The Basics on Intuition, Energy Healing & The Powers Within

"I work with clients to help them identify the emotional and energetic blocks that have manifested and help them release this energy." Tiffany Jane Challis is an energy healer and today she is sharing her intuitive insights on manifesting wellness with us.
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In a time when the term self care is applied to an array of services, products, and exercises, the work of Tiffany Jane Challis falls into category of its own. Tiffany works with her clients as an intuitive and energy healer, helping to clear chakras, ground minds and bodies, and ultimately align with the present to help "feel less stressed about the future." We know many have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany and can attest to her gifts and are familiar with the benefits they can yield. Today we asked her sage advice on healing, energetic powers and how to channel the spiritual connections we hold within us all. 

Can you describe your work and give a few examples of what your clients experience during a session with you?

I tap into a client’s spiritual energy and correct misalignments, release energetic blocks and cords of attachment to get them grounded. This helps a person get reconnected to their most authentic self and back into the flow of life. During a session, a client will experience lightness, relief, clarity, validation, comfort, relaxation, and feel more present and less stressed about the future.

How do you explain energy?

Universal energy is a non-physical spiritual connection between all things. If you think of the ocean, we are like drops of water in it. We are all part of it and we all have a connection to everyone else through it.

There are energetic power centers in the body where universal energy is focused and interacts with our physical selves. These are the seven chakras and each of them deal with different aspects of our spiritual growth and development.

How does energy impact all of our daily lives?

Blocks or imbalances in your chakras can lead to making choices that are not in alignment with where you want to go in life.

When your chakras are balanced and you are connected to your energy, you feel clear, light, energized and purposeful. You make decisions — consciously or subconsciously — that take you in the direction that you are meant to go.

What are common ailments, physical or emotional, your clients seek your help with?

Spiritual blocks show up in the body in many different ways: fear, anxiety, anger, isolation, hopelessness, depression, illness…the list goes on.

I work with clients to help them identify the emotional and energetic blocks that have manifested and help them release this energy.

In a time when "self care" is a trending term, how do you categorize energy work? What are some of the benefits your clients have seen due to their experience working with you?

Self-care is essential and I encourage my clients to learn how to ground and reconnect themselves. Clients tell me that when they work with me, they feel calmer, more positive and empowered - most of them begin to trust their own gut instincts and intuition.

What are some simples things we can all do to help align our channels and elevate their frequency?

There are simple techniques that I’ve shared on my website:

Grounding is a great way to start. Grounding is a technique that anchors you and keeps you centered.

Running healing colors through your body is another easy way to release negative energy in your space.

How do you care for yourself?

Every day I make time for myself to get grounded and connected. I listen to my body and treat it with respect through exercise and a vegan diet. I always try and find something to laugh about. Humor is a great way for me to stay positive and keep my energy light. 



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