you back. You can choose to feed it and let it be truth, or you can notice that as you intentionally align to your spirit and higher knowing, you then have to start honoring and trusting everything that has arrived on your path as intended for you. The annoying experiences and/or people no longer get to be separate. They are you, giving you a window into your greatest gift. The choice to keep people away and separate yourself is a reflection of staying disconnected and separate from your soul – your divine essence.

(A note: your entire system may be freaking out right now, attaching to a particular situation or person. This person or situation is your quickest way to freedom. Please pause the mind, as it immediately will want to go into fix-it mode, trying to understand.)

Unlocking Peace

When faced with unlocking peace, you will really get a window and insight into how much you enjoy staying in your pain. Ask yourself, “How nice is it to be a part of a system and routine that is keeping me stuck?”

How To Be Peace

“How can I handle this much freedom? How can life be this good, this peaceful?”

This is the space we have to get to, so that you can recognize how you really want to stay in your pain. The pain is the place that has been holding you to the ideas that it has to be hard. No longer does it have to be hard. This is the true teaching of spring, the season of renewal. You are a revived soul, bright with new eyes. The message is extreme bliss through taking responsibility and having gratitude.

Gratitude Mantra

I love the very essence of every soul and am illuminating truth on it daily, so that I can know it and wake up to my own worth.

The highest state of bliss lives in the very depths of your soul, where you have just been enjoying the pain and suffering, listening in a way that assumes the struggle is your truth. This is not your truth. Your truth is the renewed, new-found freedom, like the very bright green grass that is popping through the tops of the earth. 

Let’s tune into that energy and align to it now so that you can renew into the joys of your freedom, using this mp3 recording for a guided meditation.


Part One: Become Aware of Your Triggers

A trigger is a stressor in your life – anything from getting cut off in traffic, to a negative thought about yourself, to an annoying co-worker, friend or family member. 

For one month, track everything that makes your body boil. Simply write down each thing that triggers you – the sillier, the better! This way, you will become aware of your triggers, which is the first step to dissolving limiting beliefs, patterns and blocks that may be holding you back.

Part Two: Vision Planning

To expand your vision of peace, so that the Universe can go to work for you, spend some time meditating on your dreams. If you had no worries in the world, what would you be doing? Then, journal about the details of the different freedoms you want to experience day to day in your current roles of life. 

You could start by writing about your dream day. Who do you wake up next to? What does the room look like? Are you in a home? What is the temperature outside? What is the first thing you put in your body? What do your desired days activity consist of and with who?

Think of this exercise as a brain dump. Get everything down, without worrying about the “how.” Let it be fun, light and playful.

To take it to the next level, create a cut-and-paste vision board or use Pinterest to capture the visuals that you look at frequently.



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